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The Dread of January

I sit here very pleased with my business and my passion I have for what I do for a living but sometimes wonder if I can do more. I am trying to get my non-profit organization up and running but this is going to take time…my free photo shoots for family in needs and fundraisers are a start but it is harder to contact the fellow photographers and getting them on board is much more difficult that I anticipated. So I have been concentrated on my organization skills for my business right now. I currently have terrible bookkeeping skills and am amazed on how well I am doing {you should see my desk as I type this ~ I am totally shocked I know where everything is LOL}. I am working on updating my website…I just did my blog a while back and so far I am happy with it all…cannot wait for the website to be done and updated where I can focus on redecorating my office…this is something I am very anxious to start, but unfortunately I need to stick to my list of things to do…prioritize ~ I think the website trumps over the look and feel of my office ~ as much as I’d love to redecorate first! Ugh the need to be responsible ha ha…This is the very reason I do not book any wedding shoots in January…I need this time to regroup!

I love when my emotions come across in my images…how I even edit them can reflect on my mood and my subject’s mood…usually the bright airy and cheerful colors help me edit with brighter sharper colors and more high key black and whites. But with a darker mood that January brings me {I am a spring and autumn kind of girl} I find this mood in my “free time” photographs of the children…and usually always turn to black and white…at one point that’s all I considered myself for a while was a black and white photographer because the emotions and depth that can be seen in an image, but I am finding myself loving color just as much now. Once this month is over with and I have my numerous couples to photograph {thank you Valentine’s Day} I will get out of this slump and welcome my busy seasons to come…so the practical, organized side of me is here for awhile…which thank goodness because my office is saying HELP right now 🙂



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