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The Little Things Is What Makes You Happy :0)

Once you are a mom you have so much love for your child that it’s amazing you are capable of feeling such joy. Then your child becomes an adult and that feeling of joy is still there but HOPE is mixed in with the joy. You hope your child lives his or her life to the fullest but lets no harm to him or herself. You know they will fall in and out of love…but when they meet the right one…how will that make you feel? I guess I never really thought about it until tonight so I had to share my story.

I was sitting here today updating my blog and editing some photos when I received an unexpected text from an unexpected person. My daughter’s boyfriend texted me to merely say THANK YOU. I gave him an old iPhone cover because his was broken…but the small gesture of thank you meant the world to me…this is not the first time he has. I’ve had surgeries in the past and he has taken the time to call or text to ask how I am doing…my father grew ill…he was there for her and I…when he passed away…he was there for the family front and center…

…I can just see how much Tim loves Makayla and it just warms my heart. I personally know they have a guardian angel watching over them guiding them through the obstacles of life.  I just wanted to let him and my daughter know that I consider him family and he is just what I “hoped” for for her!

Jaime - Ok that totally made me cry! And I’m sitting at my desk at work. Haha
I have the best family in the world! And I couldn’t agree more… She is one lucky girl and guys like Tim are very few and far between 🙂

Debbie Costa - OK – you made me cry, too! BTW…I’m Timothy’s mom. We are very proud of him and love Makayla!

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