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Friday the 13th Wedding…

I actually had a Friday the 13th wedding finally!  YAY me!  And it was at a venue I’ve never been before…and let me tell you…GORGEOUS!  The space for the bride to get ready… and the space for the groom and groomsmen…so much fun!  The twinkle lights every where!!!  I cannot wait to share my 2017 weddings with you…and here I am starting off with my Friday the 13th one first…only because…well its Friday the 13th…you would think it was an omen to get married on such a day…and who knew it was a popular pic for many!  And what a blessed day it was! No omen in sight lol.

I was so excited when i received the call from my oldest daughter’s friend Allyssa. I am in disbelief that they are old enough to get married and start such “adult lives” already…or maybe I’m in denial of the way getting older lol.  Allyssa and Ryan are such a sweet and loving couple that I could not wait to capture their day! I feel like as soon as their engagement session happened…the months flew by!

I have to say sometimes my favorite part of photographing the wedding is capturing some of the details that went into the wedding…only because each detail has always been carefully selecting and will carry the theme of the bride and groom’s personality…and just helps everything “come” together…here are my favorite details…

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Here are some pics of the bride and groom getting ready for their special day!

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And of course my other favorite thing to photograph is the reveal…I know some people think it takes away from the moment of seeing the bride for the first time but to me it doesn’t matter when the “first” time is…inside a church for all to witness…or a quiet moment between the bride and groom to share by themselves… I think its because I can get upclose and personal with my camera during the reveal to see the special moment when the groom gets to see his bride…its so hard to capture that during the ceremony with so many things and obstacles involved!  Here is Ryan and Allyssa special moments!

8531 copy8537 copy8596 copy8591 copy8598 copy8548 copy8550 copy8553 copy8604 copy8621 copy8622 copy8570 copy8554 copy8560 copy8586 copy8563 copy


And then on their way to say the “I-do’s” and get the party started!


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And a special day cannot go by without those special people that help you celebrate you as Mr. and Mrs…

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I do have to say I loved the lighting at the reception hall…so romantic!


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