Project 365

Well I am actually doing it…I’ve decided to go and run with “Project 365”. For a couple of years now I have seen fellow photographers participate in this project with amazement and thought I would never have the time or the dedication. But today I sit here and decide…new year…new outlook…I’m gonna give it a try. Along with myself, a few family members are going to give it a whirl as well. So here goes:

Day 235

First day of 5th grade…last year for elementary school…its such a bittersweet feeling…my baby is growing up just like the rest of them…ugh!

Day 233

Frankie’s friend Samantha came over…it was the last day of summer for the kids so we had a little picnic in the back…and inside the picnic basket I still had some props shoved in there from the last photo shoot…and of course…me without my camera…NOT…I just could resist…

Day 231

Today Greg, Tyler, Frankie, Heather, and I went to the Feast of the Assumption down in Little Italy…let me say I can officially say I am not ready nor ever will be ready for that crowd!!! I will definitely have to experience that another time…maybe without the little one because so many people didn’t care that they separated us and thank goodness for Tyler or Greg being there to help move the crowd ha ha…but what else was so amazing was the murals under the bridge…love this kind of thing!

Day 230

I had so much fun with Blythe (didn’t mean to make Haley upset :(…so we will have our own session with her real soon!!!!) that I chose for a more softer side…OMG…she is meant to model.

Day 229

Spent the afternoon wrapping my print orders…still not sure I really “love” the new packaging I chose…what I do love about it is the fact its made out of 100% recycled material…but just may change it up a bit.

Day 228

Haley always wanted to know why I never ask her to have a serious face (I usually try to capture her smile because I am a fan of her smile) so we played around with her “serious” face and the trilby hat…

Day 227

When I  look at children the first thing comes to mind is how the camera will portray them…I knew without a doubt Frankie’s friend Blythe had this certain look who would totally rock a trilby hat…and she did…simply adorable!

Day 226

The kids are still in Florida and we (Haley, Blythe, and I) decided to go to the beach ourselves…I totally forgot how gorgeous Ohio beaches are 🙂

Day 225

Its been such a busy weekend…starting with Friday I never had the chance to open up Friday’s deliveries…and look what came…Tasha’s and Sean’s wedding album…I wasn’t a fan of the “white magazine” style she chose but when I saw it in person I LOVED it!!!

Day 224

Had the opportunity to photograph a wedding and this by all means is my favorite…its not of the bride and groom but the bride and her son…so moving.

Day 223

Greg had another softball game and of course I couldn’t resist this little booger…love his face.

Day 222

Went to and met my girl friend for lunch and heard some piano music…went and looked around and their was a young boy playing it…so I had to take a photo…of course.

Day 221

So excited to get the UPS truck in my driveway…I ordered from a new printing company and get to see how nice their canvas is…they have my vote and I have a new picture to hang in my office to show off 🙂

Day 220

Messing around in the front yard to see what kind of pictures I can capture if I were to do mini-mini photo shoots…alternating every 20 minutes with customers at a set area at a set time…I was able to come up with 5-6 decent poses…here is Haley sending some love.

Day 219

I just love when Brandy and her family comes over…such wonderful new people in our lives…such good kids and love them to pieces 🙂

Day 217

Today is Heather’s graduation party…YEAH…ended up a beautiful day and was so nice to see some friends and family.


Day 216

Just another perspective in the dugout!

Day 215

I’m giving it another try with flowers…I’m thinking I like the look and feel blooming flowers are outside and not inside ha ha

Day 214

I have tons of textures to choose from in Photo Shop but never seem to use them so I decided to try some out with the use of flowers.

Day 209

Noticed these beautiful purple flowers in a field I was in for a photo shoot and I guess I wasn’t the only one 🙂

Day 207

Yep I’m thinking a new backyard is in my future…these backyards I get to photograph are just absolutely beautiful and so surreal.

Day 206

Here is my new 2013 model for the age group of 9-10 year old girls…I think I picked a good one 🙂

Day 205

I flipping can’t get enough of these beautiful ponds and waterfalls…another commercial photo shoot…I’m thinking besides a built in pool, hot tub, outdoor kitchen, and a water feature and fire pit…I’m wanting a pond with a waterfall…three-tier maybe ha ha

Day 204

Look at this awesome water feature with a fire pit…blue glass too…so cool!

Day 203

Wanted to surprise my cousin Pammy by taking her kids while her and her husband were at Put-n-Bay and OMG did we have fun!  They loved having their pictures taken…I think they were more upset when we were done than I was…I really couldn’t decide which is my favorite…but I do just adore this pose…still haven’t gotten the lightening down yet.

Day 202

Greg had another softball game…some I go to and some I don’t…today I decided to go and of course where ever I go so does my camera…yes I did capture Papa Greg in action but had to take a pic of my camera that I love…my new Mark II…

Day 201

Today was a newborn session…love these…the newness of those sweet adorable babies…the little hands and feet…this is one of my favorites from the session.

Day 200

Can’t believe I am on day 200 and what better of a picture than to post two of them…two of my favorite people two…my aunt and uncle…love them and had the opportunity to photography their entire lifetime together…such fun!

Day 199

I just can’t get over these outside kitchens and all this landscape I get to photograph for Land Creations Landscaping Company…the grills and counter tops are amazing but what just tops it all off are the fire pits and water features…just love them… and want them lol

Day 198

Composition is all around us…just have to go and find it or in my case here…bored so I had to create it 🙂

Day 197

Took the kids to the beach…of course at sunset…had a surprise concert going on at this beach…fun crowd but was loving the silhouettes I was able to capture!


Day 196

I went to visit (actually my sister’s and I along with the little kids) my cousin Greg and Marianne…fell in love with this unique face – precious!

Day 195

Today I got the chance to enjoy the sweetest family…my cousin Jaime’s best friend ever since childhood contacted me several months back and reserved today’s date for a family photo shoot…OMG…I had such a hard time to pick out my favorite…but I decided to go with this one…one because it wasn’t planned and it just makes such an expression you can physically feel and that little girl had too many adorable faces I just couldn’t decide 🙂

Day 194

My son calls me up while I am at the grocery store wondering if he can bring a dog he found in the middle of the road (I’m thinking really – can you take it to your fathers, but I already know the answer to that) so of course I say yes because I don’t have the heart to ignore any stray…especially when you believe they belong to a home and they are being missed…wow…the dog was huge but so lovable…no one claimed him throughout the evening clear into the next day so I called the Animal Shelter and if he wasn’t claimed in four days he will be put up for adoption…they have a 97% adoption rate…but even if he wasn’t claimed…I believe we found a home for him…thank you Rachel!

Day 193

I had another commercial landscaping job to photograph and I think I am gonna fall in love with backyards all over the place now…check out this water feature! Love love love this!

Day 192

Every day we had plans to do something…to keep the kids happy and occupied…today we went to the zoo…got a lot of good pictures of the peeps that came with us but not of the animals because I chose to leave my big heavy lens at home!  But did manage to get a gorgeous picture of my twin…purple is very striking on her…I wonder if she knew this!  She hates her pictures taken just like I do but I have to admit this one is perfect!

Day 191

Today my brother in law goes home…it was so nice to see him…it has been almost 5 years since I’ve seen him last…still adorable Jordan…we went to Miss Molly’s Tea Room with all the girls and he was ever so kind to tag along (along with Avery and Matthew)…my son met up with us to say goodbye and I was glad I captured this! I smile every time I see it.

Day 190

Today is the party for Izzy…my sister’s in-laws are the BEST…I have never felt more welcome in a home like their home!   Izzy is slowly warming up to us and it usually takes the entire weekend and then we have to leave (isn’t that always the case)…but one of these days I will get her to look at the camera and give me a smile that will melt my heart!!! One Day!!  But this image I just love so I had to share!

Day 189

We went has  a family down to Columbus to stay at my little sister’s house for her youngest’s birthday celebration….we manage to fit every one every where…it looked like one giant slumber party…but in honor of Izzy turning 2 this picture is dedicated to her and the love and admiration she is showing towards her daddy.

Day 188

I had a photo shoot today that might have possibly been cancelled a few times because of the heat…not rain…heat…she decided to stick with the original appointment and we headed to a local park and found some shade and snapped away…Jaden was such a trooper…she is 5 years old with the longest hair ever!  Near the end of the photo shoot her mom put her hair in a ponytail because sweating was the inevitable…but we did capture so many awesome images.

Day 187

Today we had my own family photo session going on…its been the first time in what seems forever that everyone was at the same place at the same time…for the most part things went pretty well…near the end (maybe middle) aggravation set in…I guess you can’t make everyone happy…but instead of showing the entire clan I chose this picture for my pic of the day because I see such resemblance in each of these girls and when I look at this picture it just warms my heart 🙂

Day 186

My sister and her family came over along with my brother and his family for the Fourth of July!  We sat around and talked most of the time but I just sat there in amazement how much my nieces and nephews have grown…even though I do not see them as often as I see my own children grow and know they are the same age as the ones I do, but what I enjoy watching is the individuals they are becoming…I can’t wait to see what they look like in 2 years from now and how much their personalities will grow!  Here is my niece Cami…I see so much of my youngest in her at the same time a resemblance of my other niece Ally. Too cute!

