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The “ho-hums” of January…

January brings mixed emotions for me…I am sad the kids are back at school and excited all at the same time…even sad when my busy season is now over and silently happy that I have a month to breathe…but love the craziness of what my busy season brings…It is so hard to find inspiration in January because of the dreary days…I try to get the kids outside to keep me shooting when I don’t have a photo shoot.  But one thing this week has brought was boredom into the house!  The kids have had 4 extra days off due to snow days and today…a water ban for our city….ugh…they are SO ready to go back to school (well at least I am ready for them to go back to school).

This month allows me to get more organized and stay focused on what I want to do to improve with my photography…I just love how one’s creativity is limitless…

I love trying to find the light in any scenario…my favorite is just one source of small light…like a computer screen or an iPhone screen…the mood it sets is just so real…love it…I just can’t wait to see wait 2014 brings and the opportunity to meet new customers on the way!

I am so thrilled that Frankie and Haley still like your pictures taken…Haley much more than Frankie…maybe that’s because she’s not here that often…LOL…but nonetheless…I totally take advantage of it…during the break we tried to go out at least 3 times a week and do something with taking their pictures but with my still busy schedule and the wacko Ohio weather it didn’t pan out like we hoped for…got to love Ohio…

haley collage

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