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Monthly Archives: September 2013

The Adorable Megan…

…I used my neighbor’s daughter as a model for late winter early spring…and you never know what type of weather we get here in Ohio during that time but so happy we had snow on the ground…With her dark gorgeous hair and her perfect skin tone…the photos just popped!  So happy I was able to […]

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Meet Baby Alex

This blogging habit of mine sure needs to change ~ jeez! I did this newborn photo shoot back in February of this year and am just now getting to it…WOW…but nothing like the present! I love newborns…everything about them…and just love seeing how older siblings take to their new baby sister or baby brother…the pride […]

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A Wonderful Accomplishment!…She Published a Book!

I received a phone call from one excited young gal stating she is publishing a book and needed an “About the Author” photo and was wondering if I can do it….WHAT?  Publishing a book? How awesome is that?  This is huge!  Of course I said yes…her book is coming out this month too…super excited for […]

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I’m a new Aunt…well not that new!

Can you believe I am actually going against my promise to myself and have gotten so far behind on my blog again…GEEZ! Here I go again…but what better time than the present to get things rolling…I actually spent 2 hours today getting new p osts organized to do one a day until I get caught […]

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