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Summer Picnics

…I love picnics…even if its in my own backyard…nothing like grabbing a blanket and a few sandwiches and sodas and relaxing in the summer light (shade for me these days). Frankie had a friend over for this picnic so of course I could resist and brought my camera with me…the joy to be a 10 year old again.

I love when she knows I can still hear everything she has to say even when I have a camera attached to my eye…she sees right through it but every time I click the shutter button I hope I capture that moment. Her expressions when tell a story is pure joy!

This is her ever so adorable friend Victoria (doesn’t she have an awesome name 🙂 )  She has the sweetest face.

Here is a picture of Frankie when I caught her in a very content moment and when I called her name she looked up and I was able to capture such a beautiful image!

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