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Let the Blogging Begin….AGAIN

Back at the first of the year I posted a promise to myself {{It is officially the first day of 2012 and I’m sitting on my chair listening to sci-fi in the background wishing my kids were home from their dads.  I’m not the type of person to make New Year’s resolutions…since it’s typically the “kiss of death” for any success. What I have discovered is that the art of everyday living is the best I can do because I am far from perfect. I just am looking to do better…in every angle of my life…I don’t wish to change my imperfections… do I love to lose 20 lbs – OF COURSE…do I want to spend more quality time with my children instead of cleaning and time spent on the computer – YOU BET CHA!…do I like to be a better parent? – ABSOLUTELY!…So I make this promise to myself daily instead of yearly, to not be perfect but to just be better. I don’t wish to start January 1, my desire is to start everyday…and try my best to find that not being perfect is human but all that I can do is improve on what my imperfections are!

So what’s in store for 2012? Will my daughter succeed in everything she desires or has in store for her new year? Will she further her passion in photography? Will my son finally get his driver’s license?  A job?  I totally understand why he doesn’t want to…who wants to feel the real responsibility of being an adult…I personally miss being a kid. Will I actually return to school and finish my degree…I sure hope so…that is one determination that I will not let go. Will I find a new ways to manage my photography career into my personal life and hope it’s as successful as I’ve dreamt it to be? Will I find time to make a scrapbook in honor of my father’s life? Will I find a way to incorporate family dinner night with everyone a couple times a month…because it means so much to me but yet totally understand that “time” can get so hectic? These are all unknown but right here and right now is what is important and with my imperfections and the desire for perfection is the belief I need to strive for anything.  Here’s to another year!}}   phew…I can get a little winded huh…lol.  But seriously I am truly blessed doing what I have so much passion for and I can only get better because of my desire…so I am here today with a new look for my blog and putting myself back on track!  Let the blogging begin…AGAIN!

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