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  1. Friday the 13th Wedding…

    January 19, 2018 by Victoria

    I actually had a Friday the 13th wedding finally!  YAY me!  And it was at a venue I’ve never been before…and let me tell you…GORGEOUS!  The space for the bride to get ready… and the space for the groom and groomsmen…so much fun!  The twinkle lights every where!!!  I cannot wait to share my 2017 weddings with you…and here I am starting off with my Friday the 13th one first…only because…well its Friday the 13th…you would think it was an omen to get married on such a day…and who knew it was a popular pic for many!  And what a blessed day it was! No omen in sight lol.

    I was so excited when i received the call from my oldest daughter’s friend Allyssa. I am in disbelief that they are old enough to get married and start such “adult lives” already…or maybe I’m in denial of the way getting older lol.  Allyssa and Ryan are such a sweet and loving couple that I could not wait to capture their day! I feel like as soon as their engagement session happened…the months flew by!

    I have to say sometimes my favorite part of photographing the wedding is capturing some of the details that went into the wedding…only because each detail has always been carefully selecting and will carry the theme of the bride and groom’s personality…and just helps everything “come” together…here are my favorite details…

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    Here are some pics of the bride and groom getting ready for their special day!

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    And of course my other favorite thing to photograph is the reveal…I know some people think it takes away from the moment of seeing the bride for the first time but to me it doesn’t matter when the “first” time is…inside a church for all to witness…or a quiet moment between the bride and groom to share by themselves… I think its because I can get upclose and personal with my camera during the reveal to see the special moment when the groom gets to see his bride…its so hard to capture that during the ceremony with so many things and obstacles involved!  Here is Ryan and Allyssa special moments!

    8531 copy8537 copy8596 copy8591 copy8598 copy8548 copy8550 copy8553 copy8604 copy8621 copy8622 copy8570 copy8554 copy8560 copy8586 copy8563 copy


    And then on their way to say the “I-do’s” and get the party started!


    9550 B&W9553 B&W9568 B&W9584 B&W9591 B&W9600 B&W9683 B&W9686 B&W9704 B&W


    And a special day cannot go by without those special people that help you celebrate you as Mr. and Mrs…

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    I do have to say I loved the lighting at the reception hall…so romantic!


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  2. Just A Little Reveal…

    September 25, 2017 by Victoria

    …so its been FOREVER since I’ve posted in my blog and what a better way then to show the latest reveal during my last wedding…oh my goodness…just LOVE this couple…perfect fit!  More to come sometime soon!


    4977 copy5031 copy5039 copy5045 copy5053 copy5065 copy5073 copy5087 copy

  3. A Gorgeous Summer Day For A Wedding…

    March 23, 2017 by Victoria

    Well I feel its time to share some weddings…its been FOREVER since I’ve blog any sessions and why not start out with weddings from last year to rev up for this year as wedding season is fast approaching….

    Matt and Anne had such a gorgeous day at this quaint Train Station in Youngstown.  The weather was perfect…the ceremony was perfect…and the venue was perfect!  I am so happy to share some of my favorite images of their special day!


    getting ready anne 1details anne blog 2anne reveal blog 3ceremony anne blog 4bridal party anne 5bridal party anne blog 6bridal party anne blog 7bridal party anne blog 8

  4. Kicking Cancer’s Ass ~ 21 weeks down

    August 12, 2016 by Victoria

    WOW!  All I can say even when life is slowly (and I mean slowly) getting back to a new normal I am amazed by the love and support from everyone…including strangers! I felt like a single mom having to do it all to now the hubs being able to help…much relief there and get so excited to see him improve on his daily activity.  In the beginning he would peter out so quickly…like a simple task of taking a walk…it was literally 5 driveways down and we had to turn around to come back home…to walking a mile…even though it may have taken 45 minutes to walk that mile…he WALKED it…and now looking at his mile its is done with more than half that time. Sure is gets tired quickly but holy crap…what Greg had to go through…ugh…I will never want to see that again!

    We are officially into the 7 month of finding out about this damn “C” word and I can honestly say there is a light beyond this tunnel…We’ve had a major set back…which also played a bit on the hub’s mental focus…but as a trooper he is ~ he always comes out with a positive at the end…. as soon as he was able to start tasting food and re-learning to swallow he had complications with his jaw bone and teeth. Due to cancer treatments for head and neck patients. if the radiation dose to the bone of the mandible and maxilla is less than 5000cGy, there should be minimal risk of osteonecrosis after radiotherapy…but…of course the hubs…nothing can go smoothly…the maxilla was 7500cGy – 5000cGy!!!  UGH!!!  And because with chemo and radiation slowing down or stopping the growth of fast growing cells, his normal cells in the lining of his mouth also grow quickly, so all this anti-cancer treatment stopped them as well…slowing his ability or his oral tissue to repair its and cause damage to tissue, teeth, and bone!  Yes bone…that was the big one…so unfortunately the hubs was under the knife again…very extensive oral surgery…a few teeth pulled and his entire jaw bone filed down…which went very well without a complication (thank God) but chewing food and swallowing became so painful again.

    The first week was rough…very rough…I cannot even image how it felt…I was the biggest baby when I had a root canal let alone what it would feel like slicing in all of my gums ~ filing some bone down ~ and stitching me back up…

    A week later all his stitches were removed but because his gums were sensitive and the tissue problem with post-radiation patients…healing is TAKING FOREVER!  A few sores developed in his mouth…but soft foods are now manageable… I honestly do not know what I will do when I have to cook a regular meal for the family again…it seems so far away from now…lol…let alone I’ve been enjoying NOT cooking…but I will eventually have to….60 pounds down…the man needs to put some meat back on his bones…his face is filling in nicely and looking so much healthier so you can just tell he is feeling and GETTING better!

    My work load is now at its fullest…my busy season is in full force and it is so nice to work again and keep myself busy…being me again…and seeing the hubs being him again.  He is enjoying the days more and more…no pain (well maybe a little in his mouth still) fact he has been weaned off of all his pain meds…including his anxiety meds! YIPEE… unfortunately his heart meds are here to stay!

    He has been able to get on the floor and play with his grandson all the time now…Landon was a little scared of Papa when he was frail and weak…but now the two of them are back to doing their thing…which just warms my heart.  Greg is looking forward going back to work which we do not know the exact date yet…he will need a written doctor’s excuse which will not happen until the PET scan is completed….AND BY THE WAY ~ it is next week!!!  A date that seemed forever in the future is finally coming…and with it coming so closely…the hubs is getting mixed emotions…I know it is normal to do all the “what if’s” in the situation I just want him to stay positive and not even worry about the “what if’s” until we crossed that bridge…but human nature and our brain can’t help but think of the worst.

    So Thursday, August 19th is the day we find out!  I am getting nervous just typing that date…it will be a long day and a day of 2 tests, and 3 oncologist visits…but a day that is needed to happen.

    I’ve refrained myself from taking some pics of the hubs…who would want pictures of a swollen jaw bone or mouth anyways so I only have a few that I have taken when we had Landon over…which I end up taking pics of the little man anyways…love that kid… Again thank you so much for everyone’s prayers and love…We honestly appreciate it so much!   I will let everyone know the outcome of his PETscan next week!


    The hubs took many “mini” naps and Landon would always come up to him and ask him if he was “up-up?”


    Both of these smiles just make my day!

    5750 copy web

  5. Kicking Cancer’s Ass…12 weeks down and its still taking forever!

    June 18, 2016 by Victoria


    Now that treatment is over I feel the waiting is just terrible…its awful…watching the hubs in his worst pain the week after his last treatment was unbearable…and dealing with this feeding tube plain-ole SUCKS…there I said it…I know the damn thing is there to help him stay nourished by boy oh boy…I do not like it one bit… changing his feeding bags,  crushing all his meds to administer them through the tube…all of this is so time consuming.  And I am on my own now…while he was in treatment he was surrounded by the world’s greatest army ~ Cleveland Clinic who worked tirelessly keeping him afloat…with the main goal…cure his damn cancer.  Now I no longer have a medical team around me.  Its a strange feeling when you no longer going back and forth to the hospital weeks on end…to suddenly stop…to one-two days a week…to weekly and to every other week.

    I see his fear in his eyes for not knowing if the cancer is still there…the not knowing is killing the both of us! We had this magical date in our heads… August 9th…Pet-scan…he will find out August 9th…um nope…it may take longer…OMG do you know what this is doing to Greg…his anxiety and depression is not getting any better…in fact it is getting worse…he hates me leaving the house, which is unavoidable when I have photo shoots and/or meetings.  I make sure I can find someone here when I’m gone but it is not always the case and he now depends on his anxiety meds.  I always felt I could help him through this and sometimes would go in another room and cry because there was nothing I could say or do that will get his anxiety and depression to lessen. I think we all like to hear that we matter, that we make a difference, that we are loved. In the end, you can never go wrong by telling someone what they mean to you, so that’s what I did…always remind him.  This is partnership  to me.  But what he had a hard time with is understanding the need for me to separate myself from him…well no not him…the cancer…Some days I just needed to chat…other days a friend to just be there and catch up on gossip. Some days I needed a friend to be silly with or just go “just looking” shopping {finances will NOT allow frivolous shopping for quite some time now} and try to put cancer in the back seat for a few hours. I just called it recharging my batters…but for 9 weeks now its been full flown Greg duty and photography business…I desperately needed some Vickie time and it was so hard for me to let him know…he couldn’t get passed the cancer and see that there was still the big world out there…he needed to start to learn about “life” again.

    As he slowly got some strength back he was able to walk around longer than 10 minutes at a time he was able to come on some errands with me…he was so bored staying in the house he even went on a few photo shoots with me…knowing it would help him and think it would help with his anxiety and depression I learned I was enabling his anxiety/depression and he needed to learn to be alone again…and learn to start taking care of himself…One, no one wants to hear they had help in creating anxiety and two…you still want to know what you can do to help him…I honestly feel this cancer journey has been taken up so much of our life…I want to enjoy my days as much as he needs to be enjoying his.

    He’s confided in me that he is getting used to the “stares”…which by the way I was SHOCKED on how many people did stare…sometimes for so long and obvious I wanted to just stare back and say “its a tube…it gives him food…does that answer your questions?” but would continue walking looking at the hubs thinking he wasn’t phased by the stares…but when he mentioned this ~ it just broke my heart! But as quickly as he confided we got the news it was coming out!!! I literally did a happy dance!  The hubs on the other hand fixated on it…fear set in…what if he couldn’t swallow food…what if he can’t taste anything…what if he still has to drink Ensures…he fixated on all the what-if’s and didn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel.  I also think it was the fear of how it would “feel” when they took it out…but me…I kept my over-excitement under control…time will tell how he will be handling food again…and boy was that an adventure.

    He took a couple of weeks to try to swallow tiny bites, and increase bite size and food softness get more harder and eventually learned to swallow again…but the food taste is going to take some time…ugh there it is again…more time…baby steps…what I find is hard to process is if he can swallow and his pain is in check with pain patches, why doesn’t he eat…the fact of the matter is..he won’t if he can’t taste it…and he can’t just put something in his mouth…chew…and then swallow…he has no saliva in his mouth so everything has to be chewed to death and then swallowed with a drink of water…making the food tasting experience even worse…so when there was no flavor to begin with…and add water to already mushy food…he didn’t care for the consistency…so I was just counting the days for him to start tasting something…anything!  And that day came…he can taste bananas, chicken, tomatoes, and beef…yay yay yay…guess what we are living off of for a while haha!

    I do have to admit, each day that goes by Greg is getting stronger and stronger…today he is officially off the pain meds…it was a long process to wean him off of it but he did it. He unfortunately will not be off the anxiety/depression meds for awhile, but time will tell. What the hubs needs to do is to start enjoying life again…figure out who he is now…now that the constant flood of doctor’s appointments, blood tests and phone calls from concerned family and friends have trickled to a slow drip.

    I apologize that I haven’t updated the blog in awhile…I have more time to get some work done now that the hubs is feeling better and taking some time away from the cancer, but didn’t realize so many people are reading and waiting for my posts. Many {even people I have never met} say they are finding comfort in my words and here I thought I was writing aimlessly talking about my fear, despair, but also the constant commitment to the hubs to always be strong with a positive for life. I am floored by the amount of family, friends, and even strangers reaching out to me. I even had a wife of a just-diagnosed cancer patient say that I had “the ability to touch the hearts and minds of countless people, the circle of mutual love and support that you envisioned and created here continues to encompass all those who seek insight, wisdom, and practical advice”   WHAT?!?!? REALLY?!?!!? WOW…I was shocked and very touched that my ramblings helped just one person!

    With that said, there are so many people in our life who are so wonderful and who offer to help, who make it easy to accept it. Who send notes or emails of support even one month after after his treatments. Who keep asking what they can do. Who pointedly give ways they can help and ask if I could use it. Please trust me when I say it is all appreciated…thank you so much!  We finally have his Pet-scan on the schedule…it will be August 18th…so the hubs will have a go-to date…now lets hope we find out that same day he is cancer-free!!!



    He never smiled with that damn tube in so here’s to waiting for more smiles now!

