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I am a daughter, mother, wife, and a friend with a passion for life. I have always enjoyed art and anything about it. I am a 40 something woman (I can't believe I am actually admitting that - ha ha) who recently went back to school to start using my passion for art. I will soon be an Art Therapist and will be able to use many art mediums for therapy including photography.

My entire life the meaning of expressing oneself through art has been so important to me. It is amazing the different styles and mediums of art...and as an artist I am still learning.  Art is all around our homes, the architectural designs in our home towns, and the clothes on our backs are all form of art. Fads come and go...but bottom line art is here to stay.  The quirkiness in day to day life gets me through the day...I am a Virgo so my routines around the house are a must but when it comes to outside the home my freedom is limitless.

I've always had a camera in my hand; starting with the simple 110 camera and slowly moving up to the DSLR. I have a family of my own now and my youngest child is in school full time which allows me more time for photography.

My belief is you can never have too many pictures; you can see this on my kitchen counter. I have not one single appliance – it’s all pictures! I feel the need to take photographs all the time, I feel sorry for my kids. But if it wasn't for photography I wouldn't be able to capture that uniqueness that every individual holds that makes that image art. My approach to photography is laid back and casual. I will take portraits in a studio setting for mini sessions for headshots, but prefer a more relaxed atmosphere where individuals and families can be themselves.  

I hope you enjoy your pictures as much as I enjoy taking them!