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Monthly Archives: March 2012

3 Handsome Boys – Medina Photography

I watched these three boys grow up and even though the oldest is the same age as my daughter it just seems like they are sprouting at a fast past. I guess I don’t see the change so much in my daughter seeing her everyday [although that doesn’t stop my depression on her birthdays LOL] […]

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I Love Capturing Children “doing their thing”

I watch this little girl named Lauren every so often and just love when I can capture her doing “her” thing…she loves playing with my kitchen set and dress up when playing with her baby doll. Usually when I grab my camera is stops doing “her thing” and focus on the camera but not this […]

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A New Life

There is nothing more precious that a new baby…and nothing more precious than a new baby within the family. My husband’s niece had her first baby and I had the privilege of taking her newborn pictures. She was so good through all the moves and slept through the entire shoot…and another awesome thing was she was diaper-less […]

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Beautiful Black and White – iHeartfaces

I have entered a few weekly photo challenges with iHeartfaces which you can click on this link to check them out! They now have monthly contests and I chose this photo because it was unexpected and I was in the middle of switching lenses and the subject being cut off in the image meant more to […]

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The Beauty of Nature

No matter where I go or what I am doing, I am constantly looking at the beauty in this world! Every time I’m driving down a country road and a busy city street I cannot help myself but to look at the environment around me. I don’t know if its the creative person inside of […]

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Nothing Like a Sleeping Child

There is nothing like a little child sleeping. I can stare at my own children for hours when they sleep. They look so sweet, innocent, and content…to be at the age again where there are no worries and everything is new and a mere wonder! I went downstairs to fold some laundry and to see […]

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Sweet Light

Living Ohio you just never know what type of weather it is going to be but in the winters here in Ohio we pretty much expect cold wind and flurries. But this year has been exceptionally nice with sunny warmer than expect days. I let Harmonie play in Frankie’s room and read a few books […]

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