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Lucas Twins – Chagrin Falls Children Photography

I had the privilege of growing up with a twin…there is no comparison of the connection I have with my twin sister compared to my other siblings…don’t get me wrong I love them dearly and am very close to each and everyone of them but my twin sister I just don’t know what I would do without her. {Yes Val I am saying this about you lol}  We knew how to complete each other’s sentence when we were little and even had out own “language” no one really understood…now as adults it is the same…

…A few months back an old classmate of mine contacted me through Facebook and wanted her twins pictures taken…they are 2 years old!!! My first thought was wow…2 years old…to start all over again…Oh My!!! LOL…but then the excitement set in…I get to witness “their” connection…and see their “differences”…as a twin you are compared to your other {its only human nature} so my sister and I sought to be different then one another so people can see our own individuality…without realizing it we already had our own.

Here are some pictures of the Lucas girls…Ava and Quincy…Ava the more outgoing one and Quincy the quiet one…but the more she {Quincy} got comfortable with me she became just outgoing…they were just too adorable for words:

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