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Costanzo Family ~ Medina Ohio Photography ~ Family Photography

When Kris called me to book her shoot – I just had this feeling it was going to be a lot of fun…the excitement in her voice alone about doing a photo session ~ my kind of gal. On the day of our shoot – I have to admit… I was a bit nervous. I was heading to a location I had never been in forever and I ALWAYS scout out locations before a shoot…and the weather this time of year is so unpredicible…it ended up to be extremely nice…a bit windy but after roaming around the chill in the air seemed to have disappeared. Kris came completely prepared…with of course…the bribery…for her two adorable younglings to stick it through and they would get rewarded…LOVE it!   M&M’s for adorable smiles for each pose and after the shoot…the big surprise ~ a pumpkin patch.  What a beautiful location this time of year…plenty of roaming space for the boys to be boys. I do have to say these kids were a dream… so so good and oh so adorable…what was I thinking? I need to have more faith and let go of the nerves. I can do this… I was meant to do this.

Kris ~ your family is beautiful ~ filled with so much love, warmth and kindness.

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