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Sometimes you wonder how you get through the day…

Several months back I received news that my father wasn’t doing well. They found a mass on his lung. Now being a smoker for as long as I have known him I immediately think the worse…and yep…the “c” word…stage 4…doctors put him on chemo and even double up on some of his chemo and radiation… the mass hasn’t spread yet…AWESOME…the chemo seemed to be working…the massed is reduced to scar tissue so more testing needs to be done to see if cancer is still present…and of course yes it is…he is trying new chemo now that is making his life a living hell…feels terrible after each chemo session. During all this my dad lost his brother…a family member that has been at his side during all of this for him. Yesterday I get the news he is not doing well…my step mother took him into the ER…cancer spread to his lymph nodes and his liver…I no longer can see clear. My thoughts come to a surreal feeling I get when I look at a picture of my father and my youngest daughter sitting a a park bench made in dedication for his brother…I can’t image what is going on inside my father’s head…I love you Daddy!

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