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Monthly Archives: February 2013

The Campbell Sisters

Just to get some background history for these two sisters I need to mention I had a door close on my life and for years kept wanting to look at that closed door to later realize I was not doing myself any favors for me or for my children. I have learned after one door […]

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New Family Members

It is not everyday you get new family members… pets that is.  My daughter falls in love with each and every hamster she get…unfortunately they never last longer than a year and a half at the most!  Ugh…in the beginning it was tough to see her saddness when she lost one…but love the fact when […]

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Friends for Life ~ Children Photography

Many children have a favorite stuffed bunny, bear, monkey, or puppy or even a blanket they adore, and bring almost everywhere.  God forbid this object gets lost or left at home. I have personally run out to pick up “Bunny” late at night because somehow it was “forgotten”…can’t even imagine how when these little “Friends […]

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