Day 185

I started a new commercial account today…I take pictures for a landscaping company after their job is completed…I was in total awe when seeing this pool…the pool wasn’t huge or anything but just made a statement with the water feature…an outdoor kitchen was on the other side with a seating area with a fireplace and then you walked up a few steps to a Jacuzzi…they did a beautiful job!

Day 184

Today I had a photo shoot and didn’t have anyone to watch Frankie so I bring her along…she usually LOVES to help but today she was bored…but still caught her playing with some of my props…that is one thing I don’t think she will get bored with 🙂

Day 183

I have been looking forward to this day for so long…NEIL DIAMOND is in Cleveland Ohio – YIPPEE…you have no idea how excited I am…love love love this man…so many memories come to mind when I listen to his music…and every year I’m afraid it will be his last performance…yes he’s aging along with the rest of us….

…I tried to get good pics of the stage but they turned out yucky and so I’ve decided to share the fact that my oldest daughter was just as excited (I think I’m exaggerated here LOL) as me to go see him perform.

Day 182 – June 30

I have been quite busy with photo shoots and editing that I have still neglected the yard…the grass gets cut and all but just don’t seem to have the determination and the passion I know I have to plant flowers and weed…but I did manage to go out in the front yard and pull of those prickly weeds but just haven’t had the heart to pull of wild daisies…they look to purdy to disturb them…and besides these are the only flowers I do have in my front yard…:)

Day 181 – June 29

Frankie and I are doing pretty good at keeping up with trying to take a bike ride every day…even in this ridiculous heat…we try to go early early in the morning or later in the evening, I am not much of a morning person so its been mainly in the evening…go figure…but when my sister comes into town I am almost positive we will put behind our bike riding days until they head back to Oregon…I just have this sneaking suspicion….:)

Day 180 – June 28

The house is just so unbearable with this heat so to cool off we have been going to the local pool…it’s amazing how when swimming it can take all the heat out of your body. But unfortunately once you are out for a while the heat comes back…ugh!  Here is a pic of the girls walking to Jump Park…again I can’t believe how fast they are growing!  And oh yeah I wanted a quick HELLO to my mama for her birthday!!!

Day 179 – June 27

It has been way to hot to cook inside our house with no air conditioning this summer but I had a taste for some Italian and love lasagna…but unfortunately Heather does not like lasagna but loves my lasagna roll ups (go figure…kids…you can never understand their logic 🙂 )  Doesn’t it look so good…can’t wait for them to be done!

Day 178 – June 26

My daughter’s friend Tori slept over today with Haley and I have seen them grow right in front of my eyes and cannot believe how fast these kids are growing…they are going to be teenagers too soon if you ask me…

…We decided to go on a picnic today but the weather didn’t look at the promising so we still packed a lunch and ate in the back yard and the moment we spread the blanket the sky opened up and sunshine came out again…of course I then had to grab my camera and take a few snapshots…this is my favorite.


Day 177: June 25

Today Frankie and I approached photography differently today…we decided to see the world as if our dog Coco was taking the pictures…it turned out more fun than I imagined…next time I do this I think I will try to expand to an entire day of a dog’s life…what fun!

Day 176:

Today was Greg’s youngest grand child’s first birthday part…first time for many things…being in the same room as Brandy’s mom too…which turned out nice because Greg didn’t even recognize her and therefore didn’t think she was there…lol  But all in all in was fun and was very nice to see everyone again and to meet new people who were all so wonderful and made us feel very welcome.

Day 175:

It’s Friday night and I’m behind my computer editing photos and trying to organize my desk space and trying to finish up my bookings for the month of June since it is coming to a close. My favorite go to sticky notes are way too cute!

Day 174:

Before I decided to start the little mini photo shoot with the girls we packed a little picnic to head to the backyard and enjoy this gorgeous weather…Frankie was laying down and had this sweet quiet moment and I immediately grabbed my camera, got on my belly, and called her name and this is the beautiful image I got…if only it was this easy every single time!

Day 173:

Today and tomorrow I am going to have so much fun! Love it when Frankie and her friends let me take pictures of them and do a little mini photo shoot!  Today Victoria let me take a few but the first few I took was all I needed…we french braided her hair and tied them with leaf stems (forgot to grab rubber bands) and she couldn’t look more like “the girl next door”

Day 172:

Ten and a half years ago I gave birth to my 3rd beautiful child and am still amazed her attachment she has for her “bunny” {yet still have no idea who bought that for her when she was a baby}…this poor thing has a scent that smells {she happens to love} and has this look that proves he {or she} has been well loved.

Day 171:

I’ve been watching this cute commercials about what society expects from a “lady” and its all about “Skinny Girl” alcohols…went shopping the other day and saw them…purchased the Pina Colada drink and decided to try it…YUM is my word choice for today ha ha

Day 170:

It’s been awhile since I’ve taken any pictures of my many visits to Lemonberry {and there are many visits ha} but today was the strangest flavor combos yet but after sampling each one…they were ALL good…go figure…I bet there’s not a flavor out there I won’t like!

Day 169:

Today is both my dad’s birthday and father’s day and the first year I cannot celebrate with him 🙁

If I could write a story
It would be the greatest ever told
Of a kind and loving father
Who had a heart of gold

If could write a million pages
But still be unable to say, just how
Much I love and miss him
Every single day

I will remember all he taught me
I’m hurt but won’t be sad
‘coz he’ll send me down the answers
And he’ll always be MY DAD

And I’ll always remember “Oh Yeah?” and “Soo, what else is knew?”…thinking about this brings a smile to my face :0) I love and miss you Dad…no grave marker yet…but I don’t need that to know he’s listening and I have a place to say hi!

Day 168:

I had the opportunity to take photos of my sister-in-law’s sister’s family and her extended in-laws…they were a hysterical group of people…and besides it was 3 photo shoots in one…but there was one cute adorable little boy that tugged my hearts strings when I looked at him…so sweet, so shy…loved his face.

Day 167:

Greg had his 2nd softball game (the first one I wasn’t able to make it) and I thought my photo of the day would be him playing the game but this little guy got my attention instead of the softball teams…and in a way I’m glad…they got creamed…35 – 2…ouch…but isn’t this little guy the cutest?

Day 166:

I have been feeling a multiple of emotions lately…very excited my sisters and brother will be all together…but found out my brother will only be in town for a couple of days so it throws a wrench in a few things we thought we could plan…and on top of that I have been thinking about my dad a lot because of Father’s Day and his birthday approaching…so I have a note next to my computer to remind me to smile 🙂

Day 165:

Yeah another delivery today from Fed Ex today and its graduation invites…Yeah!!! Nick’s and Heather’s  –  love love love the way they turned out…only if I had this opportunity when Sam and Makayla graduated…oh places I can go 🙂

Day 164:

It’s almost time to take some drawing and painting classes…have to find out when the right time is to schedule them. I can’t wait to “have” to draw only because it is I never find the time to paint or draw any more 🙁

Day 163:

Frankie the “Next Rachel Ray” decided to make cupcakes…she filled the cupcake tins ALL the way to the top…”they rise” I tell her and she just shrugs her shoulders…”why is there only 12 cupcakes mom, it says it makes 24?”  I laughed…”you filled them up twice as much as you were supposed to sweetie”…her response “Cool we’re gonna have BIG cupcakes”…she cracks me up!

Day 162:

Every time a customer’s order gets dropped off from Fed Ex I get so excited. I love the packaging part of it.  I am always finding different ways of packaging them but I believe I have fallen in love the the recycled boxes more than the colored boxes with my new raffia ribbons…simple and elegant! Love it!

Day 161:

Frankie was on her search to find her sunglasses for the walk we wanted to take {it was extra bright out for some reason} and found them on the front porch…but before she grabbed them I noticed the detail in their reflection so I had to take a picture of it…the sky was really bouncing off of these shades.

Day 160:

We have been enjoying the weather Frankie and I and its just been too hot to get some yard work done so the next best thing is to just sit in the shade and enjoy the warmth of the summer air…but the one problem I have is not being able to get lost in the moment…nope I have to stare at all the things that have to get done and notice the things that need replaced or repaired…the easiest and laziest {truly} replacement is the crappy pillows I had on the front porch rockers…yeah me…now I feel it livens the area up a bit {tiny bit…shutters need painted…flowers need planted, and so on – ugh its never ending}

Day 159:

There is nothing more exciting to a child than to see a lady bug! I can remember as a kid when I would see a lady bug and get so excited…the other day Frankie and went out looking for one and could see any but the day we sat on the front porch to pet the kitty one was smack dab in our sights…I wish I was able to capture Frankie’s face but I was too busy grabbing my camera to just take a picture of the lady bug itself ha ha 🙂

Day 158:

The other day I got a call from a very excited senior…he saw Mikey and Stephanie’s senior pictures and loved my work…we schedule the photo shoot for today…two hours before the shoot he asked if he can come early {he was extremely anxious} but my schedule wouldn’t allow it…immediately after the shoot {and a couple of days afterwards} he would text me and ask for more sneak peeks to go up on Facebook…I’ve never had someone so excited to see their pictures as much as he did…love it!