    7123 copy

    I can now say he is done with drinking Ensure…

    7180 copy

    He is finally getting happy the tube is coming out!!! Woot woot!!!  {I’m doing the happy dance}

    7161 copy7165 copy7167 copy

    These little cuties always know when he is feeling down 🙁

    2081 copy

    A little smile…a little forced smile… but I’m good with this lol

    2583 copy




    May 16, 2016 by Victoria

    Everyday in the hospital I am grateful he is here…all the attention is he getting is far more than I can offer when he is home…and the good news is he will get Home Care for approximately 3 weeks when he is “released” from this place…such a bittersweet feeling…I miss him at home but know he’s at the right place right now…when he does come home the “nursing” staff is ME and I DO NOT have their patience…they know what they are doing…me I know what is ahead of me with this feeding tube thing…and turning all his meds into liquid and running it through his tube….ugh…why was I excited he was getting this thing?  It’s a lot of work!

    The positive side of the feeding tube is he has gained 10 pounds back…and he has gotten a lot of his “color” back…he doesn’t look “sick”…well to me at least.  It is now Tuesday…the hubs has been here for 10 days…if his blood tests come back with some improvement with white cell blood count he can come home…YAY…first a few visits from the nutritionist, social worker, pain management (this scares me…will I know how to ween him off these pain meds right), and patient outreach…now this gets me to the negative side of the feeding tube….AAAHHHH I want to scream…this is so scary…so much information coming all at once…AND we just found out the formula for the feeding tube is not paid by insurance…OH BOY…and the mulah is upfront before it is delivered…well hello new budget…its like being a college student…Ramon noodles for dinner…sure why not!  {How do people do this…even with insurance…the bills keep rolling in and this frightens me…how can it be over $200K already…what?  Oh yeah thank you heart attack…and thank you life flight…jeez}…we will get through this…and I’m keeping my fingers crossed all goes well when we get home…they show me how to run it…you put formula in the bag 3 times a day and his meds are given three times of day, and can give him water through the feeding tube 3 times a day…all at different times…I got this {I hope I do}.

    The hubs has to sleep at a particular angle when the feeding tube is on…which by the way is on 24 hours 7 days a week…for several weeks…always hooked up to the feeding tube…he can disconnect to shower…{this is something I didn’t even envision tube feeding would be like}…so I slept downstairs on our couch why he sat/slept in the recliner…wasn’t a peaceful night at the slightest…still vomiting and dry-heaving… and I tried to keep track which anti-nausea pill was due…one thankful thing was the meds went through the tube so it bypassed his stomach and he wasn’t vomiting them up defeating the purchase of the pills…he was prescribed 3 different ones and NEEDED all 3…boy I cannot wait for this to get easier. The chemotologist  mentioned the hubs will not be having his 3rd chemo treatment and not to worry about his prognosis…but I know Greg…he is going there…he is thinking about how this will change things…but they mention this happens…the body gets to weak and sometimes the 3rd treatment just can’t happen. I feel his anxiety starting all over again like it was in the beginning…he just has a few more radiation treatments to go…then the healing can begin…he can ring that bell…3 more treatments…Monday the 9th cannot come here fast enough…

    Friday was rough for some reason…he hasn’t vomited for a couple of days but the morning of his 2nd to last radiation he had a hard time…his anxiety was high…he was worried about keeping the mask on and that thing that holds his tongue down while the mask is on…what happens if he has to vomit…I honestly don’t know what to say…I of course say…you got this honey…2 more radiations…away he went…and right back he came…ugh…they suggest a few new meds for him to take that aren’t long lasting…tell him to try again in 20 minutes…I can see his worry…he’s almost done…why is this shit happening now?  20 minutes come and go…he still isn’t ready…I feel terrible…there is nothing I can do but tell him don’t worry…you will be ready when your ready!  About an hour later they ask if he wants to give it a try…and YAY he was ready….ONE MORE TREATMENT TO GO!!! A weekend of rest…and Monday he is ringing the bell…woohoo…

    Sunday night I can barely sleep…I am literally so excited for Greg…his least treatment…35 radiations under his belt…Samantha, Heather, Landon, and Jimmy are meeting us there…this is huge…we are so excited for the next phase of the kicking cancer…time to heal…they welcome Mr. Campbell and every mentions how exciting it is to be his last day…I feel like crying I am so happy!  I felt like this radiation (which lasts a total of 10 minutes) last an eternity…when he is going to walk out…Landon was even impatient…staring down the long hallway for Papa to walk down…finally…YAY he is done…done for good…time to ring the bell…we for once get to ring the bell and hear the applause instead of the other way around (don’t get me wrong…I so enjoyed watching patients ring the bell knowing it was their last treatment…knowing their long haul)…but when its your turn…complete emotional mess…its done…but then its a waiting game…we have to wait 3 whole entire months before they will do a pet-scan to see if the cancer is gone…are you serious…why so long????  This is going to take FOREVER…I can only imaging how the hubs feels…let the waiting begin…

    We had a few mishaps with the feeding tube…its clogged on us several times…but we managed with some patience and hot water…it started flowing again…phew…I do not like this thing and cannot wait for it to get out of him!  He can start drinking some Ensures or Boosts when is feels he is ready…the only thing he is ready for is his taste buds to come back…baby steps one day at a time… we went to Target together today…he got out of the house besides going for short walks, or to a doctor’s visit…so it was nice…now if we can get his coughing under control maybe he can take in a movie…lol…time will tell…now we wait for the count down for the pet-scan…ugh…I just want this over with.




    Landon was upset to see Papa with a boo-boo in his nose 🙁


    Landon was happy to see Papa come out for the last time…




    I wonder what the hubs wants to do with this thing…I say burn it!


    He got to ring the bell…


    I love how everyone joins in when its someone’s turn to ring the bell…




    Doctor congratulating on his last treatment…



    He was so happy his girls could be there…



    The man who naps…all the time…time to heal…and get back to healthy!


    This is actually a good picture…a few days later it was all full of puss and peeling…which they say is good…its quite gross…





    April 29, 2016 by Victoria

    So much has happened in the week and a half…the poor guy  can’t catch a break. I’m actually enjoying working again because I’m gravitating to some normalcy and feeling pretty guilty about it because the hub’s new normalcy blows. It pretty much sucks the big one if you ask me…He tries so hard to eat but when he does he struggles and feels worse and worse as the day goes on and it becomes such a vicious cycle.  He’s losing more and more weight and continues to walk around like a zombie almost feeling like he’s overmedicated but yet still in so much pain. I’m almost afraid to mention I even have a headache because what will that even compare to what he’s feeling. He’s fallen down a few times because he is so weak I am afraid he’s losing his will because he’s not eating much. Monday is the beginning of week 6 – 11 more radiations to go until he’s done. But I have a feeling he’s going to need some fluids because of dehydration… dear aunt passed away and funeral services are on  Monday the start of week six at the same time as his radiation appointment which I hope does not conflict with my aunt’s funeral…and knowing he will need fluids.  I try my best for us to arrive  there early. Which is a pretty damn good for me ~ as I AM NOT a morning person ~ and after all these weeks I’m STILL not a morning person. I remember getting there early thinking yay we got this…quick trip…we will make it in time…ugh…I stare over at him and he just looks so lost…so sick…oh I have a feeling he is going to need fluids…they called his name ~  he’s able to get his radiation….now all he needs is his vitals…my fingers are crossed…please let them be good…crap…not good… not good at all.  In fact the machine started alarming off…I didn’t even know they did this kind of thing.  The hub’s heart rate is all over the board ~ beating as low as 60 BPM to 150 BPM, low blood  pressure and of course he is dehydrated. His weight keeps pouring off of them so they are suggesting feeding tube and for once I am happy.  He doesn’t need just fluids…he needs to be admitted…they need to monitor him…why?  How serious is this?  Why am I getting scared?  Crap can he tell I am worried? I was happy to hear about the feeding tube { do I believe this is the only way he’s going to get his nutrients. }…but the unknown of it all still is a little freaky.  Then the reality of it all sinks in… knowing he’s being admitted I will be missing my aunts funeral and it’s hard for me to hide my sadness for this because he is going to blame himself…and will start apologizing ~ it’s not his fault…its the damn cancer…thats  who to blame! I know my family will understand even though I’m having a hard time understanding myself.

    It took almost the whole entire day for them to attempt to put the feeding tube in which wasn’t successful ~ his throat is so inflamed causing him to gag ~ his gag reflexes are blocking the tube from going down so they’re going to attempt tomorrow… he will be put to sleep. Even though the feeding tube is a good thing you can see in his eyes how nervous and scared he is…I swear I am so tired of saying “you got this”…he’s been through so much…   As the nurses are explaining about the feeding tube in the machines to help the food run through it and how Home Care needs to come to help set us up at home I start getting nervous but is afraid to show it in front of him.  It all seems so overwhelming. The procedure went just fine. Which took almost the whole entire day before they even started and then four hours later to start the food to run through it is now officially gone with three days without eating. I keep reminding myself eight more radiations to go and seven more radiations to go six more radiations to go…it’s a huge countdown for us for the ability for him to ring that damn bell. His little mini celebration that his treatment is done and over with and then will have another countdown countdown For his next pet scan to see all the cancer gone so we can truly do a celebration.

    He is now content…I can go home…do a photo shoot and catch up on some editing…but my phone rings in the middle of my session…he now has a fever…oh crap…this is not good…why?  What in the hell? What else can happen?  They do a couple of chest X-rays to make sure the tubing is all good and working and where it is supposed to be and take what feels like a hundred blood samples to get some cultures started.  He does have a UTI…but they do not believe that is what causing the fever to spike so high…the medication should be taking care of the UTI…more blood is taken…more chest X-rays…more cultures to grow…all the time he is not feeling better…he now has severe abdominal pain that has not explanation…so they increase his pain patch and give him another antibiotic until they can sort through all of this…I just pray it will happen soon…this has got to end soon…he has been through so much!  Some medication keeps the pain in control and the fever down…this is good…


    But it is now Friday…he has been in here since Monday…his fever is spiking yet again…along with the abdominal pain…I sit next to him completely helpless….all I can do is hold his hand and be with him… amazing how much this is taking a toll on him ~ myself included ~  how you handle things when dealt shitty deck. His still has part of his sense of humor…It’s amazing when you find the strength…so this is how this week and half has been for us…

    We received word that he’s going to be in the hospital for another 4 to 5 days until they can figure out what is causing the infection, the UTI should be under control with the generic anabiotic but they also need to figure out what is causing his severe abdominal pain.  To be honest with you today he  looks really good ~ he’s getting a little bit of pinkness back in his face and I know he appreciates where he is at as well… they are doing their best to help him…there’s a calm when we stay here… sad as that is… the nurses are oh so wonderful… they become your family while you  are here… even though they don’t see the same patients everyday  they poke their heads in the room to see how he is doing or to give him a little pep talk…


    ..ugh…but the good news is…he is in the right place for all of this…and I have faith he’s got this…just 6 more radiations to go and he will be on the path to healing!  I just tell myself…six more radiations to go…he’s got this…kicking cancer’s ass…six more rads




    He tries to eat anything but doesn’t have much success…an ice cream cone didn’t even do the trick…although the dogs appreciated that!



    Feeling no energy…when he sits and waits to be called up…he just sleeps…or at least tries to…



    Waiting for his fluids…


    Waking up after his tube insertion…


    he’s been through so much in such little time…


    Trying to move around…



    His fever can be controlled with some meds…


    What a convenience…the X-ray machine comes to you!


    He was able to walk around today…its been 5 days since the last time he was able to…this is a step forward!


    My walk off the elevators every morning…you never know if its day or night in these hallways…






  8. Kicking Cancer’s A** ~ 4 Weeks Down…

    April 19, 2016 by Victoria

    …its chemo day today and the hubs is being hospitalized.  We had to come to radiation early in case he wouldn’t be able to make it like last time. Getting up at 4:30 am is a difficult task ~ especially if your emotionally and physically exhausted but I took pride today because I was up {the only way for me to get up at this hour is to pull an all-nighter}  Today I am going to regret this…but what a better place to be than a hospital haha…I will just crash when the hubs is ready to crash.  I remember the drive downtown… it was still dark out to make our 6am appointment…who else goes for treatment this early…are they nuts?  Greg pretty much slept thanks to some of his meds but I was worried how the day was going to pan out.  They won’t start his chemo until he got his hospital room and all settled…how long will that take? At least he would have a bed to sleep in while getting chemo.

    We arrived for radiation and he got all his vitals out of the way…blood pressure checked out good.  They called for Mr. Campbell and away he went…the beginning of another week to go down in the books…4 more radiations this week and soon to be a chemo knocked out…deep in thought of God knows what I heard a bell ring and some applause…I went to go see what it was.  When its your last day of treatment they do a little celebration for you…I smiled and cried for this fella I didn’t even know…but just knew what he must have gone through…I am now counting down my days for the hubs!!!

    He walks out ready to go to the hospital to get his 2nd round of chemo…oh boy…what will this bring us?  Surprisingly it went well…in the beginning…just like last time.  During the chemo he seems to handle it pretty good…and afterwards they are keeping him on some fluids with some extra meds for his kidneys so this just may be an easy week!  Kids came to visit and the hubs was able to walk around with us {behind a wheelchair in case he petered out}.  I have to say he did good….up until 9pm…then all hell broke loose…the vomiting…the shakes…the hiccups….the vomiting turned into dry heaves…it just won’t stop…oh boy it was to good to be true.  He had consist…nonstop hiccups for 32 hours…his chest and head started to hurt…and vomiting during hiccups can cause it to come out of the nose…something I wished I didn’t have to happen.  Everyday the doctors and nurses messed around with his meds to get him as comfortable as much as possible.  Nothing seemed to work for the hiccups or the nausea. Everyday they kept track of his heart and his kidneys…his heart was good but his kidneys not so much…which we expected and every minute that went by I was so thankful he was there in the hospital to be under their care for days…in fact they even kept him longer than planned because his kidneys…the biggest fear is renal failure.  More fluids and meds are needed for the prevention of this…once the last blood test came back as just borderline and not in the danger zone, he was good to go because it was such an improvement from the day before.  What scares me is he was on an IV push and getting the hydration needed even with all the vomiting.  But once I bring him home the vomiting continues and his hydrations level drops and then we take a few steps back.

