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A Summer Family…

I just love when I get emails and phones calls that start out “I saw your pictures on Facebook…you did so and so’s” and they want to book a session…sigh…besides returning-customers, referrals are the best kind…and when they know a specific location they want…I take a deep breath…patiently waiting to hear their location choice…THE BEACH….I can almost forget to exhale because I am too busy gasping…I LOVE the beach, wish I lived on a beach…

So basically I was excited from the day it was booked until the day of the session and also knew I was going to take pictures of this little sweet adorable chunk….EEK…if you can only see her in person…seriously a precious princess (even had strangers walk up to take a closer look at her while I was photographing her ~ yep that cute!)  Now the only thing I had to worry about was a beautiful summer morning…please let there be no rain…please let there be no rain…NOPE it was an absolutely beautiful morning…sigh….here are a few of my favorites!


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