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Spring Break ~ at home

I always see posts on Facebook and twitter about warm weather vacation trips with the family…I have never personally taken the family during spring break…I am a HOT weather lover and feel any where down south would not be warm yet…let alone the ocean…am I crazy for thinking this?  Although we stay home I do have the kids mention more than once that they are “bored”…Bored?…when I was a kid and there was no school…we went outside and played {I know I know I sound like my mother or father} but its true…and with computers, laptops, iPads, iPods, Kindles, Wii, PlayStations, and cable with how knows how many channels…they are bored!  I think if I had this back in the day…well…my parents would never see me…if it was sunny out…I was outside…if it was raining out we would play in the basement and blast music and act like goofs…then we would play the Atari {I think I just dated myself…lol}

…SO to break up their “Spring Break” I am so kind as to let them “shop” with me…sounds fun huh?  Well they love to go to any store…and in ANY store they find amusement. On separate days I found Frankie doing the same thing she did at my local Target with her friend Haley at my sister’s local Target with her cousins…must be a Target thing or a “ball” thing…I don’t know…but anyways, as a photographer…my camera is with me all the time! I have to capture everything…hee hee.  And I love the poses I get after the kids see the camera…Ally my niece even shows me her fashionista in her!

So after a few LONG days…in my child’s eyes…they are extremely short days that FLY by in my eyes…this is when she decides to use the new technology and not be “bored”…I love the content comfy feel she has at night…a lot different than the crazy girl I get during the day!


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