    I remember the doctor asking me strange questions…as a matter of fact she would start off asking me questions with “This may be a strange questions…but…”  and one I immediately was shocked on the normalcy of it all…her reaction like it was no biggie…you see her question was “This may be a strange questions but does it seem like your husband’s eyes are sinking in his head?”   UM ~~YES!  He looks so sad…so lost…both eyes aren’t even anymore…one just looks more tired that the other…I said yes of course, and she was like “That’s normal…was just curious if you can see it…UM…you can’t ~ you have to ask?”  It really makes me sad what chemo can do to the human body.  I so cannot wait until this is all over for him…I miss the hubs…I need “him” back….I keep reminding myself…3 more weeks…just 3 more weeks…

    By Saturday the hubs was a walking mess…still couldn’t keep anything down…he would even throw up the meds I would just give him, not knowing what to do I called the trusty ole 800# for some guidance…I have been advised not to repeat the medication and wait until the next time for his required dose…okay…got it…but what does he due to help with the vomiting…ugh…out of 3 anti-nausea medications combined ~ nothing was working.  He fell down a few times Saturday and remained extremely light-headed Sunday.  Monday rolls around {one complete week of chemo #2} and I am literally pushes him via wheelchair because he has such a hard time walking on his own.  He manages to finish radiation without vomiting but does immediately after…lucky for him the hubs was seeing both his radiologist and hematologist that day and they both agreed after another round of blood work his kidneys were in danger…yet again.  Some hours later after some fluids and meds run through him the hubs he feeling a little bit better…YAY…for now…I still have to go home with him and see how he does!  The new meds they gave him also seem to be helping so much more than the last.

    I didn’t post this blog post yet because so much was going on…all my attention was to Greg while he needed me and then while he rested I worked…who cares about the laundry…the house…or the yard work…that can wait…but today I felt the hubs was a newer man today!  The new meds the put him on are doing wonders…and now as the 2nd chemo’s side effects slow down week 5 of radiation is the start of even more side effects for the hubs…just remember 3 more weeks…



    Getting prepped for his IV port for all his bag of goodies



    His view for the next 5 days



    Finally time for the Cisplatin


    I think this was his favorite visitor



    He’s going to take Papa for a walk…



    It’s nice to see Papa smile…


    Nice to see the hubs face full but now feeling the effects of chemo 🙁


    This is just an example of his 8 am meds…he take 9 pills and then an hour later 2 more..yikes…just remember 3 more weeks…


    Its been so long since Papa got to see Landon…Kim called to see if Greg was up for a visitor…


    No traffic one day out of how many…lol


    The one shot he hated receiving daily while in the hospital


    Needs more fluids…


    I dropped by valet ticket to claim my care along with the parking validation and a kind man saw me drop them and flagged me down…so nice!







  9. Chagrin Falls Family Session…

    April 12, 2016 by Victoria

    How adorable are the Beg’s…three absolute beautiful sisters and gorgeous parents!  After having the privilege of doing Julianne’s senior pictures the Beg’s called for a family session. The day worked out perfectly!  I also found a few more nooks and crannies in Chagrin Falls that are awesome backdrops for photos!  Here are my favorites from their session.

    beg family blog 3beg family blog 2beg family blog 1

  10. Chagrin Falls High School Senior…Julianne

    April 11, 2016 by Victoria

    Meet Julianne…absolute pure light radiates off of her…so bubbly and simply adorable.  I had so much fun doing her senior pictures…had a fear of rain for her session and we were able to knock it out before a downpour…I call that a success…

    Here are a few of my favorites from her session…


    Bjulianne blog 2julianne blog 3

  11. Kicking Cancer’s A*S ~ 3 Weeks Down… K

    April 10, 2016 by Victoria

    …wow…I have been called out!  I was asked where my updated blog post on Greg was by 3 people!  I am glad people are reading my blog…it helps keep my mind on track of things and sort my emotions out. This week I have been in major catch up mode and it is actually so nice that the week had very little uproar ~ PHEW! Sad to say it has become routine in the house…and at the Clinic. I have been thinking about the last few weeks and how scared it all becomes.  Stressful and difficult things such as cancer are hard, and while they can someday teach you a lesson {I’d really love to know what that lesson would be} or make you a stronger person, they are entirely capable of just beating the ever-loving shit out of you and leaving you physically exhausted and emotionally dead.  Before treatment started reality is thrown in your face multiple times but never so much as when Greg was asked about a living will. The more I thought about it ~ the more it bothered me {and scared me}…isn’t this a curable cancer? But then the heart-attack happened and boom…there it was…how easily I have taken “life” for granted…I see things so differently now and I’m sure the hubs does to.  Those pesky little things I used to worry about seem so small.

    Our new routine is trying to keep a routine…times to gargle with meds…time to take the meds…time for physical therapy exercises…time to rest…time for follow up visits…time for blood work…and getting up early {this is HUGE for me…I work from home and can go to my desk in my PJ’s} getting downtown and hitting rush hour traffic or not! Valeting the car is the best thing…they know us now…they take the car, park it close, the hubs gets his radiation done and boom…time to leave…2 1/2 hours we are done…head home for some more routine.  Yet I emotionally am not relaxed with this new routine.  Other responsibilities are there on top of this emotional roller-coaster. The world will go on, despite your despair. And you know what that is? LIFE.  It doesn’t stop for you…work is still here…bills are still here…taking care of the kids…cleaning the house…combining these two routines is what this week has been about.  I was able to get out for a bit this week and it about killed me. Why do I feel so guilty leaving Greg alone. Family came over to keep him company while I was out and it helped…I had fun…but with the way this whole thing started I just couldn’t totally relax.  Maybe its because I try to get inside his head…I wonder so much what he is thinking.  He doesn’t smile so much anymore unless he sees a new face visiting because he is usually in pain, but will put on a different face for them {which I totally understand but miss seeing that face on a day to day basis}  Its like he left and went somewhere…conversations are difficult because it hurts to talk…  he has good days and he has bad days…and it’s the good days I can join him in the good…the other days he rests more than usual and I can get some work done.  I’m counting down for this new “normal” to go back to our “old” normal…but I wonder if I would want our old normal back…this “life” for granted thing makes me think it won’t.

    I said I wanted this week not to be eventful and I can honestly say it was!  The hubs ended up with an infection in the injection site for the angioplasty but nothing a little antibiotic can’t cure!  His kidney levels are good…no longer below the normal mark and his white cells are right where they expected them to be and if they do not change the doc says he will continue with chemo on Monday.  Of course Greg is not happy he will be hospitalized for the treatment and expected to stay for about 4 days, but I am thrilled he is…sure I had to make arrangements with Frankie and the dogs…but that is so much easier than rushing him to an ER like the last time and scrambling last minute and the stress of worry.  What I was shocked to see was the hub’s hair falling out. We were told his chemo meds would not cause hair loss. Finding out he will experience some thinning of the hair with chemo and radiation. I guess its time for a nice clipped cut!   The hubs can no longer taste foods….his saliva glands are drying up…dry dry mouth and throat…and is sticking with a liquid diet for the remainder of his treatment.  As long as he can drink 4 high calorie Boosts in one day he is feeding his body exactly what it needs to avoid a feeding tube!  He is down 27 lbs. to date.  So much to consume for a mere 3 weeks and we are just getting halfway through…so this somewhat uneventful week was a welcoming change.

    We are so blessed with the meals being brought over…the adorable gifts and cards…it honestly keeps him going!


    His new breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack…poor man!



    Being poked multiple times in a week seems to be the norm…



    I had to share this adorable Get Well gift…this little cake pops are too cute to eat {although they will be 🙂 }


    Two days on the antibiotic the infection starting look so good!


    The hub’s new favorite blanket…


  12. Strongsville Senior ~ Meet Jason

    April 8, 2016 by Victoria

    Jason’s mama and I go way back and it was so nice to reconnect…I have to tell you what a charming handsome guy Jason his…his smile…even his smirk is oh so adorable!  We had fairly decent weather and I felt the session FLEW by since I chatted during the entire time {which is not hard at all 🙂 }  Here are a few of my favorites from our session…


    jason blog 2jason blog 1jason blog 3

  13. Chagrin Falls ~ Molly

    April 7, 2016 by Victoria

    I have to admit Chagrin Falls has become my second home for high school seniors and couldn’t be happier…yes it is a drive but oh so worth it. Their town has a similar cozy feel just like Medina…and a different climate…it could be raining in Medina and I may think the session needs to be cancelled but sunshine and blue skies out there!  That was the case for Molly.  What a joy she was…so sweet and so vibrant with personality!  Here are a few of my favorites from our session…


    molly blog 3molly blog 1molly blog 2

  14. Chagrin Falls Senior…Hope

    April 6, 2016 by Victoria

    I had so much fun during Hope’s session…you couldn’t of asked for better lighting and weather!  It also helps when you have a gorgeous senior…it makes a beautiful session!  We started at her house and then headed to town. Chagrin Falls reminds me of my town so finding the good nooks and grannies behind buildings was easy!  Here are a few of my favorites from our session.


    hope blog 2hope blog 3hope blog

  15. Kicking Cancer’s A** ~ Two Weeks Down…And We Already Had Enough

    April 1, 2016 by Victoria

    I last wrote a week ago today…thinking a week at a time was good enough to keep family and friends in the loop…boy was I wrong…Friday after the hubs had some extra fluids in him he came home and rested…honestly feeling so much better…The best he has felt since the whole treatment started. Saturday morning we were so excited to be able to sleep without having to wake up to an alarm clock…pure heaven if you ask me. Saturday was  a typical day…trying to find something for him to eat since his taste buds are slowly going kaput…a few visitors to spend time with him and check to see how he was doing.  We were even having good friends over to play some games that night but as the day came and went…the more fatigued he grew…so he headed to bed fairly early…8pm might not be all that early for his “norm” right now.  But around 9pm he called me upstairs…and I remember thinking thank God I went right away because I was in major cleaning and cooking mode {Easter was the next day and we were expecting 18-20 peeps}.  I went upstairs and knew something was wrong ~ he was pale as a ghost and complaining of left shoulder and arm pain. I said I think we should go to the ER because it sounds like a heart-attack and he said he had absolutely no chest pain…I again say let’s go, and he states he has no chest pains. Getting a little upset and wondering why he is arguing for the fact I wanted to help I told him I was calling the 1-800 line for after hours for his oncologist.    I  called ~ gave my info to the nurse for the on-call oncologist to call us back…which seemed like FOREVER but in reality it was less than 5 minutes.  She called back…put her on speaker for the both of us to talk to her and after hearing his “feeling funny” pains she said she DOESN’T think he is having a heart-attack but to make sure ~ run him to the ER so they can do an EKG to rule it out and then chuck up to another lovely side effect of treatment.  During her explaining on going to the ER Greg is now feeling like an elephant was sitting on his chest…OH BOY…here we go…we couldn’t get out of there fast enough…and he was literally so out of it…almost like he was going to fall over…told my daughter where we were going…got him in the car and away we went.  We didn’t even get out of our development when the on-call oncologist called us back and said she spoke with the ER and a Dr. Vrobel was waiting for us and to just ask for him…wow…this made it so much more stressful…crap this is serious! this is real!!!

    No sooner did we arrive at the ER at Medina Hospital…which I have literally rotted so many other times…thinking great…its a full house…we will be here all night…go to the clear window and ask for Dr. Vrobel…she looks at me like I’m crazy…calls in the back for him and before you know it a nurse comes and grabs the hubs…now in a lot of chest pain and needing help to stand up…he is refusing a wheel chair right now…why…he has to do this now…that man… the nurse behind the window hands me a clipboard with papers on it…and I’m like are you freaking kidding me…the hubs is now out of sight…why can’t I go back right now and see what’s going on?…I sign a few release forms and as soon as I hand them back another nurse comes grabs me and takes me back to where Greg is…EKG is already done and there are a TON of doctors and nurses around him…then all of a sudden there are 3 nurses around me telling me the hubs indeed is having a heart-attack and he will be life-flighted to downtown Cleveland Clinic…now my heart is pounding…I want to vomit at this time, I am shaking…  I remember thinking great…he is on his was of kicking cancer’s ass and he is actually going to die of a damn heart-attack!  Shit what do I do now…I remember I couldn’t even see the nurses anymore through the tears…I hurry up and wipe them away and go up to Greg on the gurney and ask how he is doing…he’s asking me what is going on…the docs hear this and tell him “Your having a heart-attack Mr. Campbell”…and of course the hubs says “Are you f**king serious?”   Well at least he is comprehending what was going on….what felt like forever again I knew I had to start calling people…the life-flight people are in the room now telling me the process and what I should do ~ all the while I am calling Samantha…got the words out “your dad had a heart-attack we are….” then I put the phone down to hear what the doctor came in to say…he received some shots….and some medicine in his IV and will be in someplace I have no idea what it was nor cared at that matter…I just wanted to start heading to Cleveland Clinic and I remember hearing Sam “what is going on…why is this happening…” screaming and crying on the phone….OH CRAP…I called Sam and totally forgot…oh how I felt awful…this was only one phone call and I couldn’t even do that right…so much was going on way too fast…so intense…I had to remind myself to breathe…when will this poor man get a break.

