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The Warmth of it All…

I am writing this blog post and looking at the soft glow of the warm sun and staring at the snow covered ground right now…Geez am I behind…but better late than never.   I use “models” once in a while to try new locations and/or specific times during the day and I had the privilege of using the Hale kids…and Oh My Goodness!!! Were they adorable…and so into it…love it!  Of course I am here to share all my favorites…but looking at all of them I am so missing the warm weather…especially since the majority of my past sessions this week has been in SNOW!…I welcome the new weather but miss that warm air just as well. But one thing is for sure when it comes to this time of year…the warmth that is in the air when spending time with your loved ones…I have enjoyed this Thanksgiving so much seeing everyone and just enjoying quality time and yummy food with everyone 🙂


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3053 B&W


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2968 B&W


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3145 B&W


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