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I’m a new Aunt…well not that new!

Can you believe I am actually going against my promise to myself and have gotten so far behind on my blog again…GEEZ! Here I go again…but what better time than the present to get things rolling…I actually spent 2 hours today getting new p osts organized to do one a day until I get caught up…hmm…I wonder if this will work hee hee….I know myself and see failure immediately approaching…but all I can do is try to stick with it!  I love my job and everything about it and this basically leaves very little time for family and friends let alone trying to keep up with this blog…so please bare with me while I try to incorporate this back into my daily routine!


Meet Lucy…my new niece (not so new)…My step sister Erin had her second child and its a girl YAY! And baby brother Will was so happy!  And soon Erin will be following my footsteps and learning photography as well…I wish her much luck and joy in her new upcoming adventure!  Its well worth the effort in the end 🙂



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