    I was advised not to drive by myself…oh no who do I get to drive me because once I’m down there…I’m down there…for the night…upon my only 3 phone calls the word go out and I had my son offered to take me to the Clinic and all the kids had their significant others driving them there as well and friends to take care of Frankie and the dogs…and also remembering HOLY CRAP why is it taking so long to get there…why does it have to be so far away…. we make this trip everyday but it just didn’t seem like the normal drives…I felt the world was driving slow and following every traffic law out there…jeez…where are those people flying through traffic signs and traffic lights when you need them!  Everyone came from all differently directions but we oddly arrived at the same time…so now I felt I had to put big girls pants on and let the girls cry and I be their shoulder…which I don’t think worked because my daughter noticed me shaking…but I did manage to keep the tears back until I was able to see the hubs.  We waited for approximately 2 1/2 hours before we could see him in ICU so I was able to get in touch with my sister to kindly tell her she was having Easter…which I knew she would have no problem with it.  He looked like absolute crap when we walked in…you just knew he went to hell and back…the kids visited for awhile and left…I told them I would keep them updated…I slept the best I could on their ever so comfy recliner ~ not…  But he graduated to a big boy room in no time…he called me to let me know in the middle of the night the next following evening they moved him out of ICU…into a step down unit on the cardio floor…I walked into his room I thought he was in a hotel suite…very nice!  and a fold down couch that goes into a bed…a better night sleep for when I stay…phew…things are calming down again.  Every day they played around with new meds after each test results came back to what ever they had to do when ballooning his artery {I don’t even know if that is even right?} and confirmed it was a blood clot….blood thinners added to the list of meds…oh joy…it was hard enough to keep track of what he was already on!

    The hubs was in the hospital for a total of 4 days…getting stronger and stronger everyday…he missed a radiation treatment Monday so they doubled them up on Tuesday and continued his normal schedule Wednesday and was able to jump ship…now talk about a happy camper…every day he is getting stronger and stronger and feeling as good as he can.  The last morning the hubs oncologist came into his room (about 4:30am….what hours do these people work…my goodness) to tell him for his next chemo treatment which is Monday, April 11th, he will being staying at the hospital until Thursday because of the terrible reaction he had with the first chemo and it’s only to get worse second time around…news he was NOT happy to received, but made me extremely happy to say the least.

    I have to say thank you for all the prayers…cards…meals… and love everyone has shown to us during this difficult time!  I cannot express enough how much it is appreciated.  Let’s hope week 3 is very uneventful…and my next blog post is boring as ever!



    Tiny photos came from my iPhone or someone else

    blog 3 greg 2


    By the time we arrived to the ER and the Life-Flight team took him away was a total of 7 minutes…unreal

    blog 3 gregheart monitor

    This is what the hubs radiation machine looks like…he skipped Monday after Easter but doubled-up on Tuesday…still cannot believe they can do that!



    My view the first night in ICU…hearing heart monitors go off was not an easy feeling…



    Feeling better…answering some texts…



    He got the okay to get out of bed…3 days on his back…ugh



    The view was gorgeous!



    This tiny pic is what his room looked like from bedside…extremely nice for hospital room…

    hospital room


    This room held 8 people without having someone stand…and they allowed ALL of us in at the same time which helped Greg rest…





    So relieved to be home…



    Now even more meds to keep track of …



  16. Kicking Cancers A** ~ One Week Down…Six To Go…

    March 25, 2016 by Victoria

    I last blogged on the first day of chemo and radiation for Greg before we left the house…it was my way of therapy…but the moment we got in the car the nerves started going at it again. I kept staring at the hubs face {I’m sure he is going to get tired of me doing that} to see if I can find any sign of how he was feeling. Heather drove down with us and Sam met us there so talking in the car wasn’t awkward…for the most part…we had a morning show on and would switch to some music to help his mind at ease…well I hoped it did…and also so no one can hear my heart pounding so loudly it was going to jump out of my chest…I have to be the strong one…I can’t even imagine how he is feeling.  I hate not knowing…and the feeling of being so helpless.

    We arrive at the chemo floor and the hubs signs himself in…I feel a bit of relief because we could just “wait” for a few…we all chat…talk about this and that…the hubs is pacing…he won’t sit {he’s the lucky one who gets to for the next 6 1/2 hours 🙁 NOT} But the moment I let my nerves calm down “Mr. Campbell” has been called…here we go!  We arrive in a room…rather small for all of us but we don’t care ~ we will make do…we brought sandwiches, munchies, and some things to drink…and GAMES to help the time pass by. The nurse gets him all settled in and hooked his 7 bags of “goodies” and explains what each one does and what he can expect “afterwards” and so on…we all intently listen…again I wonder if anyone can hear my heart pounding…and continue to stare at Greg…he just smiles and talks with his girls which calms me down…phew…okay I won’t breakdown and lose it…

    After a few hours {which I have to say went by fairly quickly because the nurses switched his “goodie bags” here and there…but once the “chemo” bag started we had 3 hours to kill…so what better way then to play a game…Heads Up was Heather’s choice and I’d have to say it was a good one…it was FUN… we were laughing and giggling…actually being quite loud…the people in the hall are walking in to see what was the fun and would join in…for a bit…but overall…very stressless…they took care of him…made him comfortable…and always checked on him and asked if we needed anything… I was thinking wow…this isn’t that bad…then the main “goodie bag” was done and we had just another 2 1/2 hours left for the IV with some extra fluids for him…we continued to play…made up some games and before you know it ~ he was done!  Boom…chemo #1 was complete…now onto radiation…

    …Now radiation is Greg’s biggest fear…so again I stared to see his expressions which seemed pretty positive…my heart no longer pounding through my chest…the hubs and Sam sat across one side of the room and Heather and I on the other…chit chatting here and there when all of a sudden Greg is not feeling well…3 shades of white…I mean white…feeling dizzy and nausea… this grew everyone concerned…they take his vitals and immediately lie him on the bed…again I am not that concerned yet because I hear chemo can be awful. The doc is now concerned…oh boy…why? They won’t even do radiation today…they say ~ tomorrow! They say this is unusual…they call a team of people in…I feel l am in the way…Sam is with me as well…they’re doing a EKG making sure everything is okay…crash cart comes in…heart is pounding now…I’m wondering if anyone can hear it…can Sam hear it?  Sam leaves…I remember oh good…she doesn’t need to see this…they have Greg sit up…he is shaking violently…I think he is having a seizure…they ask me to leave…oh great…just remember to breathe… take a few breathes…you will be fine…Greg will be fine…

    I’m out in the waiting room to tell the girls I heard they are taking him to the hospital via ambulance {I’m thinking aren’t we at one?} A nurse runs out and hands me a parking pass {Apparently the hubs was more concerned for getting the parking paid then what was going on with him…oh that man}.  I try so hard not to cry…I remember thinking of what to say first before it comes out of my mouth…and it worked…who has time for a breakdown. the 3 of us find directions to get to the emergency room and must have looked pretty pitiful because the ambulance driver said…screw it you guys are all riding with us…but don’t tell anyone {I wonder if this counts as telling anyone}…we arrive in the ER and only 2 of us are allowed to stay…so we take turns…I stayed and Sam and Heather went to the waiting room…I step out to see if one of them wants to go in…Sam is upset…she is not feeling good…and crying…Heather…doing good…I bring Sam back with me because Heather doesn’t want to be in there if “Dad’s going to puke”… I totally understand…told her we would be back in a few.  Needless to say our 8 hour day turned into an 11 hour day with an hour left yet to travel home…oh I sure hope next Chemo goes differently!  They say his vitals are good to go and he can go home…he slept all the way home…he slept the moment he reached the couch…and he remained on the couch until the next morning…and then slept again for 4 more hours…those were some good drugs I’m thinking.  This is the time I breakdown…thank goodness that is over with! But he still has to do radiation…I make him something to eat…give him his required meds…and on our way we go back to the Clinic to start radiation…

    Mr. Campbell is called…we calmly walks in…5 minutes go by and the doc and his nurse come out…oh boy…he panicked…he will need more anxiety meds to continue radiation…he waits another 20 minutes for it to kick in {I feel terrible there is nothing I can do for his fear of radiation…his face literally sits inside a custom made mask while a tube is in his mouth holding his tongue down WHILE the mask is clasp to a table so he cannot move an inch…this is why is has medication…to calm those nerves).  10 minutes pass by after they call “Mr. Campbell” again…and here he comes…the hubs…with a big smile on his face…HE DID IT…he is so proud of himself…chemo one is done and now first radiation is done {only 34 more to go ha ha}.

    The rest of the week went without any problems…although they will do a blood test every Wednesday and Friday to see his blood levels…and today they all checked out okay…except for his levels for his kidney functions…so 2 more bags of IV’s were waiting for the hubs…I couldn’t go with him today and I had such mixed feelings…knowing that he went with Sam was no issue…but just the fact I want him to know I am here with him during this entire journey…and then when I heard he needed more fluids it just broke my heart I wasn’t there with him.  He also go weighed today…down 17 lbs.   WOW that is going down fast…he is expected to lose 40-50 pounds by the end of this and I worry because if he loses too much weight and won’t eat and drink enough a feeding tube will be no other choice!

    But overall, I have to say the week went by fast after Tuesday…we drive up to the valet… they know us now…they literally park our car next to the door and have it ready by the time we are out…no waiting!

    Each time the hubs is in radiation the doc’s nurse comes and chats with me…the time flies by and the next thing you know we are on our way home!  For the first two days to be just awful and unsettling I have to say I am so happy it is done and over with!  Just six more weeks to go!!  Phew!  And the support from friends and family have been so wonderful…it keeps us going!  I have to say we are very lucky when it comes to our loved ones…I honestly do feel blessed…now just to get through the next 6 weeks…and the healing process can begin…


    It is amazing how many patients {sad in reality of it all} come and go in the course of one day…its like an art on how they do things…


    I normally post in black and white for this subject because I feel it shows the true emotion of it all…but had to share his pet scan…purple is cancer.. this is sliced right in the middle of where this little shit is

    {well not so little}…

    We did have fun during the chemo treatment…making light of it helped with everyone’s mood and made the time go by more quickly.

    You can see his smile when she was taking the IV out and telling us we are ready to head over to radiation.

    This is where he started feeling the adverse effects of chemo…




  17. 2016 Chagrin Falls High School Senior…Austin

    March 22, 2016 by Victoria

    Austin Lucas…Chagrin Falls High School senior is a football and lacrosse player… I reconnected with his mom on Facebook {we went to school together…what seems to be a long time ago} and ended up taking her families pictures several times and was so happy to take Austin’s senior pics!  We had a perfect day…the sun wasn’t extremely bright and the wind was very manageable which makes me one happy gal especially with this Ohio weather.  I wish Austin all the luck in his future endeavors and I am sure to see him in the future…here are a few of my favorites from his session…and it also doesn’t hurt that he is a very handsome fella 🙂


    austin blog 4

    austin blog 2

    austin blog 1austin blog 3

  18. The Beginning of the End….The End of Cancer That Is…

    March 21, 2016 by Victoria

    …it was a normal doctor visit for Greg (the hubs) on November 20, 2015…complaint for a sore throat he had for some time…each visit they would give him a z-pac and some anti-inflammatory medication and see if it helps…come back and they can schedule a CT scan and referred to an ENT.  Holidays came and went…but his sore throat never did…instead  it become more painful and he had new pain in his ear. January 28th we thought was a normal visit…get a scope down the throat…feel for swollen glans…doc feels something so he ordered a CT…and to be completely honestly with you we didn’t think anything of it…went to grab some lunch and ended up with a phone call to please follow up with the ENT.  At what point do you think of the “C” word…why would they be so concerned with a sore throat…my thought it can get cleared up with some medicine.  All this time the hubs went to the doctors by himself (this is usual for us) but when the ENT appointment came up I wanted to go with him…I was very concerned on “what” they have “found”.  Not once did the doctor mention the “C” word but yet it lingered….lingered so loudly in the dead air…you just knew what it was. I remember studying Greg’s face to see if he understand what the doctor was talking about…I saw no change in his face so I grew more concerned for him. The silence of listening to the doctor was so deafening I had to interrupt and ask if it was “cancer” – there I said it….CANCER…and then I immediately stared at Greg…waiting for his reaction…why I don’t know….maybe to make sure he’s grasping all of this…I was having a hard time…its not me with the “C” word…its him…the man I love…and cannot even understand how he must be feeling at that moment in time…

    I stared back at the doctor and felt the room being even more quiet…patiently waiting for his response…and it was simply…yes…it is…we are 99% sure!  BOOM…there it was…officially out in the open…now what the hell do you do with that?

    How do you handle such news…how he is going to tell his kids?  What the hell is the next step?

    They schedule you with an oncologist that is literally a flipping month ahead…WHAT THE F**K!?!  Greg has to wait 3-4 weeks before he can even know his fate…at this time we don’t even know what type of cancer it is…how curable  is it? Again I am thinking of the hubs and what might be swimming around in his mind…my has forever been changed…I feel I’ve been in a cloud.  What will my role be in this?  I have to be his rock…his cheerleader {I am usually the emotional one…I cry at happy commercials…happy and sad songs…movies…crap even Disney movies}…how do I become his rock when all of this makes me so sad?

