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Kicking Cancer’s Ass ~ 21 weeks down

WOW!  All I can say even when life is slowly (and I mean slowly) getting back to a new normal I am amazed by the love and support from everyone…including strangers! I felt like a single mom having to do it all to now the hubs being able to help…much relief there and get so excited to see him improve on his daily activity.  In the beginning he would peter out so quickly…like a simple task of taking a walk…it was literally 5 driveways down and we had to turn around to come back home…to walking a mile…even though it may have taken 45 minutes to walk that mile…he WALKED it…and now looking at his mile its is done with more than half that time. Sure is gets tired quickly but holy crap…what Greg had to go through…ugh…I will never want to see that again!

We are officially into the 7 month of finding out about this damn “C” word and I can honestly say there is a light beyond this tunnel…We’ve had a major set back…which also played a bit on the hub’s mental focus…but as a trooper he is ~ he always comes out with a positive at the end…. as soon as he was able to start tasting food and re-learning to swallow he had complications with his jaw bone and teeth. Due to cancer treatments for head and neck patients. if the radiation dose to the bone of the mandible and maxilla is less than 5000cGy, there should be minimal risk of osteonecrosis after radiotherapy…but…of course the hubs…nothing can go smoothly…the maxilla was 7500cGy – 5000cGy!!!  UGH!!!  And because with chemo and radiation slowing down or stopping the growth of fast growing cells, his normal cells in the lining of his mouth also grow quickly, so all this anti-cancer treatment stopped them as well…slowing his ability or his oral tissue to repair its and cause damage to tissue, teeth, and bone!  Yes bone…that was the big one…so unfortunately the hubs was under the knife again…very extensive oral surgery…a few teeth pulled and his entire jaw bone filed down…which went very well without a complication (thank God) but chewing food and swallowing became so painful again.

The first week was rough…very rough…I cannot even image how it felt…I was the biggest baby when I had a root canal let alone what it would feel like slicing in all of my gums ~ filing some bone down ~ and stitching me back up…

A week later all his stitches were removed but because his gums were sensitive and the tissue problem with post-radiation patients…healing is TAKING FOREVER!  A few sores developed in his mouth…but soft foods are now manageable… I honestly do not know what I will do when I have to cook a regular meal for the family again…it seems so far away from now…lol…let alone I’ve been enjoying NOT cooking…but I will eventually have to….60 pounds down…the man needs to put some meat back on his bones…his face is filling in nicely and looking so much healthier so you can just tell he is feeling and GETTING better!

My work load is now at its fullest…my busy season is in full force and it is so nice to work again and keep myself busy…being me again…and seeing the hubs being him again.  He is enjoying the days more and more…no pain (well maybe a little in his mouth still) fact he has been weaned off of all his pain meds…including his anxiety meds! YIPEE… unfortunately his heart meds are here to stay!

He has been able to get on the floor and play with his grandson all the time now…Landon was a little scared of Papa when he was frail and weak…but now the two of them are back to doing their thing…which just warms my heart.  Greg is looking forward going back to work which we do not know the exact date yet…he will need a written doctor’s excuse which will not happen until the PET scan is completed….AND BY THE WAY ~ it is next week!!!  A date that seemed forever in the future is finally coming…and with it coming so closely…the hubs is getting mixed emotions…I know it is normal to do all the “what if’s” in the situation I just want him to stay positive and not even worry about the “what if’s” until we crossed that bridge…but human nature and our brain can’t help but think of the worst.

So Thursday, August 19th is the day we find out!  I am getting nervous just typing that date…it will be a long day and a day of 2 tests, and 3 oncologist visits…but a day that is needed to happen.

I’ve refrained myself from taking some pics of the hubs…who would want pictures of a swollen jaw bone or mouth anyways so I only have a few that I have taken when we had Landon over…which I end up taking pics of the little man anyways…love that kid… Again thank you so much for everyone’s prayers and love…We honestly appreciate it so much!   I will let everyone know the outcome of his PETscan next week!


The hubs took many “mini” naps and Landon would always come up to him and ask him if he was “up-up?”


Both of these smiles just make my day!

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