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Friends for Life ~ Children Photography

Many children have a favorite stuffed bunny, bear, monkey, or puppy or even a blanket they adore, and bring almost everywhere.  God forbid this object gets lost or left at home. I have personally run out to pick up “Bunny” late at night because somehow it was “forgotten”…can’t even imagine how when these little “Friends for Life” are loved so much. My oldest daughter was attached to her blanket that belonged in her crib…a thick comforter that over the years turned into a see-through thin piece of material that faded terribly but you could tell it was well loved. My youngest daughter grew attached to a Precious Moment’s stuffed bunny that once had hair and held a baby bunny in her arms…{well to Frankie it’s a “he”} and has so many boo-boo’s on him and extra stitching just to keep him together…and not to mention the lovely “scent” he has…and over the years during photo shoots I smile inside and out when I see other kids when they bring their “Friends for Life” with them…so of course I have to incorporate them into my photo session.  Here are some of my favorites.


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