    Two weeks go by and we had some time to soak all this in…the oncologist even moved up his appointment and we were able to meet his team from the Cleveland Clinic. All I can say is what a wonderful place to have in our own backyard…they have been nothing but WONDERFUL and extremely supportive {I know many would say its their job, but I am believing they are going over and beyond their jobs}. We received good news that the cancer is curable and his 5 year survival rate is good…but unfortunately he will be going through hell and back.  Chemo and radiation, together, at the same time is what is planned. Chemo is about 7 hours long every 3rd Monday…and radiation…well that is Monday through Friday for 7 weeks…ugh…how our life has changed.  I had no idea it would be a marathon of appointments and tests that needed to be taken place…and I cannot believe how good Greg is handling all of this for the most part…sure we have cried more times in the 2 months than we have our entire relationship, but with the love and support from family and friends he knows he’s got this…cancer may have arrived…but its on its way out!  And it starts today!  Today is the first day of his long journey.

    Its amazing how different we handle stress…I have to talk about it…write my thoughts down…take photos…{no surprise there} and the hubs is the opposite…he overall remains quiet..he will let me know his fears and concerns but remains quiet. I read all that I can for this type of cancer…and all the terrible side effects he will endure…but Greg just trusts his doctors words and is taking one day at a time…so this is where it begins…it begins at the end of this damn “C” word…

    …we got this.

    I will be updating my thoughts and the progress of  Greg’s entire journey to let family and friends know what is going on…and its simply my way of dealing with it all.  I will have to say this year is the year of transitions…a test of faith and emotional strength. It is mind boggling on how to stay organized through it all…so here I am holding hands with the man I love taking it one day at a time.


    7682 copy

    I believe dogs sense when someone is feeling down…Coco will never lays by the hubs…she stayed near him for several days after his surgery…

    7686 copy

    The way they arranged your appointments is all in one day so you didn’t have to make multiple trips, but the waiting was agonizing…

    7688 copy7701 copy7696 copy

    I’m glad I caught a smile…something tells me he is going to get used to being poked and prodded…

    7691 copy7697 copy7700 copy

    This will be our morning view everyday for the next 8 weeks!


    7721 copy

    Greg had a lot of anxiety for the making of the mask for his radiation…

    7742 copy7746 copy


    They say he gets to keep this when its all done…uh…I don’t think so!


    7748 copy

    It took several trips downtown and multiple walkways to know you can take a shuttle bus building to building….




  19. Tom and Kelly ~ Cleveland Wedding…

    March 13, 2016 by Victoria

    My wedding from last year is finally getting blogged…I am determined to catch up on this thing…and besides who doesn’t like seeing wedding photos?


    I love the entire day of their wedding…we started at the salon where all the girls {and mums} had all their up-dos done and went to her parents house to finish getting ready. I always like it when I get a chance to be at their family home…its much more personal…so much excitement and energy.  All the dresses were perfect and it honestly was a gorgeous day {minus some of the wind}.

    kelly 1 blog

    The colors she chose were gorgeous for that time of year…and it was perfect for any skin tone!

    kelly 2 blog

    THE moment she walked down the aisle…the clouds lifted and the sun poured in through the gorgeous stain glass windows…it was

    honestly breathtaking!

    kelly 3 blogkelly 4 blog

    We went downtown with the bridal party and put up with the wind for a bit…we found a cozy windless area that was perfect.

    kelly 5 blogkelly 6 blog

  20. Logan’s First Year…

    March 5, 2016 by Victoria

    Another one of my favorite sessions complete…what a face!  What a character…he is too darn cute!  I have to admit I was so excited to put these together for my blog today…I miss editing this face!  His smile is too darn contagious! You can’t help but smile back!  Baby Logan was a little miracle for his mom and dad…and I was so blessed to photograph all of his milestones for his first year…here are a few of my favorites!



    newborn logan3 months loganlogan 6 monthcake smash logan

  21. Medina High School Senior…Ava…and Ben

    March 2, 2016 by Victoria

    Oh how the family was so happy Ben was able to be in Ava’s senior pictures…this adorable fella was also in her older brother’s pictures as well…but he was not doing so good…and he rocked the shoot!  I couldn’t of asked for better weather and lighting… here are my favorites from her session!


    ava blog

  22. Jaime’s 1st Year

    March 1, 2016 by Victoria

    I honestly feel blessed with my job…I get to photography weddings…exchanging of vows of a young couple, newborns, high school seniors, and families of all sizes…but what I truly love capturing the most is the baby’s first year…so much happens within that first year…and I love capturing it!  I was lucky enough to photograph Jaime’s mom and dad’s big day…and his mama’s maternity shoot…but what made me so happy was to photograph him throughout it first year!  Here are my favorites from his first year…


    jaime newborn 3 mojaime 9 and year old

  23. The Ever So Sweet Maddie

    February 25, 2016 by Victoria


    So much for being on a roll with some blog posts…funny how life can turn and your focus is redirected…yikes…but in spite of it all I am determine to get this blog updated…and what a better restart than with this gorgeous senior…Maddie


    Oh my goodness…I had so much fun with this senior and her mama…her smile can light up any dark room!  Here are a few of my favorites from her session!


    maddiemaddie blog 2

  24. The Adorably Gorgeous Abby…

    January 30, 2016 by Victoria

    This is a me on a blog run…haha…three posts in one week…yay…


    I know I’ve mentioned I just love to photograph seniors but every once in a awhile I get “model” shoots, how fun! To me there are just like senior sessions but with the younger teens!  And to get to photograph Abby who I’ve known for awhile now, I was more than excited…and congrats to her…she already got a few calls!

    Here are my favorites from her session!


    abby blog post

  25. Miss Bridget…

    January 29, 2016 by Victoria

    Wow…twice in one week…I won’t even apologize…I will own the fact I am terrible at this…one day maybe I will learn to blog…regularly…one day!


    I am in total love with Bridget’s hair…those girls…and they accent the frame of her face so beautifully!  I couldn’t be happier with the day we had to photograph her senior session…also what is so nice is to be able to do an entire family of girls…I did her older sister’s pictures as well and will have the opportunity to do her other!  These are my favorites from her session…


    bridgette blog post

  26. Sweet Angel Face Brayden!

    January 27, 2016 by Victoria

    Can you believe it? ~ I’m blogging! …I’ve had a mad rush since August and am finally catching my breath to blog ~ I cannot wait to share my sessions…and what a better way then to start off with sweet angel face Brayden…just adore him!


    brayden blog post

  27. Sweet Birthday Girl ~ Olivia

    August 5, 2015 by Victoria

    This sweet little princess turned six!  And of course family needed to capture her just as she is….there little princess…She did so good…even though it was a tad chilly she handled every thing so well!  Also her grandfather is my old neighbor…which I am still in disbelief we are old enough to be grandparents….EEK…that stings a little still to say it out loud haha!


    Here are my favorites from her session…


    7516 copy7459 copy7480 copy7486 copy7495 copy7505 copy7525 copy7540 copy7555 copy7596 copy7607 copy7648 copy7727 copy7733 copy

  28. Brunswick 2015 Senior ~ Angela

    July 27, 2015 by Victoria

    …meet Angela…simply gorgeous and born to be in front of a camera!  I had so much fun during our photo session and couldn’t be happier with weather…which is pretty rare these last few years in Ohio!
    Here are my favorites from our session…


    6771 copy6736 copy6743 copy6765 copy6561 copy6603 copy6628 copy6653 copy6662 copy6686 copy6697 copy6719 copy6784 copy6874 copy6900 copy6912 copy

  29. Brecksville-Broadview Heights 2015 Senior ~ Acadia

    July 11, 2015 by Victoria

    First off I love her name!  Just naturally beautiful and oh so sweet…and talk about photogenic!  We had an awesome day to photograph even though we were presented with a little rain {I know right? Rain in Ohio ~ come on! LOL}

    Here are a few of my favorites from our session!


    0792 copy0765 copy0799 copy0757 copy0619 copy0634 copy0656 copy0678 copy0829 copy0858 copy0870 copy0871 copy0916 copy0926 copy

  30. Connor…2015 Medina High School Senior

    June 9, 2015 by Victoria

    Meet Connor…a very handsome young man who graduated this year from Medina High School. We were able to have a gorgeous sunny day during our photo session and stayed in the Medina area.  His mom came along with us as well and so happy she did…she was able to get those genuine smiles out of him 🙂  I wish Connor well in his future endeavors and what life has to offer him!  Here are a few of my favorites from our session.


    8041 copy7997 copy7963 copy8075 copy8146 copy7855 copy7794 B&W7803 copy7837 B&W

  31. Courtney….2015 Strongsville High School Senior

    June 6, 2015 by Victoria

    I had so much fun during our photo shoot…she is such a joy and she radiates happiness in general…and she is a spitting image {always hated that term} of her mother!  Her mom came along with us and we literally never ran out of something to talk about…{I love chatty peeps 🙂 }

    Here are a few of my favorites from her session…


    0035 copy0054 copy0065 copy0099 copy0127 copy0172 copy0183 copy0190 copy0214 copy0234 copy9895 copy9937 copy






  32. Eric…2015 Medina High School Senior

    June 5, 2015 by Victoria

    I have seen bits and pieces of Eric growing up. One of my son’s best friend is his brother and every once in a while I get a glimpse of him in the car or in the house with a pick up or drop off here and there and just cannot believe how fast time can fly by!  I honestly believe once the kids reach a certain age it even goes faster…it really needs to slow down.  I had the privilege of taking his older brother’s senior pics and here I am doing Eric’s.  We had a beautiful day and couldn’t be happier on how they turned out!  I wish you all the best in your future Eric!  Congratulations!


    Here are a few of my favorites from our session…

    5121 copy5162 copy5189 copy5222 copy5238 copy5287 copy5317 copy5338 copy5391 copy5500 copy5503 copy5541 copy

  33. Ryan Leddy – 2015 Senior Brecksville-Broadview Heights School

    June 2, 2015 by Victoria

    I had fun during my photo shoot with Ryan and his dad… I always welcome new cities to photograph in and the Brecksville area has become another one of my favorites…


    Here are a few of my favorites from our session….


    8178 copy8116 copy8149 copy8127 copy8153 copy8072 copy8074 copy8078 copy8207 copy8289 copy8338 copy

  34. Emily…2015 Medina High School Senior

    May 27, 2015 by Victoria

    …it always amazes me how time flies! As days can drag on and you may wish one to be over with already your almost blindsided by the reality of it all. With a blink of an eye looking back time goes by ever too quickly. Take Emily for instant. I can remember her mom’s baby shower and how she was technically in labor that day…and when she was brought home from the hospital…so small…and when she FINALLY could say my name [well actually she said Wicky] but it just feels like it was yesterday. I have my own kids but I see the process daily…micro daily as that matter lol but yearn for them to be younger because I think I miss their dependency on me more so than they obtaining their own independence. But when you look at your friend’s child and see their growth and maturity it hits harder…All I have to say is sweet Emily is growing up to be a beautiful young lady…and I am aging much faster than I anticipated ha ha [sigh]…I have the last photo as a reminder how precious our time with our kids are…we teach them to walk on their own and as life takes them they carry on that tradition with their own children.  I am so proud of Emily…the day after commencement she went to Columbus and past her Ohio State boards testing in cosmetology…what to go Emily!


    9208 copy9202 copy9308 copy9241 copy9414 copy9434 copy9195 copy9097 copy9132 copy9190 copy9178 copy9157 copy9164 copy9262 copy9258 copy9248 copy

  35. Shaker Heights Newborn…

    May 19, 2015 by Victoria

    I’m always so grateful for the people who have had faith in me and my work, and when clients call me and say I photographed so and so and just instantly fell in love with your images…  This has been an amazing journey thanks to all my wonderful clients and all who have supported this adventure with me.  It’s been a dream so I thank you.  Meet Baby “D”…we was such a dream…pretty much slept through the entire session which is a plus when you have to move this little ones so often…completely content…here are a few of my favorites from his session…


    8836 copy8861 B&W8767 copy8771 copy8779 copy8785 copy8885 copy

  36. Meet Hannah ~ 2015 Medina High School Senior

    May 16, 2015 by Victoria

    I had so much fun with Hannah on our photo session for her senior pictures…and she has a passion for photography!  Congrats on graduating this year and I know there is an amazing and wonderful future ahead of you!  Here are a few of my favorites from our session!



    3944 copy3885 copy3933 B&W3847 copy3797 copy3748 copy3769 copy3718 copy3710 copy3708 copy




  37. Meet Katelin…2015 Strongsville High School Senior

    May 14, 2015 by Victoria

    I had so much fun with Katelin!  And her grandmother came along on the shoot and was so happy to capture the two of them together!  Couldn’t be happier with the weather that day…and of course my favorite to shoot in is grey skies…Mother Nature’s natural filter 🙂


    Here are my favorites from Katelin’s session…


    1791 copy1634 copy1674 copy1563 copy1762 B&W1766 copy1836 copy1905 copy1914 copy

  38. Kara…2015 Medina High School Senior

    May 1, 2015 by Victoria

    Meet Kara…I am so excited I am finally finishing up all my blog posts with last fall’s photo shoots. Kara is lovely and we had such a great time and couldn’t of asked for better weather and loved her location selections…We were able to sneak in Maple Side…even though we found out it was a big no-no {oops}.

    Here are a few of my favorites from her session…


    9456 copy9293 copy9256 copy9523 copy9399 copy9495 copy9551 copy

  39. Meet Jordan…2015 Medina High School Senior

    April 30, 2015 by Victoria

    Jordan is absolutely amazing! Such a wonderful young lady with a heart of gold and her smile is priceless. I love to hear about students and their involvement  in their school. I had so much fun with her during our little session…and couldn’t be happier with the location and lighting!  She made my job so easy!


