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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Dedicated to the couples

It’s amazing how powerful someone can be on their own and feel the triumphs his or her life endeavored but when you have someone to share that with the feeling is just remarkable. I dedicate today’s post to the partnership everyone craves for through thick and thin, sickness and health, and death do us part!!

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A Belated Happy Valentine’s Day

…I can honestly say this is the first Valentine’s Day that was truly enjoyable. Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of Valentine’s Day but the overall “feel” of the day and “surprises” of the day were life changing and well…unexpected but I could honestly say I am excited to see what the future […]

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iHeartfaces Valentine

Here I go again entering in a photo contest. iHeartfaces is having their weekly photo challenge in honor of Valentines Day. I have decide to show this one even though it does not show a human face. To me this clearly states “love” between two people 🙂  

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How Quickly the Years Go By…

…it always amazes me how time flies! As days can drag on and you may wish one to be over with already your almost blindsided by the reality of it all. With a blink of an eye looking back time goes by ever too quickly. Take Emily for instant. I can remember her mom’s baby […]

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And the weather today is…?

The other day I posted pictures of what the weather was like here in Medina Ohio for a child photo shoot and it snowed and was quite chilly. But the next day it was 57 degrees and just a bit breezy and all the snow that fell yesterday was practically gone. It was nice to […]

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Interesting Winter here in Ohio

Many people in Ohio believe that the weather is predicable…but I have to disagree…one thing you can count on living in Northern Ohio is the fact that the weather can be polar opposite one day to the next. We can have a snow storm one day and the next day all that snow can be […]

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