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Medina Photography – Family Photography – Mini Session

As I am always promising myself to keep my blog updated its so extremely hard to do this this time of year, let alone during my busy seasons….so what’s my excuse that the busy season is winding down…EEK…and I still haven’t blogged in days….orders…clients are placing their orders….well YAY for orders for boo for my blog.

It seems almost impossible to do both these days. I used the excuse that turkey day was here and was time to decorate the house, but that’s all done…and not to mention I haven’t even begun Christmas Shopping…or sent out my Christmas cards {thats a whole other blog post if I can get into it LOL our family seems impossible lately to come together for a family picture  – so I might actually have to send out generic x-mas cards…and if anyone knows me this is killing me – ugh!}  I have been enjoying taking a few days organizing myself…because you do know what comes right after Christmas – NEW YEARS!!!! and that brings New Year’s Resolutions…ha!  Let’s see how far in 2013 I can stick to it…pretty proud of myself…I actually stuck to mine clear up to August…so maybe…just maybe I can make it through an entire year and give faithful blog posts.  {Do keep in mind that I am writing this after my 2nd glass of wine and feel pretty confident that I have everything under control LOL}

Well anyways…back to my blogging…and my reason for my post today…to show this wonderful gorgeous family off. My youngest daughter is friends with these girls and I couldn’t ask for better individuals to photograph even if I hired models…and sisters to boot. Allie and Tori are sisters…gorgeous…and look nothing alike {to me that is} The oldest with dark hair and beautiful flawless ivory skin…GORGEOUS!  And the youngest with the stunning strawberry blonde hair with the most adorable freckles…I just can’t get enough of these two…if I am every in need of models for concept shoots I know who I am calling…just take a look for yourself how well they photograph!

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