    Here are a few of my favorites from Jordan’s session…I wish her all the luck and joy her future has to bring!


    0287 copy0280 B&W0333 copy0342 copy0402 B&W0418 B&W0469 copy0489 copy0507 copy

  40. Meet Emma…2015 Medina High School Senior

    April 29, 2015 by Victoria

    I instantly fell in love with Emma…her smile is simply adorable!  As gorgeous as she is on the outside, she is just as gorgeous on the inside.  I couldn’t be happier with some of the location choices! The weather was perfect!


    Here are a few of my favorites from our session!


    5950 copy5941 copy5972 copy5963 copy5893 copy5899 copy5936 copy6032 B&W6033 copy5977 copy6034 copy6052 copy6072 copy

  41. Brenna…2015 Willoughby South High School Senior

    April 26, 2015 by Victoria

    Meet Brenna, a Willoughby South Senior…her and her mom Mary came to Medina for our photo shoot and had the perfect weather to shoot in.  Love when Mother Nature cooperates…which is not as often as I would like it seems lately.  I wish her all the best for her future endeavors and what life has to bring!   Here are a few of my favorites from Brenna’s session.


    5200 copy5185 copy5160 copy5154 copy5119 copy5262 copy5273 B&W5279 copy5299 B&W5204 copy

  42. Emmy…2015 Willoughby South High School Senior

    April 25, 2015 by Victoria

    Meet Emmy…what a joy!  So soft spoken and gorgeous!  We had fun during our photo session even though it was chilly!  One of my favorites locations they chose…Chagrin Falls…love that area!  I wish Emmy the best in her future endeavors…so much ahead of for a high school senior’s life…sigh….enjoy it…time goes so fast!


    Here are a few of my favorites from her session…


    6350 copy6286 B&W6319 copy6439 copy6474 B&W6468 copy6526 copy6554 copy6631 B&W6614 copy

  43. Marie…Brunswick 2015 High School Senior

    April 24, 2015 by Victoria

    Meet Marie…here is a young gal with a bright future ahead of her.  I knew her mom years ago when we were little girls…it’s hard to believe we are at the age that our “little” girls are grown and ready to start their own hopes and dreams. We have fun catching up during our photo session, and was able to capture a few of Marie and her adorable pup Zoey.


    Here are a few of my favorites…

    5652 B&W5615 copy5374 B&W5624 copy5433 B&W5529 copy5536 B&W5481 copy5472 B&W5457 copy

  44. Meet Mariah…2015 Senior

    April 21, 2015 by Victoria

    I honestly couldn’t ask for a better subject…she was up for anything! And they wanted the beach! I have been always a fan of Ohio beaches…and we couldn’t ask for better weather the morning of our session. Here are a few of my favorites from Mariah’s senior session.


    0973 copy0942 copy0955 copy0970 copy1033 copy1014 copy1229 copy1261 copy1122 copy1145 copy1081 copy

  45. Gillette Family…Brecksville, Family Session

    April 16, 2015 by Victoria

    With families with small children the conversations can get interrupted, everyone wants to share a story, the squeals of the youngest daughter of pure joy because they brought their pup to the shoot was enough enthusiasm even for strangers. I cannot express enough of how much fun I had during our session. The smiles and laughter this family must share on a daily basis….truly a blessing!


    Here are a few of my favorites from our session…

    9641 copy9583 copy9559 copy9601 copy9588 B&W9425 B&W9775 copy9453 copy9483 copy9498 copy9521 copy9543 copy9614 copy

  46. Engagement…Amber and Kyle

    April 15, 2015 by Victoria

    I am so happy to share Amber and Kyle’s engagement session…and more excited for their upcoming wedding in June…it is going to be here before you know it!  I just love getting to know the bride and groom during their engagement session. It helps me understand and see how they interact as a couple and help me with ideas for the wedding…sigh…every couple is unique in their own way…


    Here are my favorites from their session…

    9112 B&W9152 copy9014 copy9033 copy8979 B&W8970 copy8947 copy8819 copy8764 B&W8900 B&W

  47. Meet Sydney…

    April 11, 2015 by Victoria

    I had the pleasure to photograph Sydney’s brother for his senior pictures and capture a few family photos of the entire family but was super excited when I got the call for some model pictures they wanted for Sydney…and oh my goodness…what a complete natural at it… and so young!  I honestly believe she has a bright future ahead of here with modeling…my fingers are crossed they can find a company to work with!


    Here are a few of my favorites from her session…


    3970 copy3946 copy3934 copy3969 copy4036 copy4043 copy4047 copy4078 copy4092 copy4102 copy4119 copy4125 copy

  48. Too Much Sibling Cuteness…

    March 20, 2015 by Victoria

    Meet the Rusinko family…they are so darn cute! These kids are all around sweet children, and take care of each other.  This is the second time I photographed this family…per their mama’s request as her birthday wish…I am more than happy to record these memories. So two years later I got to capture more memories for the Rusinko family…and how much change can happen in 2 years… They got so big, yet they feel still itty bitty to me!  Sigh…just simply adore this little happy beautiful family.

    Here are some of my favorites from there session…it was a beautiful sunny day but quite chilly, and everyone was a trooper!


    4132 copy4238 copy4530 B&W4316 copy4163 copy4174 B&W4196 copy4358 copy4380 copy4556 copy4446 copy

  49. Such Darling Little Kids…sigh…

    March 10, 2015 by Victoria

    I received an email requesting information regarding a mini session and found out the ages of the kids…eek…I love love love little siblings close in age!!!  I have such fond memories of my sisters and brother growing up!  Here are a few of my favorites from the Peckham Family…  too much cuteness!


    8230 copy8141 copy8150 copy8169 copy8199 copy8201 copy8247 copy8260 copy8276 copy8302 copy8339 copy8351 copy8363 copy8401 copy8404 copy8426 copy8536 copy8564 copy8648 copy8724 copy8761 copy

  50. Natural Beauty…Meet Julianna

    March 9, 2015 by Victoria

    2867 copy2861 copy2881 copy2888 copy2865 copy2939 copy2899 copy2959 copy2806 copy2815 copy2991 copyI had the pleasure to photograph this beautiful young lady!  She has such spirit its contagious! We had a tad of a chilly day but she totally rocked it!  I love when I get my Eastside clients!  Here are my favorites from Julianna’s session. She is a 2015 Woodridge Senior…



  51. Meet the Ciacchi’s…Such a Gorgeous Family

    February 26, 2015 by Victoria

    …Meet the Ciacchi’s…a beautiful family inside and out…I was luck enough to do their first born’s maternity and their wedding, and this mini session over the holidays.  Everyone braved the chilly weather {although I would welcome that weather any day compared to what it has been lately}.   I cannot get enough of her adorable boys…too too handsome!

    Here are a few of my favorites from their session…

    5589 copy6028 copy5696 copy5771 B&W5849 copy5922 B&W5876 B&W5387 copy5212 copy5228 copy5265 copy

  52. Four Generations…

    February 25, 2015 by Victoria

    I just love it when I get phone calls for generation pictures…I can remember only one picture I have of my grandmother, mother, myself, and my oldest daughter…it will forever be precious to me.  When Lorena called to take pictures I was more than excited…

    It was a bit chilly, thank goodness it was before all the snow and freezing temperatures, but grandma and little one were such good troopers…I had to say they did better than me lol…here are a few of my favorites from their session….




    2113 B&W2121 copy2135 B&W2167 copy2176 B&W2194 copy2205 copy2224 copy2279 B&W2297 copy2307 copy2348 B&W2366 B&W2381 copy2406 B&W2417 copy

  53. New Beginnings…

    February 9, 2015 by Victoria

    …I was so happy to have the privilege to photograph this family for their engagement and wedding!  What a special day for the three of them 🙂  Here are a few of my favorites from their wedding…cannot wait to see how the wedding album will lay out…sigh…I just love weddings 🙂



    0132 B&W9993 B&W0159 B&W0074 B&W0098 B&W0197 B&W0227 copyOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA0278 B&W0281 copy0320 copy0337 copy0355 copy0435 copytom and kelly 1tom and kelly 2tom and kelly 3tom and kelly 4tom and kelly 5




  54. 2015 Medina High School Seniors…Twins

    February 2, 2015 by Victoria

    As a twin myself I was so excited to get the call for twin senior girls!  I honestly couldn’t wait to meet them! The one thing I wished my parents did was get pictures of my sister and I together when we went to get our senior pictures done!  The bond between a twin compared to anything else is so special!  Wouldn’t replace for the world.

    Here are a few of my favorites from their session…


    8426 copy8421 copy8452 copy8514 copy8775 copy8570 copy8545 copy8620 copy8391 copy8635 copy8647 copy8691 copy8747 copy8744 copy8802 copy8788 copy

  55. Meet Tony…2015 Medina High School Senior

    January 30, 2015 by Victoria

    I knew of Tony…he would come over when my neighbor would come over here and there and he was always a shy boy…his mom called to schedule a session with me and we put two and two together and I was so happy to capture his handsomeness… I had fun during I photo shoot… even when he refused to give me a full-on smile…showing teeth and all…ha ha…but withe the help of his mom, we were able to capture a few…

    …here are a few of my favorites from his session…


    8867 copy8826 B&W8884 copy8908 B&W9022 copy8983 B&W

  56. Meet Taylor…2015 Medina High School Senior

    January 27, 2015 by Victoria

    Oh my goodness what can I say…Taylor was such a joy to photograph…so full of smiles and giggles…make my job even more fun. We had a pretty windy day and I couldn’t be happier with how her hair was tossed around…just simply beautiful…here are a few of my favorites from her session.

    1574 copy1628 B&W1601 copy1555 copy1494 copy1456 copy1400 B&W1389 copy1368 copy1353 copy1342 B&W




  57. Meet Rachel…2015 Nordonia High School Senior

    January 23, 2015 by Victoria

    I am so lucky to love my job the way I do…it honestly does not feel like work to me…the passion I have for my job hopefully shows through my work…I love every part of my job…down to blogging (which honestly has to get done more often…yikes…)  But as I get caught up to blog my clients I get all giddy looking over galleries I have put up over the past 5 months…and this is no exception for Rachel…

    Rachel plays volleyball for Nordonia High…she is full of life and it honestly shines through her eyes…here are a few of my favorites from her session…


    3702 copy3755 copy3751 copy3782 copy3656 copy3664 copy3669 copy3796 copy3832 copy3841 copy3852 copy

  58. Natural Beauty….Meet Nicole

    January 21, 2015 by Victoria

    Oh my goodness look how gorgeous Miss Nicole is…so quiet and sweet…  I did Nicole’s brother last year and was so happy to get the phone call to book Nicole’s! Couldn’t be happier with lighting and the weather…it was perfect…here are some of my favorites from her session…


    5216 copy5223 copy5286 copy5293 copy5298 copy5327 copy5339 copy5365 copy5371 copy5403 copy5410 copy5424 copy5430 copy5454 copy5512 copy

  59. The Perfect Little Family…

    January 18, 2015 by Victoria

    …look at this sweet adorable little family…yep out that sweet faced redhead…ha ha! Oh my goodness what a fun time this session was! Nanci Murphy is so darn gorgeous!  Here are my favorites from the session!


    9904 copy9914 copy9869 copy0018 copy0026 copy0115 copy9846 copy9948 copy9964 copy

  60. Meet Allie…

    January 11, 2015 by Victoria

    Let me introduce to you sweet adorable Allie…I did her brother Greg last year and was lucky enough to do his sister…sigh…I just love returning customers…

    Allie brought her boyfriend along and of course we took some pictures of them together…and we had plenty of giggles on our shoot…Allie’s mama came along and she is just priceless!  Here are a few of my favorites from Allie’s session…


    6835 copy6836 B&W6910 B&W6924 copy6927 copy6984 copy7010 copy7141 copy

  61. Meet Megan…Medina High School Senior

    January 7, 2015 by Victoria

    Megan has such a welcoming smile…once you see her smile you instantly smile back…she is was so sweet and always giggled…I had fun with her and her mom on their session!  And couldn’t asked for a nicer day!  Here are a few of my favorites from her session…

    7497 copy7575 B&W7661 copy7671 copy7697 B&W7739 B&W

  62. Meet Griffin…

    January 6, 2015 by Victoria

    I would like to introduce to you a senior at Chagrin Falls. Such a young polite handsome young man! Congratulations go out to him…he just signed with Detroit Mercy for lacrosse…Go Titans!  Here are a few of my favorites from Griffin’s session…


    6552 copy6762 B&W6779 copy6792 copy6817 B&W

  63. Hello 2015

    January 2, 2015 by Victoria

    Well it is the second day of 2015 and I am sitting at my desk listening to music as I breeze through my business portfolio of  2014 and all of a sudden feel an overwhelming feeling of joy. As you know I am not one to make New Year’s resolutions ~ since that is pretty much the kiss of death for succeeding.  As from last years revelation {not resolution} I have promised myself to learned the art of living every day the best that I can. I am far from perfect, but part of my personality I strive to do everything so perfectly when to realize I am not perfect ~ but I don’t desire to change those imperfections…I want to embrace those imperfections because that is what makes “me” …I would love to lose 20 some pounds I mean come on…who doesn’t want to be a healthier self… And so I start each day not looking to be perfect – just looking to be better…even if its just being better than who I was the day before…so I will not say this desire started on January 1…its the start of everyday and everyday I promise not to beat myself up if I don’t acquire my goals for that day or week…or even for the year…its just knowing I can give it my all and be happy with what I am accomplishing.