Day 157:

Of course my busy days out on photo shoots and then coming home to upload the photos to my computer…immediately turns into editing my instant favorites to save in a file to post on my Facebook Fan Page and have my 365 pictures automatically are easy…but the days I roam around looking for new locations to stay fresh and create new ideas and bring them to life I tend to forget to take a picture to represent my day…so pulling in my driveway today I’ve decided to have my picture of the day of me {again} with a camera in front of my face {as usual} and in car – yep that was my day 🙂

Day 156:

Had a fun photo shoot with twin girls today…and to make it even more enjoyable it was with a friend I graduated with back in {um I rather not say…ha ha} and let me tell you she looked fantastic!  This happens to be my favorite photo from the entire shoot…just composition wise and expression…if you only knew Quinn’s personality…I totally captured it…I wish I had a favorite with the twins together but they obvious had different moments of when they wanted to have their pictures taken and it was never when the two of them sat side by side lol…they thought it was play time!  Sound familiar Val?

Day 155:

I love taking little breaks here and there to give myself a break from editing during the day yet I am always needing to still use my creative juices…today I made more friends cards for Frankie and I to use for last minute gifts…

Day 154:

If anyone knows us they know how our yard is constantly filled with bikes or balls…any kind of balls really…tennis balls, basketballs, soccer balls, and footballs…well I have to believe this soccer ball has seen better days yet I have a feeling it is here to stay awhile…I’m not about to go out a purchase a new one 🙂

Day 153:

Frankie always amazes me when it comes to amusing herself…I love watching her be well “her”.  She went to the movies the other day with Haley and they went to see a 3D movie and the first thing the girls do is take out the lenses…I think she looks adorable!

Day 151:

Well today we had a few visitors over for a couple of days… grand kids…Brandy had surgery and needed help with this youngest ones…I immediately got excited and then concerned at the same time…being new to the family and all with our “special” circumstances I was curious on how Andi and Zayne would handle us without mommy and daddy around…all and all it turned out to be good…Frankie kept Andi occupied and she loved the idea to a photo shoot…and this makes me happy LOL

Day 150:

As a parent, we tend to ask more of our children than we know how to ask of ourselves. What can I do to encourage their open-hearted hopefulness, connect to their need to collaborate, be an incentive to develop their natural compassion…show them ways they can connect, reach out, weave themselves into the web of relationships that is called life.


Day 149:

Memorial Day!  “Four things support the world: the learning of the wise; the justice of the great, the  prayers of the good, and the valor of the brave!”

Day 148:

Its time to celebrate the holiday weekend…to remember our fallen soldiers and take the time to welcome summer…spend it with family and friends. I can’t really remember the three of these girls together without one of the them having to run off somewhere…today was nice to see them all kicked back and relaxed and just  plain ole having fun :0)

Day 147:

I can remember Tony from study hall in 12th grade the most…sitting in our cafeteria getting in trouble for joking around and getting “shhh’d” at. Facebook gave us the opportunity to reconnect…about 4 years ago I met his little boy and haven’t seen him {well besides photographs} in person until today…he looks so big…so grown…and boy was he ADORABLE!  I had so much fun photographing this family.

Day 146:

I look into Haley’s face almost every day of her life for the past 9-10 years and still see that cute “little” child but there are days I look at her and see a child growing into her own…life goes by so fast…but yet it does take time.

Day 145:

Erin is my step-sister who has been crushed by love but has found her second chance…or might I say Rich was offered a second chance…to ever be so lucky to get her again 🙂

Second chances do come our way…like trains, they arrive and depart regularly…we just have to recognize the ones that matter…that is the trick.

Day 144:

I did a maternity photo shoot a few weeks back and remembered how precious life is and started missing my babies when they were babies. Its funny how easy we can complain about things when they don’t go as  planned of even go our way…I try not to take things for granted but I am human…

…when I get a chance to see life and the very beginning you start to realize there is more to life then what we plan for it…we can have to find the bigger purpose.

Day 143:

I love that saying “Life is a waste of time and time is a waste of life, so waste your time and have the time of your life”…but more of the later part of it….Life is not a waste of time if we don’t allow it to be…even the most mundane moments should be precious…take your shoes off, kick back, and soak it all in… love goes by way to fast.

Day 142:

Every day Harmonie comes over and has the cutest clothes…it makes me wish my kids were “little” little again. We were sitting outside enjoying yet another gorgeous day when I couldn’t help myself but take a picture of her feet….her shoes were too cute!!!!!!!!

Day 141:

Today I had a Medina high school senior who was fun to photograph. I am a fan of unique, one-of-a-kind individuals who have so much character…and well Nick was one of those kind of people. He was up for anything and more! Sometimes I wish every shoot can go with easy!

Day 140:

Phew…140 days doing this and still sticking to it…Yeah Vikki…rock on {laugh}

Well today Greg’s baby girl has her senior prom! I can tell he is getting sad that she will be leaving the nest and blossoming into her own…which I can understand because I will feel the same way if not worse {cry}…but these feelings are bittersweet…at the same time your sad and feel sorry for yourself {come on I know its selfish, but it’s true} and also feel so happy for them and so proud of what they’ve accomplished already!

I was taking pictures of Heather and her friends for prom and couldn’t help but noticed how much she has grown since I’ve known her…both physically and emotionally…doesn’t she look beautiful?

Day 139:

While my brother was still in town for work Greg and I met up with him in Kent for dinner tonight and ate this place called “Mike’s Place”. After taking 30 minutes to read all the cool things on the menu {one day I should snatch one of those menus} we had a awesome meal {which I ended up forgetting my doggie bag 🙁 } and then walked around to look at all the cool things this Mike’s Place had…

…the one thing that I feel in love with was the real working fire hydrant and the old bus used as an extra dining room…it truly was unique and had an old diner feel to it.

Day 138:

I don’t get to watch my niece play soccer very often…they need to have more games closer to me {ha like that will ever happen…lol} but she did have a game in Medina so I was able to watch her and what was extra special was my other niece was on the other team! Ally…you got mad foot skills girl 🙂

Day 137:

I’m sitting in my usual worn out {very worn out} chair editing my photos and was amazed on how wonderful my living room was smelling with the windows open…the breeze was coming in so nicely and there was something lingering in the air…my honeysuckle…of my does it smell so good!

Day 136:

I still can’t over the blooms this year…my roses usually don’t bloom until the middle of June and here they are in full bloom! It’s going to be a great summer :0)

Day 135:

My brother is in town {Kent} for a couple of weeks and we got together at my sister’s house…Mike {my brother-in-law} but up a new swing on their {huge} tree in the back yard…the kids did nothing else but take turn on this swing…I remember when I was little we would have a family reunion at this one lake and they had a tire swing near the lake and my dad would swing up and we’d jump off and fall into the lake…for some reason this swing reminded me of that 🙂

Day 134:

Today is Mother’s Day and what more fitting than a photo of my Mama…love her and wish I see more of her but it seems as if our schedules don’t match 🙁  Every time we say were are going to start a Sunday family dinner thing and it just never happens…looks like we have to work on that 😉

Day 133:

Today I had the pleasure of shooting another high school senior {I think they are my favorite because I can capture their individuality and personalities}…her mom tag along as well and it was a lot of fun. She is dancer and her lines were gorgeous…she didn’t even have a stitch of makeup on her face…her skin was like silk… beautiful!

Day 132:

When the weather gets hot so does the grillin! 🙂  Time to stock up on the propane tanks and find new recipes to cook on the grill….Yum!

Day 131:

The day has arrived where I love what I do and can say I will til the day that I die. Of course I will still further my education and become the Art Therapist that I dreamed to be but photography has gotten to my soul…Makayla is also enjoying photography and when she wanted to use my first DSLR { I still can’t believe I own three now} and learn how to shoot in manual mode…I was more than delighted – I was ecstatic!!!  I was watching her closely as she was looking at her surroundings…I am just so proud of how much she as grown and who she’s become.

Day 130:

At the end of our driveway {in our yard} is a fire hydrant…its not on the tree lawn…it is in our yard right up against the sidewalk…every time a child rides a bike or a toy down the driveway and turns to the left my fear sinks in…it is so easy to hit that darn thing…I am amazed it hasn’t happened more than it has…Harmonie took a scooter down the drive and almost smacked right in it…I was able to grab her before she lost control…we ended up sitting on the driveway right next to it while I put a band-aid on her knee…

…the paint is peeling off of it now and I’m sure it would be gross to even touch {although kids climb all over it} because it seems to be the neighborhood  dogs’g urinal…LOL


Day 129:

Summer is in the air…Frankie is playing through the sprinkler and laying out in sun…I just may join her soon 🙂  She walked away from the kiddie pool and I saw the boat floating…to be young again!

Day 128:

Anytime I am down and wish I could do more I now have a permanent reminder that if you believe there is always hope 🙂

Day 127:

I can always depend on my CocoPuff to be by my side at all times and all I have to say is where’s my pretty girl and this is the look I get…LOVE IT!

