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Hello 2015

Well it is the second day of 2015 and I am sitting at my desk listening to music as I breeze through my business portfolio of  2014 and all of a sudden feel an overwhelming feeling of joy. As you know I am not one to make New Year’s resolutions ~ since that is pretty much the kiss of death for succeeding.  As from last years revelation {not resolution} I have promised myself to learned the art of living every day the best that I can. I am far from perfect, but part of my personality I strive to do everything so perfectly when to realize I am not perfect ~ but I don’t desire to change those imperfections…I want to embrace those imperfections because that is what makes “me” …I would love to lose 20 some pounds I mean come on…who doesn’t want to be a healthier self… And so I start each day not looking to be perfect – just looking to be better…even if its just being better than who I was the day before…so I will not say this desire started on January 1…its the start of everyday and everyday I promise not to beat myself up if I don’t acquire my goals for that day or week…or even for the year…its just knowing I can give it my all and be happy with what I am accomplishing.

So what will 2015 bring??  Frankie becomes an official teenager in a few days {gasp…this one is hard to swallow…where did all the time goes…she is supposed to be my little one}… Tyler will be in his second year of college…I am almost feeling like an empty nester soon…Sam, Makayla, and Heather out on their own…sigh…very bittersweet emotions…so happy for who they’ve become and what they all have accomplished and yet to discover in their futures…just hoping I can still be there for them whenever they need me.  I wish for Makayla to achieve all that her heart desires with her little blog business and new path life has to offer after college…Samantha to be the best mom she wants to be…I am still in disbelief that these kids are even old enough to start their “own” little families.

Vacations still left to be planned, I honestly would love to plan one this year…its just something that gets put on the back burner…my sessions are booked so far in advance sometimes I forget to take a weekend or week off here and there.  I am hoping for a better year of health for Greg and I…and for the rest of the family as that matter.  Will my business continue to grow and expand with plans of possible mentoring classes and myself attending some workshops. All I can ask and be grateful for is my continuation of love for photography as much as I do now – or will I begin to feel the effect of the 7 day work week, come to the conclusion for the fact I am not here to please everyone. Also I hope I become a better blogger, even as much as my daughter Makayla’s blog…. ok ok…I think I am over-wishing here…lol.    Bring it on 2015 ~  I am ready for ya!


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