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Friends Photo Shoot – Medina Photography

My daughter Frankie is so blessed to have such wonderful girlfriends…and I just love it when they ask to have their photos taken.  OF COURSE! Who am I to say no. Of course her best friend Haley is here everyday…and I do take advantage of that…she has a GIANORMOUS (I think I just made up my own word) amount of photos I think I will dedicate a day just for her…

…All summer long I see these girls and of course my mind never shuts down when it comes to thinking of creative ideas…so when they ask I then ask if they mind where we go and what to wear, etc.  And as usual they too are also up for anything…this summer I ended up with amazing pictures so I had to share.

Here is Blythe…I ended up with a slew of photos with her…talk about model material…so so photogenic! She also came over for several days to keep Haley company while my kids were gone on vacation with their dad…this made it easier because we didn’t try to shove in so many pictures and locations in just a few hours. These are my favorites with Blythe:

So young and beautiful with gorgeous gorgeous hair!

I get so excited when they love wearing my hair accessories and hats…I think it adds so much dimension to a photo

Here is Samantha…She is a little spit ball…so much energy and always has a smile on her face…

Here is Tori and Tori…they couldn’t stay long so I was able to get a few close-up done with them and love how they turned out!


And last here is Lucy…she is over everyday now before and after school so I will definitely take advantage of that…and talk about PERSONALITY… this girl has it…love her to pieces!


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