Day 126:

A while back we took in an adorable gray kitten (about a year old) when he came to our door all eaten up by a much bigger animal 🙁  After a couple of days spent in the hospital he was able to come home. He adjusted great with Coco but Amanda and Pilchard were not so thrilled with a new cat in the house…and then either was I…Scamp had a hard time using a litter box so nonetheless his butt was back outside {sigh}

Of course on cold days and nights we bring him in and keep him in small quarters with a litter box so he doesn’t wander off and decide to pee around the home {that’s some nasty smelling stuff}…but I do have to say… he sure has made himself comfortable laying around the house outside…he has become a permanent picture 🙂

Day 125:

Frankie was so excited to get to play in the rain…unfortunately we have a sewer near our house so we don’t get those “awesome” puddles to jump in…but the girls did manage to get a couple jumps with good splashes to get each other wet.

Day 124:

Well those bright yellow dandelion flowers all die away and you get those little seed thingy-ma-jiggies and they fly all over the place and more weeds grow {ugh} and some kids help the process along LOL…I remember loving to do this when I was a little girl 🙂

Day 123:

Love those lazy days where you can just “veg” while watching kids…sometimes I am very grateful the way I decided to live my life 🙂

Day 122:

I’m slowly getting the yard into shape…Memorial weekend is a month away and I honestly haven’t touch the yard since fall as far as the flower beds… but I did manage to make the weeping cherry tree look presentable!

Day 121:

Every day I walk around looking for different views and perspectives to stretch my imagination for this project 365…sometimes I feel I play it safe {actually I know there are days that I do play it safe} but I literally trip over something repeatedly forgetting that something follows me around constantly and I should remember it does…so why not take a picture of that something that constantly follows me around…isn’t she so cute?  Love her!

Day 120:

Yesterday Greg’s motor blew in his old car…{sigh} and we were scrambling on what was going to be the outcome of this new setback…but he found a dealership who took his car – non-running and all – his negative equity and was able to purchase a brand new car…his first brand new he says {welcome to car payment city}

What is going to be so nice about this is no more car repairs {aaahhhh}  and hello purdy shiny little thing in the garage 🙂

Day 119:

Today I went back in time. A time when music was magical and my spirit was free…going back twenty some years ago…my aunt and I were band junkies…not any band junkie… a one band junkie…Love Affair

We spent so much time with the band years ago and it was really nice to hear their music again and to see them after all these years.

Day 118:

It’s been so nice out I finally went into my garage and grabbed the hammock and took it out back. After leafing through a magazine on the Kindle I looked and up and saw how pretty the sun looked blazing through the trees…Beautiful


Day 117:

I walked out this morning in amazement when I saw these flowers because they were all small small buds and today they all bloomed…so pretty…now only if they stayed bloomed all season!  

Day 115:

You may have noticed I have been taking a lot of pictures and all the new blooms in the spring flowers and the flowering trees…but the one flower I wish to get rid of is not cooperating. I have sprayed the yard twice so far this season and have no luck in getting rid of those guys…they look like they are here to stay 🙁

Day 114:

Every time I drive down Rt. 3 I see this Arabian Horse Farm and fall in love when I see this horse. I finally got the courage to pull over and get out of the car and take a few snap shots of him…he was so excited too..he galloped to the fence and loved the attention…I want a horse now!

Day 113:

Had a photo shoot today with two high school seniors from Macedonia… but they weren’t any other high school seniors…they are twins (love because I am a twin and know the bond they share and will always share) and they are my best friend’s niece and nephew. I watched these two grow up and cannot believe how much they have grown and matured.


Day 112:

I really can’t complain about the weather this year. So many people complain about Ohio’s weather but I happen to like the seasons changing and the crisp in the air! This spring has proven to be beautiful and perfect…it almost feels like summer…but glass is even sweating like its summer already…love it.

Day 111:

Today was something I enjoyed…the Chalk Art Festival…love looking at other people’s talent…wish someone in my family enjoyed art as much as I do because I would love to go see an exhibit almost every month of the year if I could 🙂

Day 110:

Every day I walk around the block with my camera in hand now. I love trying to find interesting lines. Can’t imagine how many times I’ve walked around this block in the past 18 years and haven’t brought my camera until I started this project…I think now I will forever have a camera with me…I love finding new lines or new ways of looking at something.

Day 109:

Even though the sun was bright and the sky was completely cloudless, the air was very brisk…very deceiving when you step outside…regardless of the chilly air in the late morning we took are usual walk and found the trees at the end of our street were in full bloom….so so pretty…as much as I love spring with all the new fresh blooms I am so ready for the HEAT in the air…The next time I went outside the sun was setting down and we were headed out for dinner at a fundraiser for Diabetes…I need 80+ degrees to truly enjoy the outside 🙂 but by the time dinner was done and ready for dessert {you got it …my new addiction…Lemonberry} the air actually felt like it had some humidity in it…summer please come quick!

Day 108:

Since I had fun bringing my camera on my walk yesterday I’ve decided to take it along with me again today {which I think I will be doing it for the rest of the week to capture more of nature} and even had the company of “Papa Greg”…Harmonie loves “Papa Greg”…I have fallen back behind Greg and Harmonie because I was busy taking pictures of things and I noticed how cute it was with the 3 of them walking so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of taking their picture.

Day 107:

I have been enjoying walks during the day with Coco and Harmonie…and of course I usually don’t take my camera along but after walking around the block I realized I needed to stop at home to pick it up so I can take a few snapshots of the beautiful spring blooms…Each week {even each day} something new is blooming…I just love spring.


Day 106:

Nicole has been a friend of my oldest daughter for as long as I can remember and love the “look” she has. She let me take a few snap shots of her today and I’m amazed on how much she has grown…and her shoes…LOL…they were killer shoes and I just had to have a picture with just her shoes! Love them 🙂

Day 105:

Today my step-sister stopped by with my little nephew for a little “mini” session and I couldn’t believe how much he has grown. He plays so well by himself it was truly amazing how much he could entertain himself for hours…but then when he reaches a breaking point…he reaches his breaking point! {don’t all two year olds tho? LOL} But once he reached his breaking point it started raining so we called it a day and went out for lunch! It was a very nice visit…I am dying to get him in his own environment so I will be stopping by their new house soon 🙂

Day 104:

Today was an odd day…let alone Friday the 13th…woke up a little late and extra tired and had to drive Tyler to school…he ended up a couple minutes late…and what was ironic was later that day he was supposed to serve an ASD after school because of his multiple tardies…well then 🙂

Watched Harmonie today and she immediately asked if we can do a photo session and if she can wear pretty dresses…well who am I to say no to a photo shoot…ha ha…Greg was off today and asked if he wanted to tag along…he did…great!  Got some adorable shots…of course this is Harmonie…she loves getting her picture taken…but fell asleep in the car…

Come home…Harmonie is napping on the couch so I decided to start editing some of the adorable photos…when Heather calls and says there is a bomb threat at the high school…yep there sure was…finally got a hold of my son and my step-daughter brought him home…Harmonie wakes up tells Greg she has a belly ache and then immediately starts throwing up….EVERYWHERE…rrgh!!!  What a day!  I did manage to take nice photos though 😉

Day 103:

Every morning I go into my daughter’s room to make her bed [actually re-make her bed…love the fact she attempts…and at times she’s down right good at it] to straighten and all I ever see in this room is bunnies…how she loves her bunnies! LOL

Day 102:

Yeah for me I finally have a maternity photo shoot…out of all the shoots I have done over the past years I never had the chance or opportunity to shoot maternity! I was super excited…and it turned out so nice!!! Cannot wait to capture more mommies to be’s!

Day 101:

I had a high school senior today that is a wrestler for Buckeye High School. His mom wanted him to wear his Letterman jacket but he refused…I thought it was the strangest thing. I ended up asking him after his mom left and he said he felt he didn’t deserve it because his team made it all the way to state and he lost his tournament…I sure hope he doesn’t regret this in the future…Kudos to him for making it to state in the first place.

Day 100:

YEAH!!! It’s been 100 far so good…I have to go back yet and reflect on how I am doing…one thing I hope is that my picture selection is improving…LOL…and it’s not a boring Project 365 to anyone…ha ha…but in honor of day one as being a self-portrait with myself taking a picture of myself…well you guessed in…another self-portrait minus my face hee hee

Day 99:

Easter Sunday!!! At first I did not know how to make out the day or how I felt…my first Easter Sunday without my father…first Easter Sunday Greg’s girls weren’t there…and first Easter Sunday I didn’t share with my mother [she was visiting my little sister]…so it was a little tough on the heartstrings today. But what was nice was my children spent the day with us along with my twin sister and her family along with my aunt and my two cousins, and friends. Later on Greg’s oldest daughter and her family came to say hello before going to their additional stops and I do have to admit it gets easier and easier to fall in love with that family!  Brandy has a wonderful husband and wonderful children!

Day 98:

Today was an awesome day! Photo shoot and a nice visit with my cousin Megan! She has such a beautiful family and such cute adorable boys! Her youngest is just months old and looks so much like his Daddy. I was pulling in her driveway and the neighbors dog all of a sudden took ownership or her yard and decided to plop down and wait with excitement until I got out of the car…do not know what type of dog it is…but she sure is a cutie!!

