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The Campbell Sisters

Just to get some background history for these two sisters I need to mention I had a door close on my life and for years kept wanting to look at that closed door to later realize I was not doing myself any favors for me or for my children. I have learned after one door closes another door opens and I am an inch closer to a better tomorrow every day.  I have since then found new love and today my life is blessed with an extended family that was so unexpected.  I couldn’t of asked for better in-laws than I do have…and yes they are true family in every essence of the word. I have gained a new sister and brother along with two gorgeous nieces!  I will continue to embrace change.  My family and friends will always be part of my life today and tomorrow, and look forward to many new doors opening up.

What still amazes me is how subtle changes can be…just watching children grow up…their accomplishments…the small physical and mental changes from being “children” to “adolescence” to “young” adulthood…Sydney and Taylor were my first models I used to get my original website up and running…besides watching my style of photography grow into its own, I was blessed to watch these girls grow into their own. I try to do a photo shoot once a year with the girls…here I want to show you those changes…  firstly…its amazing what good quality equipment can do to a photograph and …secondly…its amazing what happens when you find your own photography style…and thirdly…it always help when you have such adorable models to work with 🙂  I was so excited to take pictures when I first started and saw that I can do it…but still lacking in the knowledge of full body camera vs entry level cameras and what the difference a lens can do! One thing is for certain I am so happy I stuck with photography because it is a passion I cannot describe but will reflect in my work {well at least in my work today…lol}





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