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I went through a divorce when my youngest was just a little baby…and just didn’t have the heart to go back to work outside my home…it was hard enough to give up every other weekend with my three children let alone the daytime as well…so I started baby sitting and yes it was a handful but out of it I gained other family members…we all did…Haley…Bill…and Jen…what would life be without Haley…LOL…but what my daughter gained was a built in best friend from day one…just months apart and under the age of one…look out world here they come…Fast forward 12 years and we come to these girls acting like sisters more than best-friends… family in every essence of the word…I know they have their moments (and I am sure its the adolescent/teenage years approaching)…we have a couple of photo shoots here and there but this year marked there first year in middle school so we can do another one in 6 years when they are ready to graduate…

We had so much fun I had to share the photos….


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