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Changes and Living Life

I like to reflect on all the changes that have happened over the years in my life and I basically wouldn’t be happier without them. I’ve traded high heels for flats, eyeliner for dark circles (I am sure age has a lot to do with this as well), salon hairstyles for ponytails, fine dining for fast food and pizza.  The long showers and baths for hairy legs, early mornings for workouts to late nights to get the work done, designer outfits for sweat clothes, lipstick for kisses and a sports car for that mini van I drove for 15 years.

During all of this I found my passion for family all over again and found something that makes me happy career wise…all the while that gives me time to spend with my family.  I’ve always thought I was the type of person to have it all…awesome career with a rocking body and a gorgeous family…its all coming to together…I just need to work on that rocking body lol

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