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A Peek Inside ~ Medina Ohio Photographer

Inside my world

I get asked what equipment I use and what my work space looks like…by clients but mostly fellow photographers…I never really shared office photos because…well…it was a disaster area…a catch all ~ so to speak…but now I have claimed it my own and am loving every minute of it…and for once I truly believe I am organized {I am a Virgo so there are times I feel I am not organized enough}.  When I first started I bought a standard DSLR and a few kit lenses and felt that I could conquer the world…but once I kept shooting…I wanted more…so I upgraded to a full sensor camera. OH MY! What was I thinking when I bought my first camera {actually not a lot of thought went into that purchase} and was amazed how much I can tell on the quality of the images and the differences in the cameras.

And then there was a whole other world when it came to lenses…of the things you can do…and the places you can go…the creativity is limitless when it comes to lenses. When I first edited my photos I had my laptop and Photoshop…okay I thought…it there is a difference in quality when it comes to cameras and lenses ~ what about computers…did some research and YEP…I bit the bullet and bought myself an iMac…best decision ever!

Here is what is inside my camera bag(s)

I searched and searched for a camera bag that did not look like a camera bag and a bag I can carry my personal things as well…then I found Kelly Moore Bags…I instantly fell in love…one wasn’t enough ~ go figure ~ I ended up with two ~ and just might buy another one in future…this is how much I love them.


My everyday camera that I could not live without is the Canon 5D Mark ii ~ it fits like a glove!

My lenses:  At least my must have-go-to lenses:


1.  Canon 50mm/f1.8 ~ love this lens especially for the wonderful price!

2. Canon 50mm/f1.4 ~ just when you thought the other 50mm was wonderful…oh my…what a difference…brings in such yummy light. My #1 lens…on my camera 75% of the time.

3. Tamron 28-75mm/f2.8 ~ love the wide angle and zoom length…one of my favorites.

4. Tamron 70-200mm/2.8 ~ I cannot say enough about this lens…I love love love this one…besides the 50mm/f1.4 this is my #2 go to lens!


Being a professional you can’t just have one camera…you  need a backup camera…This camera was my first full frame camera and still love it, but I was always a Canon girl and something kept telling me buy Canon…but since I had multiple lens to fit Olympus I upgraded to Olympus…I still use it  and currently teach my youngest daughter photography with this camera…its a wonderful camera as well.


1.  Olympus E5 ~ such a solid-rugged camera…this puppy will handle anything ~ and is wonderful in low light regardless of what some reviews say…if you learn to use your camera ~ you can fight the light 🙂

2.  Olympus Zuiko 50mm/f2 ~ love love love this lens…on this camera at all times…if I need more of a wide angle lens that is the only reason I take this lens off. (Real focal length on a Four Thirds camera is 100mm)

3. Olympus Zuiko 12-60mm/f2.8 ~ oh the versatility of this lens…endless…the wide angle is awesome and the zoom capacity is perfect! (Real focal length on a Four Thirds camera is 24-120mm)

4. Olympus Zuiko 70-300mm/f5.6 – I rarely use this lens…originally bought it to capture the kids in their sporting events…found out that the focal lengths are to big…the length is awesome but only if you are truly far far away (Real focal length on a          Four Thirds camera is 140-600mm)


Now my office ~

YAY!  I truly enjoy sitting in there now ~ and its organized to my liking ~ Yippee…this was a must when I was redoing it!


My editing gear

Now the nitty gritty…whats on my desk…not much any more {thank goodness} I live for a clear workspace!


My iMac 21 inch ~ wonder how I lived without this!


Took some getting used to but don’t use the keyboard as much as you think when editing…but love the fact it doesn’t take up much room!


My draw pad ~ a life safer when editing…love love love!


My daytimer…a must have for ANYONE!  Even with the technology today…I write EVERYTHING in here first and then type in my iPhone and Google Calendar…I type on one and it syncs on all my other devices. But when in doubt I check my daytimer!



Just to get to know me even more…here are some things you may have not known about me 🙂

I love my family (I mean who doesn’t)

I am a twin ~ I have an identical twin sister

I love fashion…just wish I can afford how fast it changes (and how fast my body is changing)

I’ve learned through experience those very fashionable low rise jeans are not so great on a photo shoot;)

I live in some form of a high heel…if not I am barefoot or in flip flops

If I could get away with it…I would eat Taco Bell everyday

I have to have Iced Tea at all times!

I have tons of grey hair…I have been coloring it since I was 26

I love a good sale…I do not believe I have ever paid full price for anything…

….well maybe except for Neil Diamond tickets:)

As much as I tend to get off track…I love balance in my life…it’s a must have!

Fascinated with psychology and how the mind works!

I stay up way too late…but its okay…I love sleeping in!

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