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Furry Faces – iHeartfaces Photo Challenge

Once in  awhile I will enter a photo in iHeartfaces weekly photo challenge This weeks theme is “Furry Faces”. I have cats and dogs and tons of photos of our little furry guys but for some reason the first image that came to mind is that of “Lucy” my daughter’s pet hamster. One day it found its way out of her cage and my daughter was looking feverishly around the house for her before it got gobbled up by one of the cats. As I was sitting on the couch looking through my latest photo shoot images on my camera that cute little creature was right next to me and scared the “ka-geebies” out of me…and of course the first thing I do is not scream I turn my camera out of play mode and turn around a took this:



Alicia Stanley - So cute and so unexpected!

Latisha - So Sweet!

Pam D - Awww…I love this! Lucy is adorable…that’s a great capture!

Daneto - This is a truly amazing photo.

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