Day 97:

Today I started my preparation for Easter. This year is not going to be the same as the past…first year without my father. I’m still at the point I start crying when the mere thought of him…tears are filling my eyes as I speak…and my Nana passed away not even a month ago and the house will feel empty without their presence in my life now. Greg’s girls won’t even be able to make dinner along with my mom. She will be visiting my little sister in Columbus. I will have my sister Valerie and her family for dinner hoping my aunt and cousin can make it as well…family should be together with times like this. So I have been focusing on the positive right now. Right now I am making Easter baskets for Greg’s grand-babies…still can’t believe he’s a grandpa {{ha ha}}…which I guess makes me a grandma {{I’ll just call myself an auntie…ha ha}}…This was the first year we didn’t make baskets up for the college girls…how quickly kids grow up and move out and start a life of their own…but new baskets were made for the new family that was recently introduced into our lives. We will get to spend some time with them this Easter…which is nice!

Day 96:

Yep, she was in the mood AGAIN to take some more pics…couldn’t be happier…today we had to find shade because the sun was out with a vengeance!  The look that I achieved yesterday with the soft sunlight and sunset give a completely different feel when you go somewhere more urban…and making it black and white makes it even more so…I still haven’t decided which one was my favorite…from today or yesterday…I think I like them both 🙂

Day 95:

Of course the days I want to take a few snap shots those are the days Frankie isn’t in the mood..but I explained the theme was an old world charm of some sorts and showed her what I wanted her to wear and she immediately gave me negative vibes until she tried the headband on the way I wanted her to wear it…she says she looks like she came from the 70s…to funny…nonetheless she looks adorable.   She cut her finger later on and we ended the mini shoot short but said she was up to do it again tomorrow…yeah me!

Day 94:

It has been years since I’ve been to the zoo but what made it more enjoyable was my new camera and lens were in hand 🙂  It rained and was a little chilly but overall we had a very nice time…Frankie teetered out before Haley did so we left early…not by much but would have loved to of seen the rain forest…I truly enjoyed myself I may even by a season pass and tag some people along with me 🙂  Now isn’t this guy the most gorgeous creature you have ever seen?

Day 93:

Today is day of of the kids spring break and I only have Haley for two of those days so we have those days all planned out…today was roller skating and tomorrow is the zoo…I left my camera at home because skates and cameras do not go well together but did manage a pic from the good ole iPhone.

Day 92:

I have always enjoyed art regardless the medium…and one of them is card making. I think there is nothing more personal than a handmade card and I send all my customers a handmade thank you card after ordering their images…I am ahead of the game so far…but I did only make 10 of them…need to make a trip of Hobby Lobby soon…but then I become broke every time I go there…that store  is a “no-no” in my book HA HA

Day 91:

Every day I go into Frankie’s room and straighten it after she gets on the bus and every day I notice how she keeps these pictures frames nice and neat on their stand. I wonder when she will fill those cute adorable picture frames or if she would even notice if I put something in there…I just might do that…and wait and see how long it will take her to notice. 🙂

Day 90:

It just may be an every other day thing…this Lemonberry thing…here I am, brought my camera again just to show you guys my new favorite topping…going back to my childhood when you had that traditional crunch topping on your ice cream cone…what’s so nice about this is you can put all you want on this and have this yummy flavor last til the last bite!

Day 89:

Today Frankie came to me and asked if we can drive around and look for “new” locations for photo shoots…now who am I to say no…this I can do all day long, every day…I do not drive any where without looking at my surroundings and think how the environment would look in a photograph…my mind never rests when it comes to photography and was completely ecstatic when she asked…and of course we ended up at one of my favorites spots because the lighting was perfect.

Day 88:

Went for a walk today and brought my camera…so many tree lawns have gorgeous blooming flowers and I just wanted to capture mother nature at her best!

Day 87:

Okay I hate to admit this but I’m back!! Back at Lemonberry again…LOL…new flavors and trying new toppings! Couldn’t get any better than this…I am going to need rehab just for my frozen yogurt addiction.


Day 86:

For some reason I do not give Frankie’s new little hamster a chance…she tells me she bites and I just fell in love with her first one…she was such a cutie, friendly and easy going…this one on the other hand never stops moving and SMELLS…lol…never knew hamsters can stink the way this one does…but Frankie loves her Peachy!

Day 85:

It was not too long ago we found out Greg has a 32 year old daughter…who also has 5 kids…which makes Greg a grandpa {lol}   Amazingly everyone is taking this with grace and seems to be welcoming the growing family. Today we had them over for dinner {although the dinner did not turn out as yummy as I was hoping for} and surprisingly everyone was relaxed and had fun! This is there youngest…Zayne…he has gorgeous eyes and tons of curly hair…to cute!

Day 84:

I hate to admit my feet are neglected. I paint my toe nails every so often in the winter because they are covered up most of the time…but the weather has been exceptionally beautiful and of course I am already living in flip flops or my bare feet. So it was time to make them look purdy!

Day 83:

I have found a new addiction. Lemonberry…a yogurt bar that is in the middle of the square in Medina…Oh my goodness…I am in heaven every single time I walk in the place. Today I even convinced Greg to try it…tastes just like ice cream he says…YEAH!  I also looked up the info for weight watchers and its a go! Yeah me!!! I just have to be careful on the “goodies” I put on top of my frozen yogurt. Here’s a snapshot from my phone of the kids munching on their goodness. LOL


Day 82:

Frankie has so many cute books she still likes being read to her. My all time favorite is “I want a puppy”…I laugh every single time I read it…and I know there will be a time in the near future my little girl won’t be little for long and will not want mommy reading to her 🙁

Day 81:

Now today was the day for my Dad…words cannot express how much I miss him. It was difficult to find his grave since there is no marker yet…but I was pretty sure I was in the right direction…my little sister was here a few days ago and described the flowers she left for him. Next time I am bringing a blanket and lunch to sit down and let him know how much he is missed!


Day 80:

Today was my Nana’s burial service at the same cemetery my father was buried at…very difficult day…I didn’t even visit him today only because it was too much…I promised myself he deserved a separate day! Although very little family was there because of the timing and how long it took after the wake it was a very nice touching service. I had to take a picture of her urn before going into the ground…it was beautiful.


Day 79:

It is not even spring and the snow really hasn’t fallen this year and I am totally amazed on the beautiful blooms all the trees have… and so early…let’s just hope none of them get damaged with frosts which I am sure they will come.

Day 78:

Today I had the most adorable little girl to photograph…she would play play play and it became quite difficult for her to even look at the camera…thank goodness mom and dad are fans of the candid shots more so than the posed ones [ I am the same way 🙂 ].  This was one of my favorites because it was between diaper change, snack, and then outfit change…she looks so content in her thoughts.

Day 77:

Yeah!!! Happy St. Patty’s Day!!! First St. Patty’s day I will not be going out celebrating in such a long time, but that’s okay…time well spent with Frankie and Greg while the other kids went to see the parade with their father. Frankie got knocked in the face with an elbow {on accident} yesterday but didn’t see any bruising until today!  Poor girl!

Day 76:

Well I took the plunge and decided I no longer wanted blonde hair. I’ve always loved blonde hair or a light brown hair but it just turned out so gold and coppery on me…I’m a brunette now and looking more and more like my twin again its scary…LOL but still needed a few blonde streaks running through it. It’s a major change because it was a long transition from brunette to blonde where it seems like its night and day this time…

Day 75:

Went for a walk because the weather just gets nicer and nicer outside. Took Harmonie and my camera along and was shocked to see daffodils grown all they way to full bloom…sure hope we have no more “winter weather” left.

Day 74:

Who needs to go to a park to find spring when its in your own backyard…I’m almost afraid to rack all the leaves because I think I will kill these pretty flower…which I am sure they are weeds, but pretty weeds they are. It was nice to see something from mother nature that was pretty because where I am going today will be somber and sad…my Nana’s funeral…it will be nice to see so many faces I literally haven’t seen in years but a day I wish I didn’t have to experience again. 🙁

Day 73:

Back to the park to look for inspiration and more signs of spring when I noticed on such a beautiful day…a park that usually has a load of people playing disc golf…was pretty much peaceful and quiet…I felt alone…and it was very enjoyable…lol

Day 72:

I love my new camera so I try to go out and look around for any signs of spring and see if I am able to capture it in pictures. Walking through my favorite park today with Coco…well it was a bit too wet…we had to stay on the path because of all the mud…and when we reached the stream I noticed the rain did it good…it was flowing so nicely and it was music to my ears.

Day 71:

I love the Martin family! I used to watch these boys a few years back and when Mary called me up to ask for a photo shoot with them I was more than thrilled…They were a little apprehensive at first but eventually they really got into it. I was so shocked on how quickly Dalen went from looking like the baby of the family to a little grown man…here is my favorite picture of Dalen from today.

