high school senior photography

Emily…2015 Medina High School Senior

…it always amazes me how time flies! As days can drag on and you may wish one to be over with already your almost blindsided by the reality of it all. With a blink of an eye looking back time goes by ever too quickly. Take Emily for instant. I can remember her mom’s baby shower and how she was technically in labor that day…and when she was brought home from the hospital…so small…and when she FINALLY could say my name [well actually she said Wicky] but it just feels like it was yesterday. I have my own kids but I see the process daily…micro daily as that matter lol but yearn for them to be younger because I think I miss their dependency on me more so than they obtaining their own independence. But when you look at your friend’s child and see their growth and maturity it hits harder…All I have to say is sweet Emily is growing up to be a beautiful young lady…and I am aging much faster than I anticipated ha ha [sigh]…I have the last photo as a reminder how precious our time with our kids are…we teach them to walk on their own and as life takes them they carry on that tradition with their own children.  I am so proud of Emily…the day after commencement she went to Columbus and past her Ohio State boards testing in cosmetology…what to go Emily!


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