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My Sweet Haley Baley – Medina Photography

This is my daughter’s best friend…she calls her her sister…

Francesca has to write in her journal for school and one day she picked the topic of Haley to write about and I wish to share to you what she said…too cute:

Haley and I are just like sisters. We’ve been through a lot together. We met when we were 4 months old. When I was little I thought Haley as just one of my friends but she’s not my friend, she’s my sister. We both do the same things. We have a lot of sleepovers and it’s always the BEST time. Now I realize what she means to me. She is my best friend and a sister. I hope we’ll always stay together ’cause she fun in everything we do (most of the time). Haley is the best.”

I actually got teary eyed reading this the other day because Haley is more than Frankie’s friend to me as well…she is FAMILY…and this is why I am dedicating this post to her…and for the fact she is my go to gal when I want to take pictures and always get happy when she gets excited to be photographed…its always a win-win situation.

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