Day 70:

Today was a pack day of socializing with Greg’s side of the family and a day packed with different emotions…today was his Aunt Volly’s 90th birthday, special memories for Greg, but not so happy and joyous for me…I lost my Nana today {she has been sick and in and out of the hospital, and probably thrilled to be with my Boppa up in heaven, but it hurts regardless of her age} so socialized was not my think…after the 90th birthday party we even met up with Greg’s new found daughter Brandy and a few drinks to catch up on all the time that was missed. Here is the first snap shot taken of Greg and his daughter…it’s the start of their own special memories.

Day 69:

Day three of my hunt for graffiti and found some more…same park as the first day but just a different bridge…the one closer to the swings.  It was a bit muddy but so worth the walk!

Day 68:

Day two of my hunt for graffiti…and I scored a beauty…still in Medina off of Medina Road near S. Huntington Street.  It always amazes me the creativity and the emotion that goes into graffiti… I am a huge fan!

Day 67:

I have been on the hunt for spray painted walls for photo shoots and also cool pictures to put on Instagram {a new addiction of mine} and found my favorite of course that I have already used…so the next few days my goal will be to find all the bridges for railroad tracks and check to see if there are any spray painted walls 🙂

Day 66:

I’ve been wanting more cute things for props for newborn sessions so what better place to start looking than Target in their baby section…as soon as I walked into the door I was loving the colors in this spring banner!

Day 65:

When you look around Facebook all you see mostly from the younger crowd {college students} is Kony 2012…make him famous…I watched the video and was completely disgusted what I’ve learned…shared the video myself…but what was nice is when I went out I noticed a little poster on a bulletin board in my own city and thought it was so nice to see people making the effort!

Day 64:

To end the stressful week…the house situation…getting more organized…trying to lose weight…my grandmother getting sicker I decided to have myself and glass of wine {or two}.

Day 63:

Today was Frankie’s talent show…it was so cool to see these kids! Some of the girls did wonderful gymnastics, magic shows, and of course dance…but I could help but be in “awe” of this little kinder-gardener…  he did break dancing…he was so adorable!!

Day 62:

Who doesn’t like self-portraits…let alone self-portraits with one of your kids!  This is actually a typical pose for Frankie and I.  Turned out terrible using the iphone in such low light, but a picture nonetheless.

Day 61:

I usually don’t have kids to watch on Fridays but today I had both Lauren and Harmonie and I just get a kick out of them play with baby dolls.  They turn into such little “Diva Mommies”…Here is a couple of pictures of Lauren totally taken it seriously…too precious!

Day 60:

YEAH!!! The last day of month two for Project 365. I may have lost my other participants but I am so proud of myself for sticking with this…tomorrow is the start of month 3! Yeah!

We took a drive to Tumbleweeds in Wooster which is 40 minutes away because we were in the mood for Mexican and this is the only place Greg likes Mexican food at. On our way there Makayla and I were more interested in the sunset than anything else at that moment…lol…but look how absolutely beautiful it was…this is even with my iPhone and driving at the 80 mph…shh don’t tell 🙂

Day 59:

It’s funny when your kids cannot wait to spend Christmas and/or birthday money and are so excited to be in the store, but the moment they make their selection their excitement is gone because the adults are not done shopping…lol Frankie was trying so hard to entertain herself while Greg was trying on some jeans…I had a little panic attack when I couldn’t find her and she thought it was funny to hide in the clothes rack!

Day 58:

I woke up feeling quite crappy today. This Ohio weather has been playing with me. I can’t breathe my nose and head are so stuffed up and my throat is on fire! The couch was calling my name all day long and it seemed like no medication was working 🙁

Day 57:

I cannot wait until I get a whole bunch of newborn photo sessions…They are so precious when they are under two weeks old and when all they do is sleep and make cute adorable noises when they suck from a bottle…[sigh]  I truly enjoyed myself visiting with Greg’s niece and their new baby girl “Reese” and was able to take a few snap shots!

Day 56:

One thing I do not mind doing and that is making lists…for some reason I have always been a “list” kind of girl ever since I was little. When I was a teenager and all through my early twenties and into my early years as a mother I would write down what I was wearing for that week and have it organized in my closet accordingly…and the same for my kids’s closets. I look back at that and laugh now…part of me wishes I was still like that and the other part of me thinks “man what was I thinking?” But there are a few things I cannot let go of and that is a list of groceries and a list of “things to do” for every single day that passes by! Some things just cannot change.  I do have to say I have been pretty happy with my time and energy spent clipping coupons and today was no different…I saved $51.20 shopping today…now this makes me happy!!!

Day 55:

In keeping with my organizing wish lists I’ve decided to update all the calendars and bulletin boards in the kitchen and the office. This is something that needs to be done weekly but seems to be done only once or twice a month…here’s to hoping I get back into that habit again as well. LOL

Day 54:

Before I went back to school I felt I was pretty organized and in some way I feel I’ve lost some of that…not having any classes for a while now I’ve been trying to catch up on some of the things that I did to keep my life organized and one of those things was a weekly menu to help with the grocery shopping list and also to help with the “urge” to eat out and spend MORE money…here’s to hoping I stick to this again 🙂

Day 53:

I woke up this morning and decided to make a warm breakfast like I used to when the kids were smaller…I’ve been staying up so late lately…much later than usual and I really haven’t had the energy to make a warm breakfast so Frankie and Haley have been just grabbing a bowl of cereal to eat before school. Today I remembered I bought one of those “just add water” mixes for pancakes and you’d think I hit the lottery…LOL…the kids were SO happy.

Day 52:

Even though there is no more snow on the ground it is down right chilly outside at night. During the day it has been nice and the kids have been playing outside more than inside this past week, but once that sun goes down it is time for a blanket and a warm fire to keep me warm…and there’s nothing better than a little snack to go with that fire!

Day 51:

For awhile now I wanted to organize my life better and what better place than the kitchen. I wanted to organize the spice cabinet and take note on which spices I needed to buy and when I was figuring out prices it was much cheaper to buy a spice rack with spices already in it than them separately and then look into shelving to help me organize them…it was a win-win situation…I’m a happy camper!

Day 50:

I am sure every mother believes her children are beautiful…but my three kids are beautiful…inside and out! Frankie was just playing around right next to me and when I glanced over I just saw her profile looking down and looking down right gorgeous!

Day 49:

I could not wait for today to happen!!! Super Diamond in concert at the House of Blues with my family. Right before going to the convert Makayla, Sam, Heather, and I shared a good size Margarita…yummy!

Day 48:

Today I’ve decided I needed to start feeling better about myself and need to start getting back in the habit of exercising. Since my surgery I have not exercised one bit!  And trust me when saying this my body is yelling at me and growing at an enormously fast pace 🙁  It is time to make a change!

Day 47:

On my way downstairs to change the laundry I noticed how peaceful Harmonie was sleeping and how close by she keeps her little bunny. My youngest daughter also is attached to a bunny and it’s amazing the more worn they look the “more loved” these stuffed animals show.

Day 46:

I had to drive Tyler to his friends house and turned to wrong way…typical me if I’m not paying attention… and noticed a pond at the end of the street…it looks absolutely peaceful with the covering of snow.

Day 45:

I woke up with the cutest and most thoughtful surprise! My honey set up a scrabble board that said Happy Valentines Day Vikki with a dozen roses, box of candy, and a beautiful card…love this man!

Day 44:

Today I was thinking about ideas for Valentine’s Day and what picture I wanted to post on my fanpage on Facebook. I decided to cut hearts out on construction paper and hang them from my weeping cherry tree out front to see what it would look like.  It turned out cute and the hearts popped out very nicely because of the snow on the ground.


Day 43:

Unlike yesterday and very like Ohio…one day warm and the next day snow…it snowed enough to cover the ground and stick and snowed enough for Greg to get the snow blower out! It was very pretty!

Day 42:

Today was such a beautiful day out…it is amazing how February is turning out to be weather-wise. Harmonie was so cute watching her television with Mr. Woody on her shoulders so I had to take a qucik snap shot 🙂

Day 41:

Today I am keeping in the scheme of things and have been trying to come up with some cute ideas related to love for Valentine’s Day. I remember seeing a picture in the past with a wedding band in the bible with a light bouncing off of the ring and the shadow was forming a heart…so of course I gave it a try.


Day 40:

I can’t believe its been 40 days down and only 325 more to go…ha ha! It’s still too early to even say if I will completely finish this or not but I do have to say it helps me keep up with my blog and it helps me stay focused. I took a drive today to see if I can find any more locations and I fell in love with another barn so I will be knocking on this homeowner’s door soon!

Day 39:

Today I got myself a new camera Woot Woot! I am literally in heaven. I wanted to so badly take pictures but it was so yucky outside and poor little Harmonie was bored to death and didn’t quite feel good so trying to get her to do anything was just impossible…LOL but I did happen to capture just how “ho-hum” of a day it was for her.

Day 38:

Another travel day because I didn’t get Harmonie until 2 pm so I tend to drive around to look for more areas to use for my photo shoots only because I do not want to get bored with the ones I use on a regular basis. Even though a new subject give the location new life I still enjoy looking at other locations. This barn is right down the street from my development and I think I will be knocking on their door asking them if I could ever use their property. Gorgeous!

Day 37:

Today I wanted to play around with lighting and what time during the day in the winter was good lighting. Emily next door was gracious enough to tag along with me today and I have to say at 4 pm the lighting couldn’t be more perfect. I am choosing this picture for my picture of the day because I love the pop of color along with the warmth of the sun and the brightness of the day overall.

Day 36:

Today we spent sometime driving around…I have been wanting a few good pics of snow scenes but the main problem this winter is the fact that the snow is not sticking around…this winter has been exceptionally warm.

Day 35: Oh thank goodness it’s Friday

Have you ever had one of those weeks? Today my son came home for a little bit [he’s been spending a lot of time with his father because he says he’s having difficult time sleeping at the house with his anxieties and all] and I just can’t wait until he comes back. We went to grab some yummy frozen yogurt at a new place that opened up on the square here in Medina….it was good!

Day 34:

Today was catch-up day…printing taxes, documents, and invoices the majority of the day while making Valentine Day gift bags for Frankie’s class kept me busy before Harmonie got here around 2pm…out of boredom I decided to make little orange people and started having fun!

Day 33:

I had to call Cuyahoga Community College today to see the art classes available. I have to have 18 more credit hours and art including ceramics because that is one medium I am missing to finish my Master’s degree over at Ursuline College…It’s sad to say the only ceramic piece sporting around my creative ability is this plate…pretty pathetic huh?

Day 32…new month! FEBRUARY

Today Cheryl came over just like old times…she brings over her GIANT size bottle of wine and I choose from my “normal” sizes…LOL…she drinks her entire bottle and I drink mine and don’t finish my last glass…typical…I do have to say I miss that and we need to get together more often!

Day 31:

Today I took a trip to Hobby Lobby…and of course I regretted the moment I walked into the store.  I LOVE THAT STORE!!! Oh my goodness…what’s in there that I DON’T want…ugh…but I did manage to spend only $100…that’s pretty good for me and all my Valentine’s day stuff has been purchased for Miss Francesca’s school party…one less thing to worry about in a couple of weeks.  I was in need for more organizing ideas that I can create and decorate but drew a blank because I was drawn to other things instead but did come across mason jars which seem to be popping out of no where because several years ago they were no where to be found…especially because I needed them!  Go figure…isn’t that how it always goes?

Day 30:

I went to bed so dang early last night (6:45 PM…pm! not am!) and slept through the entire night. I woke up with no alarm at 6:12 AM…feeling pretty good and rested. It was the first sunrise I saw for the new year and my goodness was it beautiful…almost wish I took it with my DSLR instead of my iPhone…I wonder how that would have turned out!

Day 29:

I’m finding out I enjoy blogging more when I also include more personal values and such when posting my work along with the Project 365, I’m starting to feel as if it’s helping me relieve stress…who would of thought that blogging would lessen the stress level instead of adding to it.LOL….

I have a free hair cut and style coupon in my purse for several days now [a gift from the salon when I took their company Christmas card picture] and the day I decided I needed a haircut was the day [sigh…of course] it turned out great. Why does this always happens!  Ugh…so as usual I held off from calling on making the appointment…I am feeling a bad hair day coming on!

Day 28:

I stayed up pretty late editing because well I enjoy it so much…but I looked over at a square bowl with pine cones in it and loved the way the light was hitting it and how the texture was looking…just hoping I was able to capture it…but I think I was in too much of a hurry and it’s too blurry for me 🙁

Day 27:

Today I wanted to get a couple of ideas in an actual image and a couple updated pics of my daughter…of course the pics of my daughter…gorgeous but the idea [yet another heart theme] did not quite turn out like I wished it would…I guess I need a couple more attempts.


Day 26:

Everyone who knows me knows I am a night owl and NOT a morning person so for me to grab some fresh eggs and whip up a warm breakfast before the young-ins head off to school is pretty much a miracle in itself…I do have to say I wish I had this energy more often!


Day 25:

Everyday I have Harmonie she asks me if we can sidewalk chalk…of course the ground is freezing cold and with being Ohio the ground is mostly wet 90% of the time so to keep her quiet for the day we drew on the fence next door…and she was able to finish the flower before her nap…now this made her extremely happy…but now all she is asking is when can we do it again…I sure hope the neighbors won’t mind if we decorate their fence 🙂


Day 24:

I have to laugh because first thing I did this morning was grabbed my camera which happened to be by my bedside was to take a picture at my every day morning greeter…just look at her…too cute!  I guess I am just keeping up with the theme of the week I  guess LOL



Day 23:

I guess I lost a few participants here…even Makayla who stuck out the longest…I do have faith that she will return. This week I can’t get over the affection and dedication a pet has for their owners. The love and attention…their devotion and unconditional love that comes from these cute adorable creatures….here is my pic of the day…Scamp the indoor/outdoor cat that we still don’t know which one he is yet.


Day 22:

Today I am glad its in the beginning of a new week. I’ve been reading a good book about organizing your life and becoming more spiritual and organizing simplicity!  I think I just may get organized and manage my time more wisely soon!  LOL…no more grocery shopping at midnight and no more piles of laundry…that remains to be seen hee hee. But I am glad to say I have caught up on my billing information for taxes and editing my photo shoots…can’t wait until I get more scheduled…Well I was editing some photos and noticed Cocopuff outside staring at something and not even coming to the door…she was on a mission…grabbed my camera because she looked too dang cute :0)


 Day 21:

Today was a disastrous of a day. Running around like a loon to feed six 10 year old girls and trying to get out the door to go to church for a special mass in honor on my late father. Of course I had other things on my mind besides how much gas was in my gas tank…so basically I got stranded on the freeway…but not for long. A wonderful person was able to help me…I started my car up and was able to drive another 500 feet or so, but car stalled again but this time right in the middle of the off ramp…he was nice enough to push my car off the ramp and right into a gas station right around the corner…I will never forget such a wonderful gesture!!!  But with my mind missing my dad and not very happy with my unorganized life right now I actually neglected to take a picture for today…I believe this is the first time I did not take an actual photograph [not even with my phone]  so to make sure I don’t miss a day I am posting one in honer of my father. This picture means more to me than one would know…he is sitting on a bench made by a group of people in honor of his late brother. My youngest daughter is sitting next to him and as I am taking the picture all I am thinking is what is going through his mind…he lost his brother and he is fighting for his life with cancer…but yet there is something so peaceful with this picture…This will be one of my favorites for ever.


Day 20:

Everyday I am amazed my fish are still alive…let alone one that has been with us for almost 2 years now…the little guy is still hanging on LOL


Day 19:

I love everything there is about winter with the exception of one thing. I love the beautiful way snow falls from the sky and the way in covers the branches in trees. I love looking outside next to a warm fire and seeing all that natural beauty. But once I am on the road I cannot stand how other people drive in the snow. You would think living in a state where is snows every year one would get used to the idea!  But nonetheless I love winter…here is a pic of me sitting on the couch under a warm blanket looking out the window!  Just beautiful


Day 18:

I love when my creative juices start flowing. I was looking on the web for some inspirational quotes about art to get my creative flow going for an essay I have to write but just didn’t find that many I liked at the moment but did think of ideas to photograph. While I was staring at my computer and my eyes wandered away from the screen I saw my 5000 spells book [why I have that book I don’t know lol] but started messing around with ideas and this is what I came up with.


Day 17:

Today is another I sit in front of the computer to get create in ways of new customer base and also to catch up on some phone calls for my graduate studies. And as usual my eyes wander off the screen and seen my luggage props stack and can’t help lose myself in yearning to be that traveler.


Its amazing how are little habits and routines go so smoothly during the day but once your in a funk its just so nice to get lost in thought or a good book. This is what Makayla is currently reading. Nothing like a good Nicholas Sparks book!


Day 16:

Well I do think we lost a participant…just maybe she will come join back in at some point…as everyday goes by it seems as though it gets less and less emails of pics to put up and I personally am doing the updating every other day or so but do have to say I want to stick with this! Harmonie got dropped off today with her “play” boots and I forgot how little snow boots can be…too cute!


And even though Makayla is my oldest daughter she too is too cute! This is her being “bored”

Day 15:

Well of course living in Ohio it can snow one day and rain the next…this is exactly what happened…the weather got into the 40’s and some snow melted and later on the day the rain came only to hear the next day or two it will be getting cold again. I watched little Lauren today and she asked me if I would take a picture of her being a “cowgirl”…who am I to say no…she is too cute.


Makayla noticed the same thing when she look out her bedroom window…the snow is melting…in fact by the time she took her picture the snow was completely gone…gotta love Ohio.

Day 14:

Yet another day with the family for my nephew Alex’s birthday…he had three days of cake and presents…got to love when family lives out of town ha ha…here’s what his total boy cake looked like:


Sam had another sporting event to attend to but did not have to work it [ I believe ] she got to enjoy it.

Well at the age of 19 Makayla is realizing how hard life can be and wishes life can be as easy as the game…LIFE.

Day 13:

Two weeks into this and loving every minute…so far so good on the ability to find a photo to take…today was all about family…my nephew’s birthday party in Columbus with all my family around [well with the exceptions of my kiddos…they were at their dads 🙁 ] and loving every minute of it. I was taking photos of all the kids swimming when I noticed how cute my nieces ringlets were on her hair was wet…so adorable.


Sam spent her day with her new job for internship and had two games…that goodness she is in good company [Cory] and loves what her responsibilities are.

Makayla spent the day thinking about photography and wanting to learn more about it so she went to the library. There’s not better picture of the day then where you spent your time.  If I do get my new camera I am wondering if Makayla can learn off of my old DSLR I learned from :0)

Day 12:

Well it’s time for the winter weather to pretty much stay. I feel better working in the during the day or in the evening in the winter months because I don’t feel so guilty staying inside…but if its too chilly outside and I have a photo shoot…I will edit or search the web for some inspiration in a heartbeat. When I was sitting in my usual spot during a beautiful afternoon of snow…this was my window view…lol


Makayla found inspiration just by looking around her when she was at a friend’s house:

Sam’s inspiration is getting the job done and the feeling you get with things get accomplished…this gorgeous snowy day she spent studying and doing homework…yet again…lol

Day 12:

Hmm…today pretty much was an overall “crapola” day { I like making up words 🙂  }  Besides it being rainy and gloomy out I had to break down and pay the bills. Its always amazed me how quickly money can pass through someone’s hands…I’d have to say  no money will be reaching the savings {again 🙁  }  I purposely left this picture blurry because its just a blur on the remembrance of the money I had on hand….hahaha

Sam is keeping with her New Year’s Resolution workout to her P90X and is sharing her accomplishment with us…you go girl!!!

Makayla is still in the process of mending a broken friendship that in my opinion will last regardless what comes at them.

Day 11:

Today I have difficulty controlling my mixed emotions…worried sick about money and bills…the loss of my father…the affect of its taking on my son {along with a scary movie he broke down and watched with his friends} and the fact that my baby turned 10!  YIKES that makes me feel old. I watched little Harmonie take her nap and just got lost in memories when my kids were still little enough to just want Mommy and the dependency on me. Just goes to show how precious this world is and how easy it can be taken granted for.

Makayla has grown to love a new buddy in her life…an outside cat that pretty much lived outside at her father’s house but somehow managed his or her way into their home…it is so hard not to…I’ve personally just did this not too long ago {even though he was booted back to the outdoors – lol}…I believe his or her name is Sarafina {?spelling?}

Sam went for a drive to clear her head and when she looked down all she saw was 7’s…which is known for a lucky prime or a happy number…what other number can offer this 🙂

Day 10:

Well here we are – ten days into project 365…I do have to wonder if we lost someone along the way but we’ll see…LOL…Today was another photo shoot today and instead of looking at my subject I decided to look “around” for interested angles for today’s picture of the day. I took one similar to this but by the time I got home to look at it I was happy with the angle…but today it’s acceptable…goes to show how perspectives can change just a matter of a few days. Also the sky was saturating with color!!!

Makayla’s picture of the day was at sunset from her father’s backyard but  you can still see the clarity of the ‘blue’ sky…beautiful.

Sam hasn’t had the chance to enjoy the outside the past couple of days…back to school after winter break…so for her relaxation.after a long day she decides to get lost in a few television shows under candle light!

Day 9:

Well I do have to say we are lucky in the fact that living in Ohio our winters can be damp and very cold. But this year so far we have been lucky. Being a photographer I do appreciate the days I can enjoy the outdoors and still have my clients stay warm when they don’t wear any jackets. We all have job responsibilities…mine is having a few children to watch during the day and my photography business (rough life I know ;)… but when I’m happy with one of my creative moments it makes me happy to know I am on the right track with the direction I am going. This picture is from a mini session. I just thought with the combination of my subject and composition…this made a beautiful photograph!

Makayla’s responsibilities are at rest right now (it is still winter break for her)…she is sitting back spending time with her boyfriend, friends, and family, and her passion for reading. This is her latest book by James Patterson “Sunday’s at Tiffany’s”….she’s gonna have to tell me how she liked it.

Well poor Sam’s responsibilities are in full swing now that she is back in school after her winter break…work, sorority, and SCHOOL…reality has arrived. Her picture for the day is homework 🙂

Day 8:

Today was a special day for me…it was spent with family. Ten years ago I gave birth to a precious baby girl…and we spend the entire day together…even Makayla and my mom was able to spend the day with Frankie. We took her to Miss Molly’s Tea Room…a very girlie girlie place…and then we all went to the movies to see “We Bought A Zoo”…Oh my goodness…I just about bawled my eyes out LOVED IT!!! But in honor of Miss Francesca’s love for tea and everything girlie…I chose this for my picture of the day.

Makayla also had the same idea…she took a picture of her Nana’s tea cup and pot…and did her “Christmas Time Tea” smell delicious!

Sam spend  her day with her sorority; pretty much from 8 am til 10 pm so I think that counts for the entire day.


Day 7:

Day 7 for me still for beginnings and new chances…I was sitting in my youngest daughter’s room cleaning up her floor {she’s a messy girl} and on her floor was all her nail polish that needed picked up. I noticed her choices of colors versus mine…and decided to give a try with “Blue/green” nail polish {mind you if you ever know me…this is NOT me}  I took the plunge HA HA

Sam went for a new adventure and got herself a new tattoo!  There’s nothing more liberating then doing whatever you wish to to your OWN body!

Now Makayla’s day 7 was more on the serious side and all about memories haunting her. She is having a recurring dream of her dear grandfather {may he RIP}  He will always be in our hearts.

Day 6:

Today I was able to do a special photo shoot for a fairly new couple…our very own Sam…and of course one of the many favorite spots I do have are the railroad tracks that are located every where in Medina.

Sam’s pic of the day goes right along with my pic theme…she photographed the very object that took my photograph.

Now Makayla I am sure had to cross over a few railroad tracks to reach her destination:  Her new glasses arrived!!! LOL

Day 5:

Well today I was extremely happy that I received a few texts with pictures attached without even having to bring up Project 365…I do believe this family will stick to this { I hope 🙂 }

Sydney was the first to give me her picture and she shared with me what she does during study hall.

And Makayla pretty much had to work all day…but overall good day and enjoyed a good book.

I sat down on my computer and finished editing quite a bit…didn’t pick up my camera until I went to dinner with my husband and his daughter (Sam) and her boyfriend…now starting the year off great and not eating a lot of fatty foods…well I can honestly say I blew that one away tonight…look at this yummy salad…Cory (Sam’s boyfriend) even ordered one…and it was DELICIOUS!

After saying goodbye to me and her dad…she and Cory went back to her place and she found her roommate’s brother playing his guitar and singing a song he wrote!  What can get better than that?

Day 4:

I have to admit I am enjoying this Project 365…not thinking outside of the box yet…which I’m totally thrilled about because my biggest fear is running out of ideas to photograph…and am hoping this will NEVER happen. My picture of the day happened when I was looking outside the window and saw our “Scamp” looking inside of the house but by the time I grabbed my camera he was perched peeking in another window but still thought the light and shadows with his footprints were neat.

Now Makayla had a much brighter day than yesterday…on her way to her boyfriends house she managed to escape the ditches and saw a brighter path!

Sam on the other hand was stuck at work for the majority of the day and couldn’t enjoy the sunshine 🙁

Syd’s pic is saying “beauty is on the inside”!

Day 3:

My daughter texts me this picture and my first reaction is that I hope no one got hurt…my next reaction was to laugh because back in the day…I myself was famous for running into a ditch. So that being said, Makayla has chosen this her picture of the day…I hope by the end of the year she can laugh too.

Which leads to my picture of the day…while my daughter was stuck in the ditch and my husband was snow blowing the drive way…I was comfortably sitting at my computer drinking hot chocolate to keep warm 🙂

Now Sam on the other hand had other ways of keeping warm…drinking some Yuengling and playing a “Smart Ass” with her boyfriend and his roommates…hmm makes me wonder why I didn’t think to put a little “Captain” in my hot cocoa 🙂

Now my niece Sydney enjoyed a hot cup of “Starbucks” after a fun day of sledding!

Day 2:

This is my picture of the day…I normally get Christmas money and/or gift cards and always spend it on bills or for someone else…but this year I’ve decided to treat myself to something I wanted. I have always wanted an iPad but I just can’t justify the price…so when I was reading reviews about the Kindle Fire I knew I would love it…today I even bought myself a snazzy cover.

This is Sam’s day 2 – she received a pandora bracelet for Christmas from her boyfriend and took a snapshot of the charms she has today…she can reflect back at the end of the year…the memories she is creating.

Now this is Makayla’s day 2:

Makayla had the pleasure to have yet another eye exam…I cannot stand the test where to blow AIR into your pupil…ugh it gives me goosebumps just thinking about that…but she was able to share a memory of today’s visit with us 🙂

Sydney’s day 2 was spent remembering a family pet that recently had to leave them 🙁

Day 1:

This is my picture for day 1:

I figured I’d take a snapshot of myself behind the camera to represent Project 365!

Here is my step-daughter Sam’s day 1:

Here is my daughter Makayla’s Day One:

The morning after a night of FUN!

My niece Sydney also decided to take the “portrait” route as well:



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