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Meet Baby Alex

This blogging habit of mine sure needs to change ~ jeez! I did this newborn photo shoot back in February of this year and am just now getting to it…WOW…but nothing like the present!

I love newborns…everything about them…and just love seeing how older siblings take to their new baby sister or baby brother…the pride they have to be the older one…and the wonder of what is in store for the two of them as they get older…I just adore each of my special relationships I have with my siblings…and each one is different and value that so much!  But when I also met Will…Alex’s older brother the joy he had to show him off was just wonderful…he couldn’t even wait for me to get there and then the greeting I got when I arrived was so special…I can only imagine the awesome bond those two will have when they are older 🙂



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