    So what will 2015 bring??  Frankie becomes an official teenager in a few days {gasp…this one is hard to swallow…where did all the time goes…she is supposed to be my little one}… Tyler will be in his second year of college…I am almost feeling like an empty nester soon…Sam, Makayla, and Heather out on their own…sigh…very bittersweet emotions…so happy for who they’ve become and what they all have accomplished and yet to discover in their futures…just hoping I can still be there for them whenever they need me.  I wish for Makayla to achieve all that her heart desires with her little blog business and new path life has to offer after college…Samantha to be the best mom she wants to be…I am still in disbelief that these kids are even old enough to start their “own” little families.

    Vacations still left to be planned, I honestly would love to plan one this year…its just something that gets put on the back burner…my sessions are booked so far in advance sometimes I forget to take a weekend or week off here and there.  I am hoping for a better year of health for Greg and I…and for the rest of the family as that matter.  Will my business continue to grow and expand with plans of possible mentoring classes and myself attending some workshops. All I can ask and be grateful for is my continuation of love for photography as much as I do now – or will I begin to feel the effect of the 7 day work week, come to the conclusion for the fact I am not here to please everyone. Also I hope I become a better blogger, even as much as my daughter Makayla’s blog…. ok ok…I think I am over-wishing here…lol.    Bring it on 2015 ~  I am ready for ya!


    7399 B&W

  64. Mr. Handsome…

    December 29, 2014 by Victoria

    Oh please let me introduce you to Ray…2015 Brecksville-Broadview High School senior…  He was shy at first but became very comfortable in front of the camera…and he has the B E S T hair!  Honestly he does…his curls and his adorable face makes a very handsome young man!  Here are a few of my favorites from Ray’s session…

    8176 copy8104 copy8174 copy8163 copy8141 copy8144 copy8145 copy8149 copy8159 copy8165 copy8050 B&W8235 copy8241 copy8243 copy

  65. Meet Miss Erin…

    December 12, 2014 by Victoria

    I love an infectious personality and Erin from Willoughby South has one!  She was so much fun and was so involved in her photo shoot…she brought along her mama and her best friend (who else can make you laugh more). We were on the hunt for “powerlines”  {her only request} OH MY GOODNESS…immediately fell in L O V E with them…such an awesome back drop…I will definitely have to use them again in the future…
    Here are a few of my favorites from Erin’s session

    5877 copy5896 copy5881 copy5591 copy5583 copy5563 copy5533 copy5613 copy5541 copy5551 copy5554 copy5665 copy5704 copy5744 copy5769 copy5762 copy5792 copy5804 copy5808 copy5837 copy

  66. The Sweetest Little Family…

    December 7, 2014 by Victoria

    …sometime last year I was to photograph these two…but with life circumstances it never happened…until a few months ago…one thing I can say is how sweet this little family was. Such a wonderful bond these two share…sigh…here are a few of my favorites from there mini session…


    7770 copy7787 copy7810 copy7832 copy7844 copy7873 copy7882 copy7942 copy7950 copy8009 copy8051 copy

  67. iHeart Returning Families….

    December 1, 2014 by Victoria

    …it just makes my day when I get returning customers…to see those changes in the children and the family unit and being able to capture more memories for them.  Especially this adorable family…Mom and Dad weren’t in their last session but I was so happy when they schedule the entire fam for the photo session woot woot…these kids are A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. along with mum and dad!  Here are my favorites from their session…


    6116 copy6151 copy6190 copy6252 copy6348 copy6364 copy6373 B&W6389 copy6439 copy6518 copy

  68. The Adorable Lauren…

    November 23, 2014 by Victoria

    Aw meet Lauren…a Brecksville-Broadview Heights 2015 senior…the first moment I saw her I thought of Precious Moments…if they became real…this is what she reminded me of…so cute!  And extremely warm and inviting…had fun with her parents on our photo session as well…here are a few of my favorites…


    5120 copy5102 copy5151 copy5181 copy4888 copy5156 copy4988 copy4996 copy4944 copy5006 copy5009 copy5085 copy5096 copy

  69. Meet the Scott Family…

    November 19, 2014 by Victoria

    Let me tell you how sweet and adorable this family is…and how cute they were as “couples”…sigh…two generations of marriages here…and one awesome young man!  I had the pleasure to photograph the Scott family…I seldom go far for my sessions but Columbus is the farthest so far…but when I do do a session I can stay with my sister…and besides it allows me to spend time with her family!

    Here are a few of my favorites from their session.


    4355 copy4447 copy4495 copy4569 copy4621 copy4633 copy4670 B&W4685 B&W4736 copy4865 copy

  70. Mr. Nano

    November 13, 2014 by Victoria

    Michael lived just a few houses down from me and was friends with my son so I got to witness him grow into a young man…it felt like in a blink of an eye…when they moved I didn’t see him as often so whenever I did it was shocking (even though my own son was maturing on his own…but when you see it day to day its not so noticeable).  The shy young boy turned into a very outgoing young man…and handsome…had so much fun catching up with his mom…how time flies by so quickly!

    Here are my favorites from Michael’s session…

    7617 copy7620 copy7625 copy7662 copy7691 copy7704 copy7712 copy7724 copy7737 copy7761 copy7764 copy7816 copy7862 copy7867 copy

  71. Meet Natalie…2015 Medina High School Senior…

    November 10, 2014 by Victoria

    Check out this adorable senior!  Our session was seamless…Natalie is a natural and the camera loves her!  Here are a few of my favorites from our session…


    8440 copy8458 copy8353 copy8381 copy8493 copy8562 copy8590 copy8604 copy8614 copy

  72. Miss Ashley…2015 Medina High School Senior

    November 6, 2014 by Victoria

    I love when I get to take photos of families I know! I grew up with Ashley’s mom and ran into her a few years back…it’s nice to catch up!  Her second daughter is graduating and I had the privilege to do her senior pictures just like her big sister!  Sending out a big virtual hug to you guys!  Here are a few of my favorites from her session…

    2652 B&W2710 copy2723 copy2778 copy2808 copy2845 copy2868 copy2894 copy2907 copy2946 copy2953 copy3040 copy3058 copy

  73. The Very Model-esk Angie…

    November 4, 2014 by Victoria

    …oh my goodness does the camera LoVe Angie…a complete photogenic natural.  Angie is a Medina 2015 High School Senior…super sweet and so soft spoken…I had a blast photographing her…

    Here are a few of my favorites from our session…


    3184 copy3168 copy3068 copy3071 copy3087 copy3131 copy3373 copy3391 copy

  74. Medina Lacrosse Star

    October 30, 2014 by Victoria

    Meet Mikaela…Medina’s Lacrosse’s awesome goalie!  She is a 2015 Senior with a very promising future…Had fun with the family during here photo shoot…not too many Dad’s come out compared to the Mom’s but so happy he did…boy did he get her to give natural smiles by getting her to giggle!  Loved it!  Here are a few of my favorites from Mikaela’s session…


    1919 copy1950 copy1975 copy2036 copy2152 copy2230 copy2244 copy2275 copy2291 copy

  75. Miss Erica…2015 Medina High School Senior

    October 26, 2014 by Victoria

    I just adore Erica…her spirit is just amazing…she always looks like she is having a great time…and pretty much has a smile or smirk on her face every time I see her…after our photo session she cut her hair…I honestly wish I can share what it looks like…all I can say it is “her”  ~ love it…here are a few of my favorite from her session!



    9725 copy

    9590 copy9592 copy9650 copy9695 copy9716 copy9752 copy9767 copy9778 copy9779 copy9795 copy9812 copy9824 copy9852 copy9909 copy

  76. Yay for Family~Family Sessions

    October 23, 2014 by Victoria

    I just love when I can take photographs of my family…and their families…my little sister calls me up every year for a family session and I just absolutely love to capture these little squirts growing…

    It reminds me how fast my kids have grown…sigh…but just love to see my little sister interact with her little family…it just warms my heart…could ask for better brother-in-law..and all the family that comes with them…

    Here are a few of my favorites from their session.

    3607 copy3632 copy3655 copy3663 copy3737 copy3787 copy3915 copy3934 copy3945 copy3970 copy4028 copy4212 copy4236 copy

  77. Miss Photogenic…Meet Mackenzie

    October 18, 2014 by Victoria

    This girl was meant to be in front of a camera…the camera just loved her…she is a natural…definitely made my job easier and of course I love my job and making it easier is such a breeze ha ha!  We even did a mini session so we can include her love for golf with her senior pictures…I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Mackenzie has such a wonderful personality…so warm and inviting…just like her mom…when talking with them it feels like you’ve known them forever…here are a few of my favorites from Mackenzie’s session.

    3266 copy3356 copy3402 copy3159 copy3108 copy3066 copy7874 copy7896 copy7978 B&W7929 copy7925 copy

  78. When Families Return…

    October 16, 2014 by Victoria

    One of the best part of my job is a returning customer…to document their memories at a particular phase in their lives is such a blessing…and when I get returning customers I get all giddy….they are automatically comfortable with me and I love capturing the changes…witnesses who their family is molding together….love love love it!  This little family returned and cannot get over the role reversal of the little sister and her big brother…and the enthusiasm of  the girls…little girls (and bigger girls lol) love getting their picture taken…but what’s the best is witnessing their connection with one another…just adore that!

    Here are a few of my favorites from their session…



    6833 copy6341 copy6585 copy6479 copy6908 copy6939 copy6783 copy6953 copy6974 copy

  79. A Medina Family…Meet

    October 12, 2014 by Victoria

    …the Bartinelli’s!  YAY I got to do these three adorable boys!  A few years back I had the opportunity to photograph the entire family…these boys were a riot…I absolutely love their relationship and how they get along! So when I got the call from the Mrs. and said she would like another shoot with the boys I was more the eager to schedule them.  Here are a few of my favorites from their session…


    3814 copy3494 copy3757 copy3752 copy3721 copy3595 copy3662 copy3609 copy3648 copy3447 copy

  80. Meet Luke… 2015 Kenston High School Senior

    October 5, 2014 by Victoria

    Had a blast downtown Cleveland at Voinovich Park taking  photos of this handsome guy!  His family tagged along and we also captured some pictures for them…such a warm friendly family!  I felt he was super tall and had the most gorgeous blue eyes…sigh…here are a few of my favorites…

    5003 copy4988 copy4569 copy4460 copy4872 B&W4679 copy4737 copy4971 copy

  81. A Brecksville~Broadview Heights Senior…

    October 2, 2014 by Victoria

    …meet Brandon…a 2015 senior at Brecksville~Broadview Heights High School.  I have know Brandon for as long as I can remember…his mom and my sister have been friends for years.  I use to see him maybe yearly at a birthday part if that much…so I was shocked to see how grown {and tall} he is.  Such a super sweet good looking young man…with wonderful manners to boot. We had so much fun on his photo shoot…

    Here are a few of my favorites!


    2536 copy2563 copy2577 copy2591 copy2645 copy2672 copy2744 copy2759 copy2819 copy

  82. A Summer Family…

    September 30, 2014 by Victoria

    I just love when I get emails and phones calls that start out “I saw your pictures on Facebook…you did so and so’s” and they want to book a session…sigh…besides returning-customers, referrals are the best kind…and when they know a specific location they want…I take a deep breath…patiently waiting to hear their location choice…THE BEACH….I can almost forget to exhale because I am too busy gasping…I LOVE the beach, wish I lived on a beach…

    So basically I was excited from the day it was booked until the day of the session and also knew I was going to take pictures of this little sweet adorable chunk….EEK…if you can only see her in person…seriously a precious princess (even had strangers walk up to take a closer look at her while I was photographing her ~ yep that cute!)  Now the only thing I had to worry about was a beautiful summer morning…please let there be no rain…please let there be no rain…NOPE it was an absolutely beautiful morning…sigh….here are a few of my favorites!


    5518 copy5375 copy5707 copy5401 copy5456 copy5506 copy5724 copy5694 B&W5772 copy5588 copy

  83. Grown up…

    September 19, 2014 by Victoria

    …it is amazing how fast time goes by…thinking back twenty years ago when I moved into my house and neighborhood it was so quiet with just a few families with kids…then fast forward 3 – 4 years and boom…kids everywhere…and then 5-10 years later they play everywhere and with everyone…neighbors have come and gone and some I haven’t seen since they have moved but one family I was able to keep in touch with after they moved away and even had the opportunity to take one of their son’s senior pictures…live many states away…

    Meet Jacob…he flew all the way here to Ohio from Texas to visit with his childhood friends and get his senior pictures taken…yep by me…I was so thrilled…it is just so nice to see him (would be nice to see the whole fam, but I won’t be picky lol)

    Here are a few of my favorites…sending out a big virtual hug for you Jake…such a wonderful kind (and handsome) young man you’ve grown up to be…

    5849 B&W5820 copy5835 copy5823 copy5910 B&W5866 copy5913 copy5947 copy5936 copy5978 copy5989 B&W5922 copy

  84. Pregnancy and Radiant…in the same sentence?

    September 15, 2014 by Victoria

    I was never blessed with that “glow” many pregnant women get while expecting…me, well I blew up like a balloon with bad skin, terrible hair, and crabbiness like there was no other…I honestly did not enjoy my pregnancy like I should have…I lOVED the fact a baby was growing inside me, and the ability to feel him or her move was amazing and truly a gift, but boy…every thing else that comes with it…yuck…nope…not for me….BUT…

    …then there is Christina…or as her hubs calls her…the little “Babes” who absolutely wore pregnancy well…she was flipping ADORABLE…perfect hair, perfect skin, and the perfect little belly.  And I get to capture the little after he is born for the entire year…EEk I can’t wait…little Jaime’s newborn pics will be up soon…but here are my favorites from their maternity session…


    5748 copy5789 copy5889 copy5831 copy5820 copy5828 copy5902 B&W

  85. Precious Little Preston…

    September 13, 2014 by Victoria

    …I just adore this precious face…Meet Preston…my cousin’s baby girl’s baby boy!  I watched his mama when she was just a little thing and can see so much of her in him…and one thing is for certain…this little guy has so many cooing over him.  Taking his pictures was like going down memory lane…and I can honestly say he was the “easiest” little tyke I’ve had so far…he was game for anything ha ha.

    Here are a few of my favorites from his newborn session.

    2803 copy web2828 copy web2857 copy web2869 B&W web2845 copy web2797 copy web

  86. Capturing the Stages of Pregnancy…

    September 12, 2014 by Victoria

    I get many opportunities to capture a baby’s first year from newborn to 1 year old/cake smash session, and never have the opportunity to capture “mom” from the beginning to the end…to the maternity shoot…

    I did however have the opportunity to capture some of the progress with my step-daughter during her pregnancy…and it was so fun… All I can say was that pregnancy suited her so well…but not as well as motherhood…getting the opportunity to capture this little guy (grand-baby….sigh…that makes me feel so old lol) whenever he’s around is such a blessing…here are some of the images I would love to share…including there maternity session…

    www.thealbumcafe.comwww.thealbumcafe.comwww.thealbumcafe.comcollage eggplant

    I am so in love with the progression pictures of the excitement of the pregnancy test…to the big ole belly shot…to finish with the little bundle of joy!  Absolutely love them!



    sam collage




    8277 copy web8223 copy web8256 copy web8253 copy web8166 copy web

  87. The Tom Frietchen Band…

    August 23, 2014 by Victoria

    I finally had the opportunity to take photos of the entire band…not just Tom…what a great group of musicians!  Such fun and honestly can’t wait to see them hit it big!  Such talent among these faces!


    7174 copy7120 copy7096 copy7031 copy7006 copy7024 copy6969 copy7000 copy6920 copy6925 copy6951 copy

  88. Friendship…

    August 7, 2014 by Victoria

    Every once in a while I enter a picture through when the photo challenge screams…”oh this picture would be perfect!”  And for the friendship theme I had plenty…thanks to my recent photo shoot with my youngest daughter’s group of friends.  They have been friends since preschool and now approaching 7th grade I felt it necessary to capture their friendship so they have something to look back on by the time their senior year arrives (which I am sure it will feel like it will fly by). I chose this picture because it best describes their individual personalities and their bond…


    5450 copy web



  89. Bestfriends…

    July 30, 2014 by Victoria

    I went through a divorce when my youngest was just a little baby…and just didn’t have the heart to go back to work outside my home…it was hard enough to give up every other weekend with my three children let alone the daytime as well…so I started baby sitting and yes it was a handful but out of it I gained other family members…we all did…Haley…Bill…and Jen…what would life be without Haley…LOL…but what my daughter gained was a built in best friend from day one…just months apart and under the age of one…look out world here they come…Fast forward 12 years and we come to these girls acting like sisters more than best-friends… family in every essence of the word…I know they have their moments (and I am sure its the adolescent/teenage years approaching)…we have a couple of photo shoots here and there but this year marked there first year in middle school so we can do another one in 6 years when they are ready to graduate…

    We had so much fun I had to share the photos….


    4961 copy web4973 copy web4977 copy web4990 copy web5001 copy web5002 copy web5019 copy web5236 copy web5254 copy web5282 copy web5286 copy web5302 copy web5319 copy web

  90. Meet Melanie…high school senior

    July 29, 2014 by Victoria

    I think I have mentioned it once or twice before that seniors are one of my favorite subjects to photograph…let alone senior girls…so many of them know their future goals and others just want to take it one day at a time…to witness to youth and hear their stories…truly enjoyable…Here is a sweetie girl who stole my heart…so much energy and her laugh was contagious…I am sharing some of my favorites from her session!


    6748 copy web6760 copy web6773 copy web6799 B&W web6801 copy web6875 B&W web6880 B&W web6907 copy web

  91. Meet the Lucas Family…

    July 25, 2014 by Victoria

    …Facebook has been such a wonderful resource to catch up with old friends from school and for referrals for clients…and there is nothing better than when then combine…love seeing people I used to know years ago {we just won’t mention how long ago that was…hee hee}…and I have had the pleasure of taking pictures of the twins before…and immediately fell in love with those girls…and then came back to do a session with the whole family…the whole gorgeous family if you haven’t noticed…


    Here are my favorites

    6488 web copy6509 web copy6540 web copy6554 web copy6583 web copy6595 web copy6604 web copy6615 web B&W6678 web copy6724 web copy

  92. The Blogging Starts Again…

    July 21, 2014 by Victoria

    …wow… I had someone mention they checked out my website quite often and noticed I haven’t blogged in awhile…I am like really?  Hmm I wonder how long it’s actually been…HOLY COW…since April/May…um…I really have no excuse…well yes I do…warm weather finally came…more sessions…kids home from school…and well…I am outside much more…so I will be dedicating myself to blog something every morning (don’t hold me to this…it is just an attempt haha)…so we will see what happens…no wonder why I am not caught up yet on this thing…but also impressed that someone even noticed…makes me a happy photographer…

    …so in attempt to get back on track I will finish up with my 2014 graduates that I have not yet posted…and what better subject then my first ever client…my gorgeous niece Sydney…Medina graduate this year…her future is endless in whatever she will endeavor…and she dreams big…and just LOVE that about her!  So excited to see what she will become…



    5809 copy5811 copy5883 copy5983 copy9645 B&W9653 copy9712 copy9728 copy9745 copy

  93. Fun ~ Loving Life Jenna…

    May 5, 2014 by Victoria

    …Meet Jenna…her and her mom went to school together and had so much fun!  Now I had the opportunity to get to know her oldest…there is so much of Lisa is Jordan its amazing…besides there resemblance they talk the same and laugh the same!  I love it.  We started Coe Lake for her photo session {beautiful by the way…no matter what time of year it is} and finished up at the barn with her horse!  I loved the warm setting sun there…here are my favorites from her session…

    2094 copy2098 copy2106 copy2140 copy2147 copy2162 copy2202 copy2224 copy2231 copy


  94. Meet Austin…

    April 28, 2014 by Victoria

    1946 copy1935 copy2053 B&W1920 copy1909 copy2049 copy2016 copy2072 B&W1964 copy…meet Austin…such a handsome adorable young man! I have known his mom which seems forever!  We just won’t mention how many years it actually has been… LOL. It is always so nice to catch up with his mom…I cherish all my friendships I have kept from the past…and it seems so bittersweet as the time flies by so fast…in a blink of an eye we have kids graduating…I do hope all the best in Austin’s endeavors!  Sending you a big virtual hug Kim!




  95. A Happy Photographer…

    April 26, 2014 by Victoria

    Nothing makes me more happy than when a family member calls me up and wants a photo session!  And not just anyone!  Jaime!  She may be my cousin but we are honestly more like sisters…love her to pieces!  She is always there for me and I for her…family…can’t get better than that…and when I get the opportunity to take some pictures…ooh…I get all giddy inside…especially when it comes to this little guy!  He makes me work hard! LOL…but this time something happened…what I don’t know…maybe because we expected less and got more…or the fact he is finally getting used to the big black camera in his face ha ha!  This session I was able to capture little special memories and couldn’t be happier!  Love these two with all my heart…

    2903 copy2901 copy2982 copy2983 copy3001 copy3002 copy3111 copy

  96. Sisters…

    April 25, 2014 by Victoria

    I’ve watched these girls grow into such young ladies in what seems like overnight. I swear the older I get the faster time just seems to fly by. I will only see them once or twice and year if that and when I do it just amazes me how grown they are! And beautiful!!! When Sam called and asked for a session I squealed… YAY…just look at the pictures…these two are SO photogenic…the camera just loves them!


    3576 copy3596 copy3584 copy3593 copy3602 copy3672 copy3628 copy3699 copy3729 copy3737 copy3815 copy3874 copy

  97. Tu-Tu and Snow…

    April 24, 2014 by Victoria

    What a better combination that toe shoes…a tu-tu…and snow…makes an awesome session…and an awesome brave talented girl. When Emma’s mom told me what she wanted for her daughter after she got her braces off I was more than thrilled…I was so looking forward to this photo session…and couldn’t be happier with the results…she looks like a snow princess 🙂


    3394 copy3390 copy3430 copy3443 copy3479 copy3517 copy3525 copy3539 copy

  98. I Hope Winter is Finally Past…

    April 23, 2014 by Victoria

    …but now is the time to share some of my winter sessions. There is nothing better than the contrast with snow and everything else in this world…and when you can get snowflakes in the mix…wow…it makes a magical picture.

    I have the wonderful opportunity to photograph this adorable new family for their wedding this summer and was ecstatic when she mentioned she wanted a winter engagement session! YAY!  And let me tell you…as cold as it was…it was just as fun!  Here are my favorites.


    3935 copy3978 copy3900 copy3971 copy3942 copy4214 copy4038 copy4236 copy

  99. The Mowery Kids…

    April 22, 2014 by Victoria

    I know I said I was going to be good at posting on my blog…all I can say is I am trying…I think what I might do is post in the morning before the craziness starts during the day…because once the phone calls come in and answering emails I have a calm quiet time I am reserving to make at least a post a day until I am caught up…fingers crossed…lol

    …Oh my goodness…you couldn’t ask for better children to photograph than these two…and talk about how they got  along…I LOVED it. So sweet and so into it.  They were even bummed when the session was over…

    This brother and sister just warmed my heart and I hope I will have the opportunity to photograph them again…maybe with mom and dad in the pictures as well 🙂  Here are a few of my favorites from their session!

    4861 copy4884 copy4906 copy4965 copy4986 copy4994 copy4998 copy5017 copy5044 copy5109 copy5115 copy5127 copy

  100. Young Love…

    April 5, 2014 by Victoria

    I was asked my an old friend of my daughters if I would take pictures of her little brother and his girlfriend before he went off to boot camp…I was in aw of how adorably cute they were together…and sadden on how much I knew he would be missed for the time he will be gone…in retrospect it is a short time…but at that moment it feels like forever…and what a wonderful individual to be there for our country!  Here are a few of my favorites from their session.

    1645 copy1578 B&W1700 copy1599 copy1624 B&W1605 copy1709 B&W1607 copy1740 copy1627 copy

  101. Missing Friendships…

    April 4, 2014 by Victoria

    My daughter made such wonderful friends with neighbors across the street and they are such a wonderful family…I would be able to see their adorable faces on a daily basis and I can honestly say I miss them.  They moved a few years back and come back into town to visit family and their friends…and I love witnessing the excitement once these girls get together again…how I miss their giggles 🙂  I was lucky enough to photograph the family and boy how can one year be such a difference to the older one…sigh…watching her on a daily basis I don’t see the difference but only seeing her once a year…wow…how quickly kids turn into tweens…then into teenagers… and the next thing you know young adults…okay I am getting way ahead but it is going to happen and all I can say is I sure hope I get the opportunity to capture this family again…because they are truly missed!


    0996 copy0987 copy0976 copy1037 copy1031 copy0946 copy1010 copy1093 copy0937 copy0934 B&W0929 copy1000 copy0941 copy0921 copy1071 copy1074 copy1132 copy1138 copy1146 copy

  102. The Eads Family

    March 26, 2014 by Victoria

    Here is a sneak pinto a photo shoot I did last summer…I can’t believe I am still this far behind on my blog….I think I should just make blog posts all night one night next month and bring myself current haha…or start at the end of my list and start with snow themed sessions so they look current (hey that might not be a bad idea)…but anyways…I reconnect with an old neighborhood friend via Facebook and she wanted a family session with her parents and her brothers and sister…and let mek tell you, this family is simply AMAZING!  The love and support they have for one another…undeniably visible….here are my favorites from the session…


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  103. Sisters galore!

    March 19, 2014 by Victoria

    I absolutely LoVe these girls…what’s not to love…they are so adorable and full of energy…and how can I complain…they have fun during their photo sessions…it’s not the first time I’ve photographed them…and hopefully not the last…and not to mention the little one has been the face of Victoria Campbell Photography for some time now…she asks for her picture to be taken every single time I see her…and of course I get excited and do what I am asked hee hee….here are a few of my favorites from the last session…

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  104. Starting New…

    March 8, 2014 by Victoria

    I have said time and time again on how much I love doing engagement sessions!  One main reason is to get to know the couple better before their big day! I am a bit behind on my blog these days so please bare with me as I am still posting a few sessions from the last summer…as we all know summer is about to creep up on us soon {well actually not soon enough}.

    Stephen and Jourdan have such a special relationship…it’s amazing what you can witness before meeting their families and how they interact with them…you can only imagine after witnessing their own unique interaction.  We were blessed with an awesome day…and their location was a wonderful choice!  Here are a few of my favorites from Stephen and Jourdan’s engagement sessions…I will be posting their wedding pictures in about a month!  You immediately fall in love with them and their family and friends!


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