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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Nothing Like a Southern~Beachy Wedding…

…my new favorite to photograph are weddings…to capture the love between two people and seeing their close family and friends gather around them for their special day!  And what makes it even more special is how not one single one is near the same as the last wedding…so unique and special in its own way…Randy […]

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How Fast They Grow…

…I absolutely LoVe when my kids have the same friends since they were itty bitty…and see how they grow and mature into their own… …One of Frankie’s best friends Lucy is being such a sweet young lady…and then when I saw her sister which I can’t remember the last time I saw her at a […]

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The “ho-hums” of January…

January brings mixed emotions for me…I am sad the kids are back at school and excited all at the same time…even sad when my busy season is now over and silently happy that I have a month to breathe…but love the craziness of what my busy season brings…It is so hard to find inspiration in […]

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Happy 2014!!!

New Year’s Eve is often seen as a time of regrowth…the chance to start all over…or improve what needs improved, but the older I’ve become the cliché’s of regular resolutions for the new year are no longer important to me. So I sit here on the first day of 2014 listening to Despicable